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October  2019

News Letter

October Newsletter

I didn’t think I’d be writing another Newsletter so soon, but there’s been so much wonderful feedback from those who have taken the little Jackknife Clam Essence, that I feel I must share this news!

When there is a need for more help to contribute to our growth, the right shell arrives, and because of the energy upgrade now available for us, new essences will probably continue to arrive.  My task is to receive, listen, and share the information they give us.

I’m always told which shell is able to contain the information being downloaded to us, the right day to make the essence, and the healing energy that is being gifted into the water as the essence is being made.

The essences are created in a peaceful, hidden place among mangroves, rocks and water, and I now photograph the shell where that essence is created.

Many thanks to the wonderful volunteers who trial the new essences and give their feedback, which then helps others to know if that essence might also help them.

Here is an example of the effect of Jackknife Clam:

“Jackknife Clam, what an incredible Essence.

Peacefulness is the feeling I have and it is actually adjusting energy to cope with change that is always happening.

I prescribed dosage drops for a client, and she was as amazed by how she felt; everything negative had been washed away and the peace and calmness that has filled that space is wonderful.”                            Elsa.


Angelic Guidance for Change.

I’ve also felt guided to create a 5 Essence Kit of Infinite Energy Essences to help us cope with changing energies and create the positive life change we may need.

It starts with an affirmation:Dear Innate; I wish to have a long, healthy current lifetime with advanced spiritual wisdom.

Take 4 drops from each Essence in the following sequence 2-3 times a day.

  1. Jackknife Clam– positive adjustment to the changing energies, and removal of old negative energies.

  2. Shin-Bone Tibia– gratitude for where you’ve come from, and growth towards new positive change.

  3. White False Oyster– Stability and feeling grounded and balanced.

  4. Red English Sea Urchin– growth towards the positive energy of heart-centered compassion.

  5. Noble Volute– stimulates peace, love and harmony with all creation.

Jackknife Clam

“Peace; Peace; Peace; and an inner sense of knowing calmness.

Freedom from worry and freedom from inner fear. A sense of worthiness and admiration for the soul within, cutting through the illusion of Earth Plane to obtain higher wisdom.”  Valerie,  NSW


Jackknife Clam

“Peace; Peace; Peace; and an inner sense of knowing calmness.

Freedom from worry and freedom from inner fear. A sense of worthiness and admiration for the soul within, cutting through the illusion of Earth Plane to obtain higher wisdom.” Valerie,  NSW

                   Essence Information and Experiences


Jackknife Clam.

“This essence is connected to the Sirian Star System and the Egyptian Neteru. It is an amazing essence for people who are chronic worriers. It will help to restore optimism. Also Jackknife Clam will help us to become more aware of our Egyptian past lives and our connections to Sirius. It will also help to heal feelings that come from past catastrophes on the planet in our past lives; these feelings can subconsciously fuel worry in this lifetime. I feel wonderfully calm after working with this essence, and my optimism is much improved.   

Blessings to All.”                      

                                                   Debra Dragonheart.

Jackknife Clam.

“Now I am using Jackknife Clam….well another miracle in a bottle!

Right from the first two drops I have experienced focus, clarity, motivation and the desire to progress through projects which have been on hold for such a long time.

Plus I have found the personal power to speak my desires and stand firm with my focus of having my long term goal to becoming a reality.

Thank you for your insight into the power of both the shells and corals.

Love and many blessings.”                           Libby


Jackknife  Clam  


“Recently I called Nancy to make up a Blend for me; Jackknife Clam was one of the essences. I observed positive changes within about my outlook on life and the ability to continue with doing everyday some difficult things that I just seemed to breeze through.

Then I received the newsletter and read other peoples experiences after taking this essence, and I could certainly relate and understand what they meant. As another person has said, Jackknife Clam is a miracle.  Thank you so much Nancy.”           


Jackknife Clam

“Firstly ‘Wow!’ It has been amazingly great for transition and wobbly bits. I really wish that I had this a few years ago. It has been a very quick fix for me when I have been feeling things a bit too much. I have used it coupled with the Self Healing Kit which has been great.

I have noticed that when you don’t need it any more the taste changes and it become distasteful. It has been a few weeks now since I have used it and things have been going really well. I will try it again when things become difficult. I’ve noticed the taste change with other essences when I no longer need them also.”                                                                                                                                                                           Tracey.

Jackknife Clam 


“I headed off on a journey in my new home, a beautiful caravan my son fitted out for me, but instead of being in QLD by now lazing around on beaches I’m still in the Southern states because my car and caravan needed to be upgraded! Eventually I had a meltdown about the holdup, money etc.When I started taking Jackknife Clam I dropped into a place of peace and ease and am finding it far easier to sit and wait for the work to be completed and I can resume my trip.”                                                                                            Panchali

Personal Blends

Perhaps our most popular products (apart from Jackknife Clam, the 42 Muscle Balance and Wound Healing Sequence) are the Personal BlendsMichelle and I create for customers who phone us. I use up to 9 separate Essences in a Blend, but if you’re new to the Shells and are making Blends for clients I suggest about 5 initially. The first Essences chosen  are the Single Stock Shells, as these target unresolved problems from past lives, family tree, and childhood. There may also be Coralsto release negative patterns of behaviour. But growing in importance are the new Infinite Energy Essences, as these higher dimensional energies help us grow in wisdom and understanding, and find new and better pathways through our lives. I suggest taking the Blend 2-4 times a day until finished, and then waiting at least a week before using any more Essences. The Blend Essences are returning our own forgotten healing information to our cellular memory. The results have been amazing!

The Current charge for a Personal Blend with Essences and consultation is $55.00

Jackknife Clam – Dragon Dances

This powerful essence I have begun to think of as the dragon dancer, the opening link to empowerment which slays all the remaining fears and hesitations and moves us into the space of the I Am.

When I began to use it an amazing dragon I called Pink came into my consciousness. Pink was a great development in my life and she and the essence formed an inseparable bond.

And so during this exploration of the essence I looked inside my body with care and attention. I found that she was inflamed and hurting in places where she had never hurt before. I could not understand what was happening as I began to notice things that had been previously hidden to me. Thoughts arose from the depths of my darkness as the inflammation worsened and my knees and ankles began to swell.

The essence and Pink helped me to find the root cause of this development and I uncovered an enormous residue of resentment and longing for new things that I did not even know was there. Oops, the essence called to me as it showed me rooms and apartments that had hidden within my bodily structure – I had not been aware that they were even there!

I salute this essence and give thanks; it has given me the courage to continue my exploration of who I really am, and I dance daily with the pink dragon.

Dr. Cris Henderson, Rose Alchemist

42 Muscle Balance Sequence

I have just travelled nearly 5,000ks with my husband through country drought affected areas. We travelled with the 42 Muscle Balance Essences with both of us taking them each morning and mostly me at night.

Well I would say that they most certainly kept the aches and pains away with some help from stretches and walking at the end of each day, but the most profound outcome was that we enjoyed the most harmonious time together in the three weeks of our adventure, which I would have to say is one of God’s miracles!!! Thank you Shells!!!                                                                                        Libby

Protection Spray

My son has been going through an incredibly hard time for the last 3 or 4 weeks. Nothing would go right for him and he was being pulled in many different directions. He looked terrible and was so stressed.

After using the Protection Spray for 2 and a half days his voice sounds so much stronger and lighter. When I mentioned about the spray working well for him, he said “Oh I don’t know about that but I’m feeling things changing”.

Some men make me scratch my 

head!!                                                                 Panchali   

Shell Essences

Newsletter 72 Specials

 Expires 1 st November 2019

These Specials prices are available from Shell Essences office and Website.

Special 1

Jackknife Clam stock and spray

This Essence is proving to be something we all need at present


Special price $40

(Save $10.35.)

Spl1 JackknifeClam.jpg


with every order over

60 ml Spray of the new ‘Protection’


 protection from strong radiations and from negative human energies.

Special 2:

Two sprays for protection 

New Protection Spray

Two sprays to help us move on when our life feels blocked in some way.

Moving On

To clear blocked stagnant or low energy from both people and places.

Positive Energy Spray

A long-time favourite to increase self-esteem and create positive attitude for both people and places.


Special price $45 (Save $10)


 Special 3:  

   New 250 ml      Hand & body moisturiser and 40ml face balm

Two very beautiful products

Special Price $70.00 Save $15.00

hand and body moist.png

Special 4:

Angelic Guidance for Change

Sequence of 5 Infinite Energy Essences
Read all about them on the front page. 

Special Price  $95.00  (Save $19.25) 


Special 5

  Five Cool Corals and their Cards – perhaps the most popular Corals.

Coral 1. Antennellopsis –Clear thinking and understanding.

Coral 2. Asterospicularia– Re-establishes feelings of safety & protection.

Coral 6. Distichipora – Less overworking – more care for self.

Coral 14. Stylaster – Motivation, energy and zest for life.

Coral 15. Turbinaria – Deep peace, releases tension, peaceful sleep.

Don’t these seem just what we need today?

Special Price $95.50 save $19.25

Special 6

1 litre Shower Gel

pump pack



A family favourite; contains essences to remove negative energy fields, radiations, and negative attachments from others.

  Special Price $55

Save $15

shower gel.png
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