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December 2022

Norwegian Blue Mussel

These mussels were sent from a beach in Norway, but washed by the oceans that connect

us all, and the Essence was created in a peaceful mangrove forest. 

The Mussels would like this Essence to help us all reconnect to Love, Trust, and most

importantly Peace, which they feel is the most valuable energy they wish to convey

to the world.

Now that the new, 5D higher vibrational energy is available, we can leave behind the

old fears, fights, and belief in separation, and spread Love, Trust and Peace within

ourselves, and towards everyone with whom we connect.

A new world is waiting, and we are the creators. The Infinite Energy Essences are

holding out their hands to support us, and help us leave behind the old, negative energies,

and manifest the goals we request.

Although the old negative energy is still impacting many parts of humanity, a compassionate, caring, new world is just a step away, and the magnetic grid that encircles our planet, and to which we are all connected, is being upgraded by the deeds of care and love we contribute to all who live on our beautiful planet. The Norwegian Blue Mussels have arrived at a perfect time to help spread the Love and Peace.


Norwegian Blue Mussels

These Mussels from the Norwegian beach

Have come to tell us they have lessons to teach.

Of Love, Trust, and especially Peace,

To help our fears and sorrows now cease.

Norwegian Blue Mussels - Kimberleigh Joblin

“The powerful (but peaceful) Norwegian Blue Mussel Shell Essence is for clearance of long-held and deeply private potentially traumatic Karmic information carried through in the family blood Lines.

It clears long-held pre-birth information carried through the genetic (Akashic records) in particular from the mother, and the mother’s line, and relates very strongly to the pre-natal Solar Eclipse, and the information absorbed whilst in the womb.

This Essence will help you to:

Do a Life-Review; To make sense of your past;

To assist with Peaceful Blending of your Past, Present, and Future Self;

And to clear (de-clutter) and cleanse your blood.

I would use this Essence with ‘Mother Earth’s Love and Support’, and ‘Green Moss Agate’, to bring about a powerful healing, that perhaps you thought would never be possible.”

Norwegian Blue Mussels - Testimonial,  Margaret Bock

“Recently I phoned Nancy when I was moving house, and she sent a bottle of Norwegian Blue Mussels to me.

In regard to my moving, things could not have gone better…… particular the love and trust of this essence, really shone through.

I am now living in the ‘perfect place’, the rental house I moved out of was rented a week after I moved out. It was so amazing, I could sense and feel this essence ‘washed away’ a repeat of fear, and my pattern of negative energies.

Just to compare, a year ago when I moved it was ‘awful’!

A huge thanks to you Nancy for this essence; it worked like magic for me.”

Fearless Doggie - Testimonial, Chery

“My son adopted a foster dog, a 4-year-old Kelpie, Kai, who had been moved and re-fostered many times. This sweet dog was timid, frightened by sounds and sudden movements.

Kai also had significant issues around eating, and other elements of life.!

My son used “Fearless Doggie’ in drops and spray in Kai’s water or food, on his back, and in the space around him. Although they have only been together a couple of months, Kai is already a more confident dog, following commands, less skittish, and learning new tricks. I’m sure ‘Fearless Doggie’ contributed to the positive change, as well as the love and commitment of my son. My son’s girlfriend used stress-less Doggie to stop the dog barking in the car, and it really calmed it.” Thank you, Shell Essences”

Current Astrology Information - Kimberleigh Joblin

“The Planets/astrology/ indicate a nasty new wave of Covid is upon us – especially from March next year, but it’s starting now in 2022.

It’s all about astrology of the mutable signs – Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius.  But when the Sun transits Pisces again in March next year, we really get a full-on new mutation of Covid.

What can you do to prepare yourself for the wave of Covid?

Avoid large crowds; (who are super-spreaders)

Avoid unnecessary travel;

Take Kimberleigh’s Natural Medicines to build up Natural Immunity”

New Beginnings - Kimberleigh Joblin 0468 411 283

“With the current World Transits (planetary movements around the zodiac) we have had an unusual number of major events that are bringing in new cycles and opportunities for humanity. This includes;

1. Venus Star Point in Libra (rare occurrence – first Libra VSP for 150 years) possibility of harmony, peace, love, and justice. (21, 22, 23, October)

2. Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – potential New Beginnings after initial clearing of old retentive Scorpionic Energies.

3. Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.

These Major Planetary Events offer humanity an opportunity to advance the frequency and experience of the Planet, giving each of us an opportunity to also choose a higher frequency, and live life at a different level of being.

The New Beginnings Kit is a perfect accompaniment to the 2 new essences created around this time frame of major planetary world transits.

Mother Nature Essence helps us integrate 5D and 3D energies to create much more fulfilling lives for ourselves to our advantage.

Norwegian Blue Mussel Essence helps us let go of old stagnant ways of being that are no longer useful, and without struggle.

New Beginnings Kit includes; Queen Helmet Conch – Understanding, believing and creating positive survival on all levels; Shinbone Tibia -Faith, Trust, Enthusiasm and Delight; Ammonite – heart-centered courage and steadfast faith during times of change; Seahorse – immediate manifestation with confidence and peace; Kim’s Whelk – revealing our true inner being.

New Beginnings Kit brings planetary medicines of the Planet:

Saturn – lasting wisdom through steady application and sustained effort.

Jupiter – abundance, opportunities, bigger picture view, positive solutions.

Mars – courage of positive Mars helping us engage in right action.

Uranus – change-maker,3D & 5D integration.

Pluto – power and empowerment of Pluto the great transformer (ruler of Scorpio)-
to rise out of the ashes!”

I have been using this Kit, and can feel very positive new beginnings and new potentials; it has allowed me to take advantage of the best of the planetary medicine on offer – I am experiencing a positive new beginning.”

Much Love and many Blessings
for Christmas and the New Year

Soon we’ll be starting a Lovely New Year

And leaving behind all chaos and fear

Whatever may happen

We know we will cope

When we greet each day

With Contentment and Hope.


Our last day of Shell Essences this year will be Tuesday 20th December 2022;

Reopening Wed 11th January 2023.

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