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Essenshell Essence
Issue 68   February 2019

News Letter


Red English Channel Sea Urchin


The message of this beautiful Sea Urchin is Compassion; the loving energy with which we have all been created.

When there is loving care and compassion towards all humanity, including ourselves and nature also, then emotional imbalances such as criticism and judgment will become irrelevant and eventually disappear. A feeling of peace and connection with all of humanity will prevail.


The last two Infinite Energy Essences to arrive – Purple Acorn Barnacle and Giant Razor Clam introduced us to the value of loving communication, and being immersed within the beauty of all. These two Essences led us on the path to discover compassion, an energy so necessary for our entire Planet.


Red English Sea Urchin is appropriate for all ages and can be used as drops or spray.

It’s difficult to describe the quality of this Essence because, as with all the Infinite Energy Essences, there is an intuitive ‘feeling’; a knowing not easily transcribed into words. We notice the difference in our behaviour, and we ‘feel’ different. The peace that passes all understanding becomes the background of our lives.

‘Compassion’ can be thought of as our ‘original artwork’, our ‘self-portrait’ that became over-painted with many other designs that we considered ‘whom we were’ during our many lives on this planet.

With the help of compassion we are clearing this false artwork away to discover the beautiful original painting that we now recognize as whom we really are, and that we are all connected within the beautiful flow of love; peace; oneness; and compassion.


Red english channel sea urchin

Red English Channel Sea Urchin

When I join with the flow

of Love and Compassion

I am part of the Oneness of all

Peace that passes all understanding

Red English Channel Sea Urchin.

This essence is so subtle, yet as the days go by and I continue to trial it I feel a deep compassion.

At first I didn’t feel a shift, but now after day 4 it is recognizable; I feel a calmness not only in body but also in my mind.

Where I may have previously judged I now just see compassion for a person or situation, and have a feeling that we are all in this together; there is no separation. Loving ourselves we can then show love and compassion to others.

I believe the Red English Channel Sea Urchin has come through at this time to help us heal by giving ourselves compassion, and then we can send that compassion out into the world.

(When you use the first letter of each word in its name I see the word RECSU – rescue!)

What a beautiful, subtle yet powerful loving essence.                                              Valerie NSW.

Shell Essences

There are at present 24 Infinite Energy Essences. The higher vibrational energy that is now flowing into the Planet and impacting us all means we will need higher vibrational essences to help us to take advantage of the new and greater abilities and wisdom now becoming available for us.

The Single Shell, Coral, and Infinite Energy Essences have all been created to empower the Divine Feminine in both males and females.

The forty Single Shell Essences were the first to arrive, and help us to clear old negative programs from our Akashic memory; old beliefs and behaviours which may have originated perhaps in other lives; from family tree beliefs; difficult astrology; childhood experiences, and current negative experiences. When chosen intuitively they access the correct areas.

The Coral Essences then arrived to uncover negative patterns of behaviour in the hidden depths of our human ego selves, of which we are often unaware, and help us to recognize and remove them.

The Infinite Energy Essences help us to uncover our forgotten wisdom and return to the amazing beings of oneness, peace and love; our true inheritance.

Planetary Retrograde Spray

As I am studying Astrology I jumped at the chance to trial this Retrograde Spray.

The first thing I noticed as soon as I spray myself I automatically take a deep cleansing breath, which is wonderful as I am a shallow breather.

I feel my energy lift – its like the brain-fog has gone and I even feel my posture straightening.

This spray gives me clarity of thought; even when I have had a headache and sprayed, the pain in my head goes away.

As I study Astrology, I also look at the positions of retrograde planets and I do understand how this mode can affect us humans. Because I feel the tension release from my body when I spray with Planetary Retrogrades I have continued to use the spray regularly as I believe its meant to help us with all planetary influences, not just retrogrades.

Thank you to the beautiful Shells and Nancy for yet another beautiful, supportive spray.

Valerie NSW


Planetary Retrogrades

Oh WOW! What a Blow out!! Having been through a ‘Mt. Vesuvius eruption’ and feeling rather spaced out after a restless night, I decided to use your amazing Planetary Retrograde Spray first thing in the morning. I sprayed it gently around my aura and sat in meditation for a while in the early morning air surrounded by nature and the morning sun rising.

During the meditation I experienced a lighted vision of planets firing off like a meteor shower with chakra colours sparkling through.

This experience left me quite light-headed so I sat quietly and within minutes this complete calmness came over me. No more tinnitus noise, no busy brain chatter, just this total and complete calmness; a lovely lightness through my whole being.

I have been totally aware of craziness in the planets so this spray is simply totally grounding. Thank you so much Nancy for your insightful channeling.                             Libby NSW

Red English Channel Sea Urchin

I have been using your spray daily.  Using the spray and thinking about any changes - I have found that I do not care so much about bothers of little significance.  This is not a conscious decision rather a fading away of the importance of little bothers and sometimes even bigger bothers.  I guess what the effect is - is that life becomes more into perspective - the bigger picture is more important.  This is however, not a conscious decision - more an acceptance of what is and what is not.                                                         Rhonda, NSW

Giant Razor Clam

Giant Razor Clam


As I took this essence I became increasingly aware of my own body. I am currently writing a new book called ‘Rose Recalibration’. It is loosely based on the classic Louise Hay book called ‘I Love My Body’ – each day I tune in to another body part and write whatever comes in an inspirational style.

I found as I took Giant Razor Clam my writing became deeper as the essence appeared to be helping me to go into my body and find out much more. I was being helped to open to my own hidden depths.

I found myself able to talk to my body in a different way, and as I did, my body appeared to relish the attention she was receiving.

Within the hips I was shown the complexity of the relationships that exist here and that help me to walk and remain mobile.

On one particular morning I asked my hips what would help them and what they needed from me. They showed me the vision of a can opener and asked me to open and unlock the emotions that have been locked in my hips; a holding pattern that has been maintained in my hips for many centuries. As the years had passed the issues were rarely addressed – they were just more and more successfully hidden.

I knew this beautiful essence would help me to release what had been sitting in my hips. I continued to take it, however some days the release was so intense I let it go until I felt able to continue with ease.

The main message was that of sadness; immense sadness was the overwhelming emotion stuck in my hips.

So now it is done, and I express my immense gratitude to my patient and loving hips that held strong for me for so long, and the Giant Razor Clam which facilitated this immense change in my physical body.

              Dr. Cris Henderson Rose Alchemist.

Using Shell Essences

My name is Gunhild Krogsdam – and I have used Nancy’s Shell Essences on two occasions ---

First time was when I had to travel from Sydney to Denmark by plane—and I know from previous experiences that I would suffer very much from jetlag – up to 2 weeks --so I chose to try the Shell Essences (traveling essences)—and I have to say I was delighted with the effect the essences had on me--- I was completely over any jetlag on the second day after my arrival in Denmark – wonderful

The second time I chose to use the Shell Essences (Wound Healing Essences) was when I had surgery for hip replacement – and I found that I healed very fast--- I even healed so fast that the surgeon was happy to operate again on my second hip replacement after only 4 Months – Normally  the doctors will want to wait 6 months between major surgeries – so the Shell Essences really helped me to recover very fast.


Shell Essences are a divine reassessment of an inner longing to realign yourselves with your true identity; something you feel you have forgotten during your human lives.

Shell Essences fulfill your need to recreate your ultimate, true, inner and outer selves. They do this by activating your inner memory of that which you have forgotten – whom and what you truly are.

Within the core, or center of your being is encased this knowledge of both your physical human lives and your ‘eternal oneness’.

Each Essence helps you to experience a different ‘note’ in your ‘vibrational orchestra’ which may have been ‘out of tune’ but can now be ‘retuned’. When the ‘note’ becomes ‘in tune’ you will know; it now feels ‘right’.

Shell Essences

Newsletter 68 Specials

 Expires 1st April 2019

These Specials prices are available from Shell Essences office and Website.

Special 1

 Red English Channel Sea Urchin 

Stock & Spray.

Let’s spread compassion. Another wonderful essence that has just arrived.

Special price $40 (Save $10.35)

red English channel sea Urchin 2 pak.jpg


with every order over

‘Essenshell Loving Relationships’

 Dose Blend

Special 2:

3 New Angels communicate their intuitive wisdom of Compassion, Beauty and Oneness.

(with their cards)

Red English Channel Sea Urchin – Spray for Compassion

Giant Razor Clam – Spray for Beauty

Purple Acorn Barnacle – Spray for Oneness

Special price $70 (Save $10.50)

Compassion Beauty Oneness. 3 spyJPG.jpg

Special 3:  

Five-Essence Sequences to be taken in sequence.

  1. Wound Healing Kit – a fantastic product!
    The testimonials keep coming!!

  2. 42 Muscle Balance Kit – Resets all the energy meridians. An all-time favourite.

  3. Turning Point Essences - Inspires courage; direction; love and manifestation.

Special price each $92.50 (save $19.50)

Special 4:

Kids Trio - Three Sprays great for kids and everyone!

‘I Can and I Will’; ‘Cool, Calm, and Connected’; &

‘Positive Energy’.

Spray self and living or work/school areas every day, and you’ll notice the difference.   Special price $66 (Save $16.50)

Healing Cards and book

Special 5: 

Shell Essence Healing Cards and Booklet.

Contains the first 40 Essence Cards and the 24 Infinite Energy Cards and instructions.

There’s so much you can do with these cards both for yourself and as a practitioner. Also great for readings.

Special price $30 (Save $9.95)

Special 6.

Two sprays to help us cope with the unusual energy around at present.

   Planetary Retrogrades &

   I am Safe All is Well

Special price $50 (Save $5.00)

2 Sprays. retro all is well.jpg

Shell Essence Corals and Infinite Energy Essence Workshop

Will be held on Saturday 13th April at Jannali or Sutherland.
Facilitator Nancy Parker. Limited spaces available.

Please contact us for details:
Email: Phone: (02)95284106

or you can register here

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