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newsletter 81

February 2021

moldavite card.jpg


New doors will now open, and guidance awaits,

To show us the way through the Universe gates.

Great knowledge is waiting, so much we can learn;

Let’s open our hearts, and our Guides will confirm.

meteorite crd.jpg


From the cosmos we came, and memories we hold

Of important wisdom, both current and old.

The time has now come to remember our place,

And reconnect to all, with wisdom and grace.

Two new Essences have now joined hands to begin 2021.

They are both from outer space, possibly from other planets, and are gifts from these other worlds; they have arrived to help us reform and reconnect to the wisdom of the cosmos.

The first to arrive as a gift from a friend was Moldavite, a meteorite which was formed 15 million years ago, and found in Europe.

Moldavite helps us to acknowledge our long heritage, and begin to reclaim the wisdom we once had. It opens a new doorway into a ‘new age’ of unlimited potential, and helps reconnect us with our ‘families’ on other planets. We understand we are not alone, and when requested, help is always available.

When we take this Essence it may unlock and release old negative memories which no longer serve us, then new wisdom, ideas and potentials can emerge.

Moldavite and Meteorite seem to both have a blend of feminine and masculine energy – perhaps depending on which energy  we need.

Meteorite has a nickel/iron matrix, is apparently 4 billion years old, and was found in Argentina; it is quite rare, and believed to be a gift from another world. It wishes to help us connect with the pattern of planets of our solar system, of which Gaia is a part.

It has arrived to teach us that we are all created from the same energy we may call ‘love’, and helps us to feel at home on Gaia, our Planet Earth.

Meteorite reminds us that it is imperative we respect and honour all of life, and all the parts of our planet.

Moldavite and Meteorite both help us to release our old negative beliefs in ‘differences’ which have caused us so much pain and trouble in our past. Once we reconnect to our planetary source, we can each play our vital roles in honouring, respecting, and connecting to the wisdom within all of life.

We are all pieces of the huge jigsaw of the cosmos, and each part connects with other parts to form a complete picture of the whole.

Moldavite and Meteorite

Information from Kimberleigh Joblin


Moldavite and Meteorite echo the Astrological Story of the Star of Bethlehem – the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the zodiac sign of Pisces, that heralded the arrival of the Great Healer Jesus Christ.

But this time the energetic imprint of these two Essences, and the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is in Aquarius – the Air Sign of the Collective of Humanity; Higher Thought, Lightworkers, and the Supply, plus Circulation of the Essentials of life.

The new creations of Moldavite and Meteorite……Well, they are Light Frequency Healing on Steroids!!! Delivered to not just one human being but to all who want it! Their Healing Essence has been infused with the Schumann Resonance which recently had a massive spike in Light Frequencies and Photon Downloads circulating in the Earths Biosphere, and affecting Human Magnetic Fields and Energy Flows Big Time.

These two Essences bring through Light-Healing Frequencies from other dimensions that assist the Human Individual to raise his/her Light Body Frequencies, raising consciousness and infusing Lightness to our nerve endings, Chakras and Nadis, where it circulates and frees up any previous ‘stuckness’ and ‘gunk’.

They have a Light-healing frequency that allows us to have direct access to our Higher Self, and all the Healing Tools we need right now.

Our Higher Self is where we can access our own wisdom, our own Natural Right Healing Rhythms, in the Right Order.

Any grief or grievance not yet cleared from our system may initially rear its ugly head. This can be difficult to move through, and we might need support from our trusted Healers, and possibly ‘No More Grief’; ‘No More Anger’; ‘I Forgive and Release Spray, and ‘Moving On Spray.’

For those who have carried the Light through the eons of dark – your time has come; your job is almost done! Moldavite and Meteorite will gift you with the ability to integrate your 3D Density and hardest lessons, into the 5D Heaven you have hoped and worked for over many, many lifetimes.

The two Essences combine in an ever-flowing river of silver and golden light, entwined in a unique dance that looks like luminous DNA, which, compassionately mediated by your Higher Self enters Light Bodies, Heart and Cellular DNA, dislodging any sense of Spiritual Shame, which represents your Nemesis (Spiritual part of Saturn, where you may be imprisoned by your Sense of Shame and Inner Wounded Psyche.)  What a wonderful time it is to step up and into our long-awaited fabulous new beginnings!  We may now start to live our version of Heaven on Earth.

                                                                 Thanks Kim; what wonderful Info!!

Turning Point

We have reached an important ‘Turning Point’ for humanity, and we have each arrived on Planet Earth to help create a new, higher dimension of energy. We have gone through the ‘door of darkness’ and have arrived into the Light.

Every morning we can set our intention for Peace; Joy; Healing; Compassion, and Harmony within all.

Our companions from the more advanced Planetary Energies are now here to help us. Eventually we can join them with an ‘Ascended’ Planet. The decision lies within each of us.

Congratulations for deciding to be on Planet Earth for this Turning Point.


I Accept and Imperial Volute.

My memories of a normal large family childhood seem to be full of disharmony & chaos; but when off on family forays – eg the annual trip to back roads & bush to pick blackberries – or much awaited treks to swim in remote, natural hot water pools, and my parents singing in beautiful harmony on the homeward journey, then all would be well in my world again.

Many, many years later, when trying to work through the disharmony and chaos I often felt/feel in my own relationship, I was made aware of the many levels of consciousness, and I seemed to be getting stuck at the level of ‘acceptance’, where my life-view was indeed getting stuck in disharmony.

So, when I needed help to accept where I was at, I started to take drops of a Shell Essence Blend called ‘I Accept’, which wanted to help those dealing with blocked, stagnant grief. I was certainly displaying the pads of fat that could result from not being willing to let go of this grief!

I later added to the I Accept drops, the Infinite Energy Imperial Volute spray, to access higher dimensions of Inner Stillness, Acceptance and Peace.                          Gillean QLD

Imperial Volute.png

Now may I rise to a greater height

Above the realms pain and grief

Into skies of freedom and light

Way beyond my former belief.

The words I hear are a beautiful song

They take me back to where I belong.

Thanks Gillean; Imperial Volute is asking to be in every Personal Blend I make, so I guess it is important for many of us. Great to add I Accept!


I have been having discomfort in my knees, & weekly yoga has been good for gentle strengthening. However, with my twice weekly yoga plus walking, I may have overdone things, and needed a more cautious, gentler approach.

During relaxation period towards the end of the class today, I drifted off to sleep, and awoke with a start, with a picture of a Shell Essence work book opened to Scallop!

I hurried home, and sure enough, Scallop is suggested for Re-calcification on injury sites, and strong support for parts of the body, among many other useful tips.  

This is a wonderful remedy; it needs little to enlarge upon it, for it is perfect in its expression.

Scallop is for the emersion of Spirit into flesh, and enables a person to utilize Spiritual aspects of self more efficiently.

Thank you so much Scallop, for revealing yourself to me today.                    Gillean

Scallop was the first Shell Essence created, and has now become the ‘backdrop’ on our labels!!!    


Moldavite and Meteorite

Even before taking Moldavite I had such a sense of Love, but this is a higher Love than what I’m used to feeling, so I don’t recognize it as ‘love’. The Moldavite helps me move away from my very scientific and conservative religious upbringing and mindset, and expand my intuition, and what I know intuitively. I need the Moldavite to help me continue to let go of ‘living in a box’ and the beliefs that hem me in.

After one dose of the Meteorite, I felt heavy, dense and grounded for a few moments, but I haven’t felt drawn to take it since.                                                                                         Christine

Jingle Shell

I have found Jingle Shell to have amazing results within my clinic for encouraging a better energetic flow through the chakras when over-thinking is in play. Jingle Shell seems to bring about a lightness of Spirit! Thank you Shells.                                                                                                Libby.


 Shell Essences 

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