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Full Moon Partial Eclipse

I thought I d like to share with you all Some of the Current Pertinent Astrology And Insights - (From My Point Of View) about the Movements Of The Heavenly Bodies And What That Might Mean For Us All

On Friday 19th November 2021

We will experience a

Full Moon 🌕🌗 Partial Eclipse

In Zodiac Sign Taurus ♉︎

The Sign Of The Bull.

Taurus ♉︎ Rules The Second House In The Zodiac System - And For The Collective (Humanity) The Second House Relates To Your Personal Values, Valuables, Assets, Money💰, And Gold Bullion.

Please note,

Your Personal Horoscope (Natal Chart) May have a different Second House and Your Personal Taurus - House May Be Any One Of The 12 Slices Of The Zodiac Pie.

This Eclipse occurs within 1 degree of Fixed Star ?? Algol Caput - (Eye Of Medusa) And Brings (Potentially) To A Close The Same Eclipse In Taurus conjunct Algol Of 2002.

Fixed Star Algol has a reputation for being a rather difficult Star by the Ancient Astrologers - representing dark times and perhaps the losing of one s head as in the patriarchal telling.

But like all things

- Algol can also swing to Offering Potential Goodies - Like Freedom, Independence, Empowerment, And Sensual Beauty.

I know which one I intend to choose! The goodies Thank You .

Further more,

2002 is also a time that the Transiting Karmic Nodes were in Sagittarius ♐︎ Gemini ♊︎- just as they are now - 19 years later in 2021.

The Nodal Cycles Repeat For 18 months periods, travelling backwards through the Zodiac - every 18-20 years.

If you can think back to the events of 2002

- this may bring you some sense of relief - I very much hope so.

Personally in my immediate family - there were several major life challenge events that were unravelled at that time.

Keeping our heads, facing the challenges from authorities and perseverance through some personal battles was very very necessary. We are certainly happy to see the end

of those harrowing times as is represented by this upcoming Eclipse In Taurus ♉︎ - conjunct Algol, And On The Sagittarius ♐︎ / Gemini ♊︎ Nodal Return.

Talking About Eclipse Cycles

Full Moon 🌕🌗 Eclipse Event tend to be a time of conflict for people because the Sun is always Opposite the Moon and we tend to feel drawn in two different directions We tend to Feel some conflict add in a darkening Of the sky, an obliteration Of The Luminary Or Light Body Concerned (In This case the moon) and some sense of trepidation May Be excusable.

When the lights go out - is a time when you cannot see - you must feel your way knowing to be cautious because there is perhaps something important impeding your way!

A little friendly heads up for the up-coming Nov 19th Eclipse - It May be best to postpone any major decisions about your personal assets and / Or your values or Valuables at this time.

Keep cool, keep your head, take your time, just over the next few days - or until Nov 22nd at least. Why? When one of the major luminaries (The Moon) goes dark you cannot have all the facts you need, you may not be thinking clearly (Algol) And just like when the head lights go out in a car you re driving, you cannot see your way clearly forward.

Good luck on this Full Moon ?Eclipse on the 19th -November 2021 in the early evening.

May the portals of heaven open up to more goodies for you, like freedom, independence, higher mind activity and sensual delights.

In Health And Vitality

Kimberleigh Joblin - Naturopath Medical Astrologer

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