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Essenshell Essence
Issue 71   August 2019

News Letter


Jackknife Clam

Is it too soon for another Essence and another newsletter? Apparently not! When there’s a need for more help, and a gap becomes obvious in our healing-wisdom memory, that necessary information arrives in the form of a new Infinite Energy Essence.

It seems that the Essence we all need now, and in the future, is one that will help us adjust to changing times, and to changing energies. The old, slower energy is moving away to allow more abundance, love and compassion, but we also need to cope with greater amounts of radiation that has possible very negative effects which could impact us all. 


However it is perhaps both the negative energies and the change from the ‘old’ to the ‘new’ that is knocking many of us around at present. There may often be old anxious memories from the past when change brought fear and dissent, but at least we knew what to expect, and that old negative energy is still trying to have a presence.

Even those who welcome the new more appropriate planetary energy will feel somewhat unbalanced, especially during the early change-over that we are going through now. Adjusting to change is so important, for change is necessary for growth and not something to fear, but it can cause confusion.  Jackknife Clam adjusts our energy so although we are aware of both the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ we feel comfortable; there is a feeling of peacefulness and we can allow positive anticipation.  

The Infinite Energy Essence of Jackknife Clam was made among the mangroves on the 7/7/19 during low tide, but the tide was just changing and the high tide was beginning to slowly ripple in. It was also a very foggy, misty morning and distance was not really discernable, but there was a feeling of freshness, and knowledge that the rain had passed, and the sun would soon appear. The rocks were covered in small pools of both rainwater and seawater, and there was a feeling of stillness and peacefulness.

This little shell which washed onto a beach in Tasmania, has promised to maintain its comforting, peaceful vibration for as long as required, until we are all adjusted and comfortable with the higher vibrational energies now encircling our planet and the rise in difficult radiations.

Jackknife Clam

I am floating on the currents

Of an ever-changing sea

Feeling very balanced and at peace

My fears & doubts of days long past

I gratefully release


Jackknife Clam

“Peace; Peace; Peace; and an inner sense of knowing calmness.

Freedom from worry and freedom from inner fear. A sense of worthiness and admiration for the soul within, cutting through the illusion of Earth Plane to obtain higher wisdom.” Valerie,  NSW

Testimonials for Jackknife Clam


“I have been taking the Jackknife Clam Essence now for 6 days, and have noticed some very dramatic effects.

When I first took the drops, I experienced a strong vision & sensation of a strong bright light appearing in the centre of my Heart Gate/Chakra. I also immediately felt my mental noise disappear as I became centered and very calm, yet at the same time becoming hyper-aware of sounds, activity etc around me. It was as though when I take the Essence I am deeply immersed & connected to an inner core, whilst at the same time the usual future/past conflict seems to recede. I also had an amazing dream regarding music, which is a huge inspiration to me at the moment, & is getting me back to working with sound again. It was really incredible!

But the most dramatic impact was meeting up with friends on Friday night in a very busy part of Sydney I would normally avoid! However I felt completely at ease & had a blast! I also had a conversation with a friend who was obviously in quite a dark place spiritually, very negative and cynical……The strangest thing, while I understood her words, I felt as though I was in a parallel Earth; I could feel the presence of this profound inner light, felt compassion for her & I just kept listening and grinning. I’m sure she may have thought I was high on something……of course she was right!

This Essence kicks ass!!!!”                                               Marco

Jackknife Clam

“I could feel even as early as yesterday morning that my order had something in it that I would need to allow me to heal; I could really feel it! I was surprised to find the essence of Jackknife Clam, as it was not what I was expecting to help me heal.

I took Jackknife Clam last night before I knew what it was for, and felt my anger just dissolved. Change is something that I’m not overly comfortable with, so I’ve been feeling stuck and angry. I feel good this morning and at peace with life and whatever changes may come my way.

The Essence has such a beautiful, lovely energy that emanates from it as I find all the Infinite Energy Essences do. Thank you for my miracle.”                                                      Christine

Jackknife Clam

“Thank you for sending me this wonderful Essence, and the timing was spot on. I went to work and was told I was to be made redundant. (This was after being told twice over the last month that my job was safe)

I came home from that news to find Jackknife Clam sitting in my letterbox waiting for me. I took it straight away and I felt a strength go up my spine, holding me in an emotional embrace – “Its Ok, I have your back, you can relax.” I felt calm, not anxious, and emotionally strong about the future.

I was able to make the best decisions for me without fear – something I normally struggle with because I can get caught up in the negative. So I was able to ride over generational codes/behaviours and clearly see what I needed to do for myself.

This essence reminds me of a positive role model of a father’s true unconditional love/support/strength and unfailing loyalty. It’s also strongly aligned with replacing calcium and magnesium back into the body.”                                                                                     Wendy

Jackknife Clam


“WOW! I have only had 2 full doses and I have noticed a change already between the old and the new!! I see how I reject the new and have a mental process of questioning it and seeing it as ‘odd’ or that something is wrong. Now this has come to my attention I need to release this.

Example: my cats were very well behaved this morning; got sorted into a routine and didn’t bug me while I was getting ready for work. In fact they got themselves inside and settled well before I needed to leave, and didn’t pine to go back outside. This has not happened before! Also one of my cats who is needy and demanding didn’t bother me as she has always done!! I kept saying, ‘What is going on? What is wrong with you?’

I must not keep rejecting the new that is coming to me that I actually want! – nice settled cats that understand I have a demanding job and can’t always be there for them.

Jackknife Clam manifests what you are actually wanting and gives you a chance to accept it.”



Red English Channel Sea Urchin & Queen Helmet Conch

“These 2 Essences work together very well to help us face our shadow issues from past and current lives. They help us to learn the lessons these issues bring us, and then assist us to transmute the shadows back into Pure Unconditional Love.

They are also great for our animals, who take on a lot of our fears and help us to process them. My beautiful dog Edie passed over recently, and she had been taking these essences along with me. She had Kidney Disease, and a lot of animals die of this because they are helping us process our fears – and fear is associated with kidneys.

These essences are beneficial for anyone ready to pass over, as they help people to know that their energy is immortal, and will survive the transition to the Spirit World. They really do help us to realise we are all one.

These essences are aligned with the Christos energy, and help us to know we are all part of Pure Unconditional Love. Master Jesus works with us through these essences as well as many others.

They also help us to understand Astrology and Astronomy.

These essences are good for anyone who is having suicidal thoughts, as they help them to realise that if they give up now, they will still have to deal with their shadow issues in a future incarnation.

Many blessings to all from Debra Dragonheart, Alkheme Facilitator QLD”

Wound healing Sequence

“Just wanted to pass on my thanks to you for the Wound Healing Sequence!

The results have been FANTASTIC. These miracle healing sprays have all but healed the burns on my stomach area within days of using them. Bless you for the knowledge and wisdom you have helping us all heal the natural and healthy way.”                                                         Rosemary

Shell Essences

Newsletter 71 Specials

 Expires 1 st October 2019

These Specials prices are available from Shell Essences office and Website.

Special 1

Jackknife Clam stock and spray

This Essence is proving to be something we all need at present


Special price $40

(Save $10.35.)

Spl1 JackknifeClam.jpg


with every order over

Essenshell Loving Relationships

 Dose Blend

To help create loving relationships with all

Special 2:

Two sprays for protection 

New Protection Spray

For protection from the strong radiations - an area and personal spray (I was awakened during the night and instructed to make this spray as we needed more protection than previously), and

Just Me Plus

Has also been updated to provide more protection.



Special price $45 (Save $10)

spl2 Protection.jpg
spl3 Moisuriser & cleanser.jpg

 Special 3:  

   New 250 ml      Hand and Body Moisturiser

This is a really beautiful product!  

And 300 ml Healing Touch Hand Cleanser

Special price $45 (Save $5)

spl4 I will remember.jpg

Special 4:

I Will Remember!.

3 dosage Blends to stimulate calm, confident remembering.

‘I Remember’ ‘Calm Serenity’ ‘Trust & Faith’

Special Price  $55.00  (Save $7.25) 

(I’m certainly going to use these!)

spl5 42 muscle bal.jpg

Special 5

Wound Healing Sequence or 

42 Muscle Balance Kit.

These kits are so popular I keep them on ‘special’ as no one should be without them! Perfect for people and also pets.

Special Price

(as usual) $92.50

Special 6

250 ml Shower Gel &  125 ml Cleanser toner.



Lovely products that also contain Shell Essences to remove negative energies.

  Special price $32

Save $9.50

spl6 ShwrGel&Cleanser-1.jpg
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