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News Letter


Essenshell Essence
 2016 Issue 58


The new Infinite Energy Essence of Seahorse was created to help all those who are having difficulty manifesting their heart-felt desires.

Seahorse gives the ability for instant energy change when we give our intent and trust, to create and receive.

The healing qualities of Seahorse are those of commitment to the higher ideals of love, compassion, patience, and forbearance when it appears that our positive requests are not happening.

Seahorse helps us to envisage beyond our time-based reality, and to understand that whatever we have requested with intent from Spirit is immediately created.

It allows us to know, without hesitation, that if we can’t yet see the result of our desires and spiritual work, it means just that – our human self may not yet see the results, but the energy of them has instantly manifested.


Within the timeless

Energy of Oneness

I create my life anew

Know that within the energy vibration and pattern of Spirit there is no ‘past, present, and future’. If you request an energy change it is instant. However when your physical body is still immersed in a slower, denser, and more restricted pattern encompassing centuries of  disbelief, you may not be able to see or understand the timeless energy of ‘oneness’. 

What we call ‘time’ and divide into segments is instead pure, instant connection with oneness. Time is just a 3D restriction which has made it easier for us as we evolved on planet Earth, to slowly create and manifest our lives.


Seahorse helps us to know that the positive requests which now create our life path have already manifested an energy change; however on an inner level we must continue to remain committed. The energy shift has already manifested, and with this knowledge we can plan, and create out lives differently.

It’s as if we desire to sit in a beautiful place in nature, however it is nighttime and we can’t see our surroundings. Then the sun rises and we see that we are surrounded by the beauty and peace of nature; it was there all the time, but we couldn’t see it until the sun rose.

The infinite Energy Essence ‘Goneastrea’ helps us begin to understand time differently and know that it is malleable.

Seahorse gives us the awareness that our request has already created the energy shift required within the timelessness of Spirit, and with awareness and trust we can change our thoughts, emotions and life patterns to incorporate this change.

This essence was created from a little seahorse which I found washed up on a South Coast beach many years ago.

It has been waiting for the time when its high vibrational energy would be most useful for us; and that time is now.

Many people are experiencing difficulties in their personal and workplace relationships, and need to make positive decisions for their future.

While the essence of Ammonite gives us the courage to face these changes and difficulties, Seahorse gives a deep feeling of peace and an inner confidence that everything is manifesting for the greatest good of all.

We may notice synchronicities and unexpected gifts. These are little signs of reassurance that the help we have requested is standing beside us and shining a light on our life-path.


Many thanks to all those wonderful people who added their words of wisdom to this Newsletter – even old Tyron the dog!  Please keep in contact;  the Christmas newsletter will need to be written soon, and I’ll be hoping for more ‘words of wisdom’.

Here is Renie’s Experience of Seahorse


“After only 3 doses of Seahorse I found that a passiveness waved through and over me. It was such a relief as for a few months I had found myself being short and quick to fault or pick on trivial things with those around me – especially as I had prided myself with exceptional patience and tolerance.

I do realise there has been a lot of heavenly activity going on and I couldn’t understand why this nagging trait had reared its head.

Now after 7 days of using Seahorse Essence I can see that the essence of love from where we have all come, is moving more quickly than the physicality, or denseness, of our bodily temples can process.

Seahorse has kept me so much more in the present, and calm with the changes and transitions we are all moving through and growing in.

It is such an extremely gentle and kind essence, and has opened up another window where I can see that my desires are already being fulfilled, and my outbursts of old patterns are finally free and released from my whole being.

I simple love this essence Nancy.”

Fossil Nautilus

“I found Fossil Nautilus gave an energy and feeling of reconnection. Suddenly I found my notes on all the Reiki I did up to my teacher/master level, and set up my massage table. Then I had a reconnection to overseas that I had completely forgotten about. Yes, the gifts inside us do lay waiting to be reignited again. Fossil Nautilus helps us to uncover these gifts, and what we may be meant to do on this earth. It gives a new start to connect to the real person within; to understand ourselves, and know that everything we will ever need is inside us.”

    Marianna NSW

Faith, Love and Trust.

“Recently I phoned Nancy re Shell Essences I required. With testing Nancy came up with the box of Faith, Love and Trust.

After 2 weeks of taking these essences, I have observed how motivated I am getting things done; I just push through and do things……It is amazing.

Yesterday I called Nancy to ask her advice about continuing with this sequence; she tested and said to continue, which I sensed was right as my intuition has also heightened. In this sequence is Green Moss Agate which is one of my all time favourite Shell Essences. Thank you Nancy”

            Margaret    QLD

Creating Good Fortune

“Creating Good Fortune has turned my life around and in turn created so much joy inside me it’s a buzz!

I had radical unexpected surgery nearly 18 months ago which has left me in not a very good way. I was so depressed, and due to the anesthetic have lost big chunks of my memory. Chronic fatigue hit me like a freight train, and panic attacks trying to work out what order I needed to make my breakfast in! Not being able to work any more had me freaking out.

Then I heard about the Creating Good Fortune Kit so I started on them.

They took a few days because I was in a bit of a mess, but once they started working they were amazing. I take the sequence every morning, then spray myself with ‘I Can and I Will’ and take ‘Loving Relationships’

I’ve gone from manifesting something once a week or a fortnight, to numerous manifestations daily! For example I wanted a new greenhouse, and then had one given to me by a friend who no longer wanted it.  I am so grateful; I am receiving everything I need. And to top it off my relationships are changing and becoming gentler and more loving with others and also with myself.

I’ve been using Shell Essences for 19 years now;

I believe this is my favourite set of essences”.

                                            Chali,    Vic

Self-Healing Sequence

“What I feel is important in this moment is what we are choosing to think, believe and say right now. Our thoughts and words will ultimately create our future because our thoughts form the experiences of tomorrow, next week, next month or next year.

What I found with the Self-Healing sequence of essences is that they allowed a door of safety to open, and to see without fear what is holding us back – be it unresolved issues in relationships, hurt, betrayal and so forth, yet there was a calm in viewing them.

A clarity arose to forgive where necessary to the self and others, and a whole new avenue where we can really see that every aspect of ourself is perfect.

I saw I needed more balance for myself and that was OK; to slow down and do something nurturing for myself regardless of how small.

My heart has felt lighter, my body seems more relaxed and my mind is slowing to a much more natural state. So what a gift!!”               Renie  VIC

Harmony Mist with Necklace Nerite.

“I wanted to thank you for the Harmony Mist with the Necklace Nerite that I received for the ‘presence’ that I was experiencing in my home.

It helped instantly. I did as you advised, sprayed each room for a week. I’m still spraying my room at night, though. I am so glad I came to you for this, as it was affecting me mentally and giving me much anxiety.”                                                                                                                                Kathy  NSW

(Many people, both adults and children and sometimes pets, have been experiencing ‘negative entities’ in their homes. My personal belief is that these are possibly imprints from other times which have come to be released as they are not compatible with higher energies, and are causing anxiety and often disturbed sleep. 
I have found that the best Shell Essence for this problem is the spray Harmony Mist plus Necklace Nerite.)

Following the Light

“I am enjoying your book of inspiration Nancy. I read a few pages every night before sleeping and the words lighten my sleep. I often awaken with new, or softened ideas, and glimpses of new pathways. Thank you so much.”      Deena, NSW

Essenshell Courage


“I received a call from Nancy in June, 2 weeks prior to my upcoming surgery date. Nancy recommended the Wound Healing Sequence, to help with my post op recovery. I ordered the sequence along with her book and CD. When my order arrived I was delighted that the ‘Courage’ Essence was included as the special for June. ‘Just what I need’ I thought to myself, as the surgery date grew closer.

Within a couple of days, my anxiety had subsided considerably and I felt compelled to process my current reality. I thought ‘I’m not ready for this! I’m not ready to return to a hospital where I had a near death experience.’

Fear turned to tears of helplessness, and I continued to take the Courage drops. As it would happen, the next day surgery was rescheduled for July.

I continued to take the drops and journaled; processing my emotions, memories and attachments to my womb and my resistance to hospitals. My expressions, my guidance and universal signs humbly astounded me. I regained my complete trust in the journey of my life; I felt the resistance lift and I began to surrender.

At the hospital I felt the warmth and heard the whispers ‘you are in the hands of God, you are safe’……Complete surrender.

My life has been an ebb and flow of gentle and not so gentle waves. Shell Essences have contributed to my journey for over a decade and enriched my life in so many subtle ways. Your guidance and creations have helped me find the ‘courage’ that I have needed to move forward on my path of light.”                         Sandy   WA

Calm Serenity

Recently I was introduced to ‘Calm Serenity’; it was just as Mercury was going into retrograde and life turned upside down. As with many others I was faced with some big challenges at this time and wasn’t dealing with them too well. So I started taking ‘Calm Serenity’ and was surprised at how mellow life became. I’m still not sure if the issues weren’t as big as I first thought, or if I just saw them differently, but I do know that they couldn’t touch me.

A few times I found myself standing quite still amongst turmoil, and thought “look at me, I’m grounded and at peace’. I definitely love this essence and will keep it close by from now on.”              Chali VIC

Bliss for Feet Spray.


“I have fibromyalgia and foolishly did a 5 month block of waitressing in a very busy café, and have now created a situation in my pelvis and thighs that when if I stand, walk, or bend over in the garden for too long these areas become inflamed and very painful. The other day, after 10 minutes of bending I was in so much pain that it brought tears to my eyes.

Then I remembered that Bliss for Feet always relieved the pain in my thighs and calves. So I thought ‘why not?’ and sprayed my pelvis also. I lay down and within 10 minutes realized the pain was almost gone. After a sleep I was in a pretty good condition and could walk properly. In the past the pain has been debilitating and has taken hours before it eases enough for me to get around.

Shell Essences to the rescue once again”.                                 Chali   VIC.

Thank you all so much for your lovely testimonials; but I thought I’d let an old dog have the last say

The Wisdom of Dogs; Lessons from an Old Dog.

I’d like to send you some doggie wisdom; I think I’ve lived long enough to get some things figured out.

We dogs notice everything, but we don’t complain like humans; we know if you just accept and don’t judge, you’re happy.

If someone growls and barks at you angrily, wag your tail, walk on and ignore them – maybe they’re having a bad day. Act friendly, and most dogs you meet will also be friendly.

Don’t jump up and try to steal food; if you back off, wag your tail a lot, try to get eye contact and send them lots of love, you’ll be amazed by how many barbequed chicken scraps will come your way – even bacon sometimes!

Always have a positive attitude; if you expect someone to take you for a walk, it will happen, maybe not exactly when you think it will, but be patient and never lower your expectations and a walk will happen; believe me, it works every time. But start to think ‘I’ll never get a walk’ and guess what – you won’t.

Everyone has bad days sometimes, so if you notice someone with a bad day happening, it doesn’t hurt to give them a friendly lick and a tail wag; acknowledge you’ve noticed they’re feeling bad and that you care.

We dogs are better at that than people, so we need to show you how it’s done.

Lots of love and licks from an old dog.

Shell Essences

Newsletter 58


Expires 30th November 2016


These Specials prices are only available from Shell Essences office and Australian distributors.

Well, we’re certainly not crawling through 2016 – this year seems to be flying, and we all need to develop wings to keep up!

The Infinite Energy Essences are the Essences with wings, so hop on board and enjoy the ride. Yes there are always clouds and storms but as we rise above these we can float in beautiful blue sky and sunshine.


with every order over

Special 3:

Nancy’s very popular book ‘Following the Light’
(still some copies left) and the new Infinite Energy Essence ‘Seahorse’ plus card.   Special price $42 (Save $5.85)

Special 5:

750 ml Pump pack Shampoo & Conditioner
1 of each (or 2 Shampoos) Special Price $70 (save $10)

Contains Shell Essences to remove the negative energies of others and also remove radiation.

Dose “I Trust”.

Sometimes trust is something we need a little help to develop. ‘I Trust’ encourages a positive belief even when our ego may say  ‘Yes, but…’.

Special 1:  The Great Eight.

Box of 8 Single Stock Essences.  Special price $148    (Save $15.30)

A great start to using the Shell Essences. These 8 Single Stock Essences are the ones which seem to be the most popular, and cover many imbalances.

Cockle; St. Canarium; Pheasant Shell; Rainbow Delight; Limpet; Paua Shell; Little Whelks; Tent Venus.


Special 2:  The Great 8 Infinites.  Special price $148 (Save $15.30)

Box of 8 Infinite Energy Essences

These seem to be the most relevant of the Infinite Energy Essences for the new energies we are accessing today.

Baler Shell; Noble Volute; Green Moss Agate; Ocean Jasper; Ammonite; Goniastrea; Stromatolite; Seahorse.

For anyone who wants to experience Shell essences, both for themselves, and to make blends for clients, these two boxes are the answer. The single Shells help us release the old, often unconscious imbalances we are carrying, perhaps from other times, and the Infinites help us to access the new, higher dimensional energies to move forward in our lives.

Special 4: – Four of our most popular
5 Essence sequences.

Choose from:

Wound Healing Sequence: This creates what the Doctors call ‘miracles’!

42 Muscle Balance Kit: Balances all the energy meridians; an all-time favourite.

Self-Healing Sequence: We’ve received many testimonials about this Kit.

Refresh Your Memory:  Are you becoming a little forgetful? This is a very popular Kit.


Special price for each kit  $95.00   (Save $17.85)

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