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The message today is about ‘containment’. When you contain something you hold it in – if it’s an impulse to criticize, or express anger, then containment may seem an appropriate action. But what happens to the grief, criticism, anger etc that you’ve contained? Unfortunately it doesn’t disappear; it waits for an appropriate release, such as forgiveness and compassion.

Our vessels of containment hold many old negative thoughts and actions, and eventually when the container is full, these begin to spill out. We think “Oh my goodness; where did that response come from?” It spilled out from your container.

So please don’t contain any more negative thoughts and responses; deal with them immediately – not by expressing them in a destructive manner, but observing them; acknowledging them; forgiving and releasing. When those negative responses don’t seem to be explainable, perhaps that’s because they’ve floated up from deep down in your containment vessel from times long ago.

They’ve floated up and spilled out because they know that now you’re ready and able to release them.

When you need some help to release these unwanted emotional states, especially that

old unexplainable stuff, vibrational essences or other natural therapies may remove them permanently.

However the most important message to remember is that our ‘containment vessels’ are probably already full, and can’t hold any more stuff you don’t want to deal with. Too much holding in and then spilling over can damage the physical body.

Think of your negative emotional thoughts and habits like the plastic waste we are trying to deal with – don’t collect; don’t contain; instead use the beautiful multidimensional energies that are now available. Forgive; release; and bless each old habit you’ve acknowledged and changed.

Contain no more!

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