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September 2023

Brightening Our Inner Light

This Essence was created, not from a shell, but from a lovely small rock!

I found this small sandstone rock in the garden at Como, and thought it would look nice in my front garden, so took it home. Despite my daily walks in Como gardens, I had never noticed this rock previously, although it was sitting beside the path! Whenever we need another vibration to help us evolve, Spirit seems to provide the part of nature that can contain the energy that we need.

A few days later a friend rang me and said “‘Kryon’ (a Spiritual Energy Being) wants to give you a message – You have a rock you have left in your car, and it wants to be an essence!” Yes! I’d forgotten about it and it was still in my car!!! So, I then, in my peaceful backyard garden (jungle) the Essence was created.

This Essence, with our permission, will help us acknowledge the ‘Lighthouses’ within us, and spread the ‘Light’ we carry to enlighten ourselves, and our evolving planet. Its as if our ‘Lighthouse’ has had curtains covering the windows, so the ‘Light’ can’t be seen until we move aside the curtains; then the beautiful ‘Light will enhance us and all those around us, and we can spread the ‘Light’ as far as we wish. It will help us acknowledge and connect with the positive energy of Mother Earth, Mother Nature, and Humanity. This rock was given to us by Mother Earth to reconnect with the high vibrational energy with which we were all created, but many of us have forgotten to use.

Each person who chooses to use this Essence, must give their permission and will. It can also be sprayed into areas to bring more loving, positive energy, so could be used in classrooms and business areas. Whether its effect is immediate or a little slower will depend on the energy it is connecting with, but regardless, it has arrived at the perfect time for each of us.

Thank you Sandstone Rock from Mother Earth, for helping us spread our Light and Peace throughout our Planet, and Humanity.


Brightening Our inner Light

Mother Earth has gifted this stone,

To help us create a better home.

When we each brighten our Inner Light,

We then can move to a greater height.

Fear and anger will move away,

And Love & Peace are here to stay.

Brightening Our Inner Light

Testimonial from ‘Kim Joblin,’.

“This essence connects me to the Angelic Beings – the Annunakai, who are guided by the Goddess Ishtar, a form of Planet Venus, and Venus is very important in the Shell Essence Vibrational Healing range. She is a planet of worthiness, beauty, connection in love and relationships, and value.

Morning Star Venus will take action to polish up your loving and beautiful talents using more loving light to lead the way to more joy, and step on your next step to higher and lighter dimensions of being – integrating the higher light-healing codes. She brightens your inner light – helping in this way to shine your talents whilst here on earth.

If you are remembering past experiences or lives that echo the themes of destruction, trauma, broken hearts, repetitive negative ego patterns and tough times, you need this essence ‘Brightening our Inner Light’ to move towards your ‘Heaven-on-earth’ existence, taking the next steps needed to get closer to there.

This essence helps the Annunakai/Ishtar Venus to connect me and my heart to the healing and brightening light this beautiful essence offers, and I believe that it will offer this to all who use her too.”

Testimonial from ‘Lia Scallon – Composer and Sacred Songstress (Lia has made many beautiful CD’s)’.

This unexpected gift dropped into my life at the perfect moment, bringing with it immediate, sweet, and powerful confirmation of recent insights and ‘instructions’ I had, trust, and faith in the Divine Plan, so beautifully conveyed in the message of the essence received by Nancy received from Spirit myself. With it came a great sense of hope.

‘Brightening our Inner Light’ arrived just after I returned from my first overseas trip in 6 years. Part of my work as the conduit of High Frequency Light Language songs and messages from Source, is to work with the Earth Grids and the Crystalline Grid. I anchor the Light of Source to transform any and all density, darkness, and inversion of the Light that may have occurred in that place through the ages.

Upon taking the first drops of this powerful essence, my channel opened and a beautiful song flowed through me. I felt the spirit of ‘Brightening our Inner Light’ around and within me as I sang. This was accompanied by a vision of these sacred sound frequencies from Source being imbedded in that moment, into every single bottle of this precious essence that finds its way out to the world.

To successfully transform our world, all we need to do is to consciously spread that Light wherever we walk. ‘Brightening our Inner Light’ comes to remind us of that. It comes to help us amplify and strengthen the flame of our own Inner Light.

Thank you, Nancy for this beautiful gift of Light you have helped to ignite within us

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Kim Joblins Astrology Insight

“We have had some really major and powerful planetary movements in recent times – since 7th March 2023; Saturn moving into Pisces, and secretive Pluto into the higher frequencies of Electrical Aquarius. Pluto will be in Aquarius for 20 years, finally leaving in 2044, (so we are up for some potential empowerment processes in the sign of the Collective of Humanity, and it’s all pretty new). However, the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius may have conflicts in achieving life’s higher, more pleasant offerings due to them squaring off, opposing or conflicting each other.
Mercury has begun his two-month Retroshade – Retrograde in Taurus, our valuables and personal assets, including our energy and vitality, so ‘thought, perception, communications, travel, postal services, and thyroid, hormonal messages etc will be active and up for re-view and re-do’s.
As Uranus and Mercury in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius, these next few months can bring some really major life challenges. As all the power and emphasis is currently in Fixed Star Sign Aquarius, the other fixed Star Signs might experience some difficulties in accessing life’s higher possibilities and potentials on offer, as they Square off with Pluto in Aquarius and squares require choices and conflicts in making those choices.
Expect the unexpected, and you may feel the urge to re-consider your personal commitments, and where you choose to invest your life energies, resources, and strengths. All of humanity will be challenged to change in a positive manner!
Our beautiful Earth Being – Gaia and Mother Nature personified – has been through eons of existence and eons of change – she has remained stoic and resilient through all of the assaults perpetrated upon her by mankind – and yet her strength and ability to compassionately forgive all, and bring about endless renewal remains.
As humanity evolves, so too does Gaia and Mother Nature, and all the Devic Beings also evolve as we do so cooperatively together. I certainly feel more faith, more peace, and more hope in my, and humanities continued renewal. I lovingly await more communications from the evolving Devic Beings of Gaia. Some of the things that can render the types of changes and choices more fulfilling for you include:
Natural Medicines for body and soul: Whole Foods; Socialising with friends and family and like-minded spirits; Shell Essences drops, sprays and Insights. Astrology Insights (Available through Kimberleigh with consultation.)”
“Eclipses represent a time when- just like you’re in the dark and fumbling for the light switch, - you cannot see your way forwards, but you’re not entirely sure of all your facts or options, the way will actually become clearer in time, after the eclipse. Keep in mind that after the confusion of Eclipse Season and Eclipse events like this one in Scorpio – May 6th, the Light does shine on again, and the clearing out, and clearing out opportunity represented by this eclipse allows the ‘phoenix-to-rise-again’. Information that you need to move forward in a positive direction may be presented to you.” Kimberleigh Joblin 0468 411 283 (Mon-Fri)

The Three Jewels.

The beautiful jewels of Peace, Joy, and Love
Cannot be mined from below or above;
But we’ll find them just as soon as we start
To open the doors of our Spiritual Heart.
Then, with these lovely jewels, we’ll help to give birth
To a peaceful home on Planet Earth.

© NLP.

Always remember not to search for happiness, but to start following our joy, which is always within us; it doesn’t come and go! Joy is our lifeforce, the creative spark that is a guide to set us on a path of growth; following our joy is being true to ourselves.
The Shell Essence which may help us is
Pacific Crown Chakra Conch.
Also, when feeling unbalanced and ungrounded, try
White False Oyster which is in Special 2 in this newsletter
- Balanced and Grounded.
Special 3 in this newsletter –
‘Connecting to our Inner Joy’, was designed to help us find this Joy, which is part of our Inner Being, just waiting for us to believe and connect.

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Jackknife Clam, Mother Nature’s Love & Support.


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Connecting to our Inner Joy.
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