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newsletter 82

April 2021


Another Shell has arrived requesting to become a Shell Essence – this one found on a beach in QLD by Kimberleigh Joblin – the lovely lady who informs us about the current astrology affecting us all, and the astrology which always impacts and directs the Shell Essences.

This shell seemed to be what my shell book called a ‘Torrs Whelk’, however it wanted to be called ‘Kim’s Whelk’!

I made it on rocks amongst the Mangroves at the water’s edge on the 26th February; so quiet and peaceful, just the gentle rippling of the incoming tide.

Kim’s Whelk helps us release the illusional overlay with which we have painted ourselves, due to an ancient belief that this would keep us safe!

The Essence has arrived to give us glimpses of what lies beneath this false façade when we are now able to observe small patches of the beautiful Being within.

While the first Shell and Coral Essences help us realise and release the difficulties and negative energies hidden within this outer façade, and the Infinite Energy Essences help us to move into the higher vibrations now available, this is the first Infinite Energy Essence that can actually give us a small glimpse of that which is the Inner Heart of humanity, nature, our planet, and the cosmos. This glimpse is not visual or mental, but an inner feeling, a peaceful knowing of what lays within
us when we release that which lays without us.

Seek with a completely open mind, leaving all ideas and perceptions behind; it is not a case of ‘seeing’ but of ‘being’, and as we begin to clear off that overlay, we will begin to ‘Be’. It’s best to take Kim’s Whelk Essence when we are somewhere quiet, peaceful and still. Then we can allow our perceived environment to appear to dissolve and become an illusion; we can then welcome our true ‘Being’ into our awareness.

kims whelk.png

Kim’s Whelk

Let’s remove some of the illusions we follow -

Despite them bringing us fear and sorrow!

Now our true Inner Beings are here to stay,

And our Heart’s ‘Inner-Feeling’
will show us the way.



“Kim’s Whelk came to me at the right time to heal, rebalance and release a really deep wound and cultural conditioning of the feminine, and how independent and liberated women are portrayed, controlled, and seen by men, and other women at times.

I had a deep healing regarding these issues, and took the first dose of ‘Kim’s Whelk’ after that healing. What amazed me was that the next day I was faced with what would have been a trigger for me to revert back to holding negative belief patterns. However, I was completely conscious, knowing that I no longer align with any views that control and distort our divine femininity. It was as if I released these distortions with absolute ease, as though they were never a part of me to begin with! I feel within my power, and comfortable working with my divine feminine essence a lot more.

Thankyou ‘Kim’s Whelk’.”                                                                                              Grace.NSW

Kim’s Whelk – by Kimberleigh Joblin

“Kim’s Whelk is for Soul retrieval – for gathering the fragments of our soul, scattered throughout many lifetimes, and dimensions of our existence – even those from different galaxies, not just lifetimes on earth.

If parts of our soul have fragmented, and remained attached to traumatic experiences and difficult people or places, thus leaving a part of us connected to that experience, and making it somehow impossible to live life on our own terms, and if we are feeling at a loss as to how to put ourself ‘back on track’ for our true soul path, and activate our true destiny, Kim’s Whelk will help us from the deepest core of our heart.

If part of our soul is still attached to another (even without our consent or knowledge) and we have a block of guilt, grief or shame from that attachment, despite the efforts of many Healers and Modalities, Kim’s Whelk can make us whole again.

By using Kim’s Whelk, we automatically activate a process of restoration of the Golden Soul Grid hidden deep within our heart……(quiet time will be needed)

This process is guided by Lady Isis – Goddess of Soul Restoration, and aided by the Star Sirius – the Spiritual Sun of Our Earth, in the Solar System.

Both the Egyptians and Mayans recorded and followed the Star Sirius, which was central to their Spiritual belief and existence – apparently the pyramids line up with Sirius.

In the Isis/Osiris myth, Isis takes the dismembered body of Osiris (his soul), and puts him back together again (making him whole) and together they create their son Horus. This is the Yin (Lady Isis, Moon, Soul) and Yang (Osirus, Sun, Spirit) coming together as a Whole to create a new creation and become One. For example, Lady Isis can guide the restorative process of bringing our Soul and Spirit together again.

Kim’s Whelk also has the deep and gentle power to guide the restoration of our Soul, creating wholeness where something precious was missing.

By activation and making whole the Golden Soul Grid of our Heart, we then allow the Inner Whole Reality of us to manifest in our Earthly Life – our outer reality.

What was once impossible in our earthly reality now begins to manifest; Our way is cleared!

The Star Sirius lines up with the Zodiac sign of Cancer, which represents family, roots, home, ancestry, past, Mother, Goddess, etc, and many of our hardest, harshest Souls Trauma lessons are tied up with parents, family, and ancestors.

The essence Kim’s Whelk can restore our personal Golden Soul Grid to create a new Soul Family.”

Kim’s Whelk

I have just had the most beautiful experience with 'Kim’s Whelk' whilst speaking to Nancy. As Nancy told me about the essence’s connection to Sirius, my channel opened and the Goddess ISIS came through. Her presence was so full of Love that tears spontaneously ran down my cheeks, as I felt the power and the purity of it course through my body. Her message came through me in Light Language and in song, interwoven with messages in English.

"I am the Goddess Isis. I am the Over-lighter of this essence. All who imbibe it will feel my presence descend upon them. They will feel my presence tangibly, in every cell of their body. Each cell will vibrate with the Light of my presence. They will feel the nurture, the nourishment, and the all-encompassing Love of my Being enfold them.

My Mantle of Light will descend upon all who imbibe this sacred water

My Mantle of Light will descend upon all who imbibe this sacred water

My Mantle of Light will descend upon all who imbibe this sacred water."

As Lady Isis spoke and sang her message through me, I felt her Presence as a much-needed Blessing and a Benediction. She comes to us as our Mother, our Protector and our Guide. I am in deepest gratitude for her Love, and to Nancy for facilitating this beautiful new Shell Essence ‘Kim’s Whelk’, which offers us access to Lady Isis in such a direct way.

May she protect every member of our Human Family at this time.                                          Lia, QLD

Information from the Universe

The last few Essences were created to connect – or reconnect us to the Cosmos, the Universe, as well as connecting us to our Planet Earth.

There are swirls of energy that tie our Mother Earth, Gaia, to the Planets and Stars of the Universe. When we look up on clear nights, and believe what we see is an incredible distance from us, it may only appear distant from our limited perception and belief.

Just as our toes and fingers are connected to our body, although they may appear distant from our heart and brain, so those Universal Worlds are also all connected to each other, and to their apparently ‘distant’ sister, our Planet.

We are all vital parts of the ‘cosmic soup’ – each adding a different texture or flavour that contributes to the whole.

If we disregard and illtreat our Planet Earth, perhaps this negative planetary energy we have created may add an unpleasant irritation to that beautiful, amazing ‘cosmic soup’ we call the Universe?

In previous centuries we valued our connection to the Stars and Planets; we thought of them as magical beings; gave them names, and wrote stories about them, and honoured them for their healing ability.

The higher vibrational energy now gently surrounding our Planet, is beginning to open long forgotten memories of our previous connections to the Universe, and to other Universal Beings. We are now beginning to access the forgotten wisdom, but we may also feel a little ‘lost’, and even grieve for the loss of where we once belonged.

When we ‘feel’ the connection – even when we don’t understand this, our Inner Soul can regain that wisdom and power, and we can rejoin the energy of Spirit with our Planetary brothers and sisters.

kims whelk.png

Many Thanks to Those who have Contributed to the Newsletter

New Essences continue to be created when we are ready to absorb the higher wisdom held within the special shells, crystals and stones; this wisdom arrives from many unexpected sources.

I give grateful thanks to those who agree to trial the Essences, as each of you may gain a different perspective, and discover a different quality as the Essence triggers your inner knowledge from past memories.

Together we are creating valuable stitches in the beautiful embroidery of life on this Planet.

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