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Essenshells Newsletter 

Issue 79 NOVEMBER 2020

Hawaiian Moonrise Scallop


Like the Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop, the Hawaiian Moonrise Scallop is also native to the Hawaiian Islands and lives in the very deep waters surrounding the islands. These shells were sacred to the ancient Hawaiian people, and represent hope, happiness, healing, strength, joy and protection.

 “These gifts of the ocean have a deep aloha that makes your heart open and radiate love out into the world.”

“The Scallop Shell is sacred to the Goddess, as it symbolizes the journey of the human. The scallop design symbolizes the starting points from which the Soul begins its journey. If we stay focused on our path we will continue to grow and move towards the Light as vessels of love.

We acknowledge every soul has their journey that moves alongside ours as symbolized in the grooves that display the path of others whom we find in our story. If we do not judge another, we are free from chaos and drama.

These shells were carried into the Pacific Ocean to be charged with the energies of the whale’s song.”

The Essence from this little Hawaiian Moonrise Scallop will help humanity and Mother Earth collect all the wisdom and spiritual healing that has been downloaded to us from our Pleiadean ancestors, especially from lifetimes in the ancient Hawaiian society of Lemuria.

The Moonrise Scallop has feminine energy that enhances the feminine principles of caring, compassion, renewal, and acknowledgement of our intuition and inner strength.

We no longer need to rely on the opinions of others, or on the accumulation of ‘things’ to make us feel ‘special and acceptable’.

It balances masculine and feminine energies within us all, and is an excellent essence to heal any difficulties connected with mothers, or with mothering, from past lives as well as in our current lives.

The time has come for feminine energy to be acknowledged and honoured as it once was. Even in the so-called darkest areas of our world, mother moon has risen, and is shining her soft, gentle light towards all those whose feminine eyes are opening, and whose hearts are resounding with this pure and beautiful wisdom.

May each ray enlighten our present and future lives, and the lives of all those with whom we connect.

hawaiian moonrise scallop.jpg

I would like to thank our Lemurian/Pleiadian ancestors and guides for giving us the information encoded into these Infinite Energy Essences – especially Star Light, Hawaiian Sunrise & Moonrise Scallops.

They were very unexpected, but exactly what we need to move forward into the higher vibrational energies empowering this Planet.

They return us to our roots in time to access the wisdom we left behind.

Some information on Hawaiian Moonrise Scallop Essence

From Kimberleigh Joblin


This beautiful Feminine Essence Is a Powerful Soul Trauma Resolver, offering Healing akin to that of resolving your inner, Post -Traumatic Stress issues, that may have left you exhausted, and on the verge of giving up, feeling hopeless.

She gently allows her Essence to permeate your heart, healing deep within your wounds and broken dreams from lifetimes past and present.

Whatever has caused you turmoil, whatever has haunted your dreams, is over.

Suggestions - When you ingest these magic drops;

Imagine yourself at an imaginary door, representing your blocked pathway to Joyous Fulfilment where your pain dissolves away.

Allow yourself to stand before the door;

See it, visualise it, know it, and any past influences,

past contaminants that have trapped you,

are about to be dissolved ....

You may choose to

Give thanks and appreciation for all that has been, - even that which has separated you from your dreams.

Know that which no longer serves your intentions for New Life,

and your Soul Successful - Soul Fulfilment - Soul Wholeness is about to fall away - into the depths. Know you are protected.

You might like to say this aloud three times –

‘My Silver Moonlight Queen

Help me turn away from the darkest of Nights;

The past is over.

I choose to be free

So begins a new chapter in my destiny’.

At your Doorway - Say to yourself

‘At this moment only,

This door separates my past from my present and future.

Through my own free will.

I choose to leave my haunted and hurt past behind;

I’m truly appreciative of all I have learned,

It has served me well, but I no longer choose those lessons.

I choose to forgive and let go now

Of all that has been - I no longer need to hold on; I am Joyful I am Free!’

Step through or dissolve your door; Close it firmly behind you; Relax, breathe. Know you have invited in your Perfect for you, New destiny!


Star Light & Sunrise Scallop.

“Last year was a sad year. My husband ran off with a younger woman.

He left me grief-stricken and totally shattered.

I experienced feelings of intense grief for my beautiful daughter; I lost 10 kg. in weight, suffered feelings of insecurity and worry about money, and just surviving.

I did manage to get by with strong family support and good friends.

I felt I had lost my spark for living.

Then I tried ‘Star Light’, and after a few days I felt a subtle change in my attitude towards my ex. After a couple of weeks, I felt joy slowly returning to some parts of my life; that feeling took me by surprise!

I then took ‘Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop’; to my surprise again I felt a happiness wash over me; thoughts of my ex took a ‘back seat’ in my mind; I felt a disconnection from him.
I felt hope return and began to think that my daughter and I may actually end up having a great life.

These drops have been truly remarkable, and the timing of them has been perfect.”   ‘Mary’ NSW

Moonrise Scallop

“I feel on an even keel, balanced and calm – moving from negative to positive. I am listening more and feel more accepting of things – optimistic rather than pessimistic. My emotions feel balanced.”                                                                                                               Marianna NSW


Star Light

“Thank you again for getting this divine Essence to me. I have been taking Starlight for the last few days, and it’s SO apparent. I realised when I woke up this morning that the thin line of dread to face the world/ responsibilities, was gone, just not there! Amazing! I’m excited to see what else will shift.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Heather USA

Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop

“Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop removes heaviness of the heart and brings us back to the silent, eternal wisdom within. It is here to remove the chatter and noise that is within our hearts, and the heart’s mind from previous memories. It shakes up the eternal wisdom and compassion that needs to be stirred within us in order to push through our reality, inspiring us to arise from our past paths of death, and live wholeheartedly in the new awakening of embracing LIFE. It takes us back to that ‘dot’, that single point of light in our centre, a centre of silence, peace and purity, where we heal from the chaos and drama of our illusion.

It is a very soft but powerful essence, as it works on shaking us up from inside, in order to shine through the truth of whom we are, and why we are here.

Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop is telling us to RISE and be at one with our true essence…
that which is LIFE!”                                                                                                      Belinda NSW

Image by Nick Owuor (astro.nic.visuals)

Shell Essences

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Sunrise Scallop; Moonrise Scallop.

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