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Essenshell Essence
 2018 October Issue 66

Purple Acorn Barnacle

This Infinite Energy Essence will assist compassionate communication on all levels – verbal; energetic; and spiritual. It encourages communication within the cells of the body, and families, groups, communities, countries and planetary communication. The communication gives a feeling and understanding of the ‘oneness’ of all, so connects with high vibrational energy flows.

When this deep communication is established, the knowledge and wisdom that we are all ‘one’ on a spiritual level, the outcome is compassion and the layers of lower vibrational energy will disperse. There is only heart-centered loving-kindness at a deeper level than we have previously experienced in this lifetime or other lifetimes on this planet.


The Purple Acorn Barnacle expresses the importance and value of togetherness – how groups can live in harmony for the benefit of all

Once that level of communication is reached there is a feeling of deep, inner peace, and also a sense of confident ability; of being who we actually are, and from this place we can create lives of great value to all.



Purple Acorn Barnacle

When I learn to communicate
From my heart, not my mind

A Planet of Love, Peace

And Compassion I’ll find.

Valerie’s Experience with Purple Acorn Barnacle


“When I first took Purple Acorn Barnacle I forgot it was stock (2 drops only required) and ended up taking 6 drops by mistake….or was it??

I had this tremendous feeling of peace, calm and compassion wave over me! It was as though I had no worries or concerns; I just felt as if everything in my inner world and the outer world was how it was meant to be.

I continued to feel great compassion for myself and admiration for the journey I was undertaking on this planet. I felt I had been, and indeed was in ‘the classroom of life’ and I was doing well in my endeavours.

As I continued taking Purple Acorn Barnacle I noted that when I was in the company of others who were describing their difficulties I again felt calm and at peace with no need to step in and try to rescue them. I was able to step away from giving advice and just encourage them by listening, and then they seemed to gain insights for themselves. As the days progressed I felt I had reconnected to my Higher Self with a tremendous feeling of peace, understanding and compassion.

With Purple Acorn Barnacle it is as though I have had a shift in my mind to a higher dimension that allows me to tap into the more supportive side of myself with ease and compassion for not only myself, but for others and also the day to day situations affecting our planet.”

Shell Essence 1-day Workshops

I have been asked to teach some more Shell Essence Workshops. If you’re interested in attending one, please let me know. The workshops will cover the Corals and the Infinite Energy Essences.

The possible dates are – Central Coast Sat. 13th October; Sutherland Sun. 28th October.

Waiting for date and venue for Melbourne.

Purple Acorn Barnacle Spray

I have been using your Purple Acorn Barnacle Spray, and have found that it’s been very effective in enabling me to see clearly the relevance of situations.

One situation in particular I was frustrated and cross about, and my thinking became quite negative. I used your spray a few times when in this mood. After a long walk and more spray, during the afternoon I found I was in a whole different mood and mindset. I had made clear decisions, had let go of the emotion around it and could see the issue at a distance. I think the spray helped me to find the relevance in the situation – and that feeling of peace and letting go has continued, now one week later.

Thank you so much for the wonder of Shell Essences.                                                 Rhonda NSW


Heaven Sent, & the Wound Healing Sprays


On the weekend Shackie, my cat went for his morning walk around 7am.

I found him out by the front door curled up on the footscraping mat (a place he uses for scratching – not for laying on) and I knew immediately something was gravely wrong. I picked him up and he started to be sick. I let him go and he was sick a few more times – just throwing up bile. I found him around 20 minutes later curled up in the herb garden – right in the middle – on his way to the back door.

I sprayed him with Heaven Sent and the 5 Wound Healing sprays. He had more food and picked himself up. He was tired over the next day or two, and is now back to his normal self. The following day I noticed there were two small red marks on his nose…???                              Rhonda, NSW

rhonda cat.png

Arise and Shine


“I have been waiting to share how I feel about Nancy’s new book Arise and Shine for quite awhile now, though haven’t really known how to say it until now…it just came to me whilst riding my bike out bush and tapping into the bliss.

When so many books on Spirit and growth can be bamboozling for people starting on their journey and those well into it also, Nancy has managed to write a book that is so beautifully simple to read, understand and put into practice; it’s like a breath of fresh air. Nancy has used the KISS method at its best… Keep it Simple Sunshine!

Delightfully I could sense light coming from the pages as I read them.

I love the verses, prose, and affirmations. Obviously the target audience is everyone. I love it.  Thanks Nancy”.                        Panchali  Vic

Book Nancy Arise and Shine .jpeg

“Thank you for the beautiful gift of your book Arise and Shine! I dive into it frequently and love the beautiful pearls of wisdom that speak to me and uplifted me.

Wishing you well on your journey, and may your work, Presence and Essences continue to support many.”

                   Helen SA

Arise and Shine


“I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful gift of your latest book

Arise and Shine. WOW, how inspiring and relevant in these times of change; it gives so much clarity and wisdom. I hope you enjoyed writing it as much as I have enjoyed reading each chapter.

I do so love all the affirmations and verses at the beginning of each chapter. This book, like the Shells, will help so many rise to their strengths and feel peace as they are so encouraged by your inspiring, healing words.”                                                                                                           Lea  NSW.

Blogs (Beautiful Letters Of Guidance)

Each week I write a new blog which Leisle emails and posts on the Website on Fridays.

I’ve had great feedback.  I hope you continue to enjoy them.

Personal Shell Essence Blend


“This week I called Nancy as I was feeling emotionally exhausted dealing with a difficult situation.

What was interesting, in between my leaving a phone message for Nancy and the return of the phone call from her, I sensed the healing had commenced, as I felt well enough to commence baking, which was amazing.

During the phone call, Nancy told me information relating to the situation that was really amazing. The Shell Essences that were chosen for me have already worked their magic a couple of days later. Intuitively I do know I resonate so well with these Essences.

Thank you for your time and empathy Nancy. It is much appreciated”.      Margaret QLD


Shell Essence Healing Cards


For many years I have made a special healing board for myself, family, friends and clients with Shell Essence Cards.

I write down their name and problem, or situation or goal on notepaper, and with their photo in the middle of the notepaper I surround it with cards that I intuitively choose to assist them. I use a small magnetic whiteboard and place sacred geometry sheets underneath the photo and cards. I then leave the chosen cards to work with the person and their situation for as many weeks as I get to keep it going. I may add some crystals also, or anything else I am guided to place on their healing board.

I intend that the Shell Essence cards that are chosen are working with the person and their issue wonderfully and divinely.

I have done this so many times and always trust in a favourable outcome.           Erika Vic

healing cards SE.png

Shell Essences

Newsletter 66 Specials

 Expires 1st  November 2018

These Specials prices are available from Shell Essences office and Website.


Shell Essences are a divine reassessment of an inner longing to realign yourselves with your true identity; something you feel you have forgotten during your human lives.

Shell Essences fulfill your need to recreate your ultimate, true, inner and outer selves. They do this by activating your inner memory of that which you have forgotten – whom and what you truly are.

Within the core, or center of your being is encased this knowledge of both your physical human lives and your ‘eternal oneness’.

Each Essence helps you to experience a different ‘note’ in your ‘vibrational orchestra’ which may have been ‘out of tune’ but can now be ‘retuned’. When the ‘note’ becomes ‘in tune’ you will know; it now feels ‘right’.


with every order over

“I Am” Dose Blend.

This Blend is a Self-actualisation Catalyst for Change.

Very appropriate for October energy.

Special 1

Purple Acorn Barnacle – Stock and Spray.

Read all about the new essence in this Newsletter.

Special price $40 (Save 10.35)

purp barn spray and ess.png
4 angels of peace.png

Special 2:

The 4 Angels of Inner Peace. – With their cards.

Yes, they have spread their wings even further! Taking these 4 Essences in any order will spread Inner Peace and Wisdom much further than you might expect.

Imperial Volute – Accesses higher dimensions of peace and acceptance.

Noble Volute – Peace, Love and Harmony with all of creation.

Pacific Crown Chakra Conch; moving beyond fear, to allow Peace & Joy.

Purple Acorn Barnacle; Compassionate, Heart-centered Communication.

Special price  – $75 Save $16.40

Special 3:  

Wound Healing Sequence or 42 Muscle Balance Kit.

Special price as usual $92.50    Save $19.50.

Probably our most popular products ever!

(If you’d like these as sprays for pets, same price, let us know)

42 Mus bal kit_edited.png

Special 4:

: Set of Three balms – Face, 40 gm, Neck 30 gm, Eye 30 gm

  Beautiful products; All contain specific Shell Essences.

Special price $ 115 Save $28.00

3 balms eye face neck.png
Book Nancy Arise and Shine .jpeg

Special 5: 

  Arise and Shine

A very popular easy and inspiring read – a book everyone can relate to; would make a great gift for someone you love.

Special price $15.00 Save $8.00

Special 6.

750 Pump-Pack Shower Gel

Special price $50 Save $10

(Yes we’ve found some 750 containers, so no need to order 1 Litre yet.)

A family favourite; contains essences to remove negative energy fields, negative attachments from others, and radiation energies.

shower gel.png
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