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September 2022

Love and Healing for our
Furry and Feathery friends

I have always felt very connected with Nature and with animals and all creatures of nature – especially dogs!!

Shell Essences make healing products for animals, which have nearly always had great success. I often make Personal Blends for pets when owners phone me; they just need to picture their pet in their mind, or send me a photo. We have many photos and testimonials from animals in the past, especially from dogs!


Here is a testimonial from Mawson – a dog who has used Shell Essences
for many years.

“Every day I am sprayed with my Wound Healing and 42 Muscle Balance Sprays.

I sometimes take a long time to lick them off my paws! I really notice it when my

owner forgets to spray me, as I am 15 years plus (in human years; an aged dog),

and I struggle with two back legs that sometimes don’t work much, and a very sore,

lumpy front leg. The Sprays really help me! I have been using Shell Essence Sprays

since I was about 2 years old. Heaven Sent has been an immediate first aid spray, whenever anything goes amiss – including two weeks ago when a dog flew out of nowhere, and took a little bite out from under my eye!!! On went the Heaven Sent after the small wound was wiped and cleaned. It works marvelously for my immediate relief.

Another important spray I use regularly – and have done for years is – Bliss for Feet. This relieves the aches in my two front paws. One paw in particular gives me a bit of ‘curry’, and I bite and bite and get no relief! Very quickly, (once my biting is noticed) I get sprayed with Bliss for Feet, and that really helps. No more biting. It should be called Bliss for Paws!

Well, it’s my dinner time now, and my owner is still typing away on her computer…….I am barking very loudly to remind her about being late for dinner……So I will have to go now.

Wishing you happy days with Shell Essences Sprays”


The Wisdom of dogs; lessons from Tyron, an old dog

“We dogs notice everything, but we don’t complain like humans; we know if you just accept, and you don’t judge, you’re happy. If someone growls and barks at you, wag your tail, walk on and ignore them – maybe they’re having a bad day. Act friendly, and most dogs you meet will also be friendly.

Don’t jump up and try to steal food; if you back off, wag your tail a lot, try to get eye contact, and send them lots of love, you’ll be amazed at how many barbequed chicken scraps will come your way – even bacon sometimes!  Always have a positive attitude; if you expect someone to take you for a walk, it will happen – maybe not exactly when you think it will, but be patient, and never lower your expectations and a walk will happen.

Everyone has bad days sometimes, so if you notice someone with a bad day happening, give them a friendly lick and a tail wag; acknowledge you’ve noticed they’re feeling bad and that you care. We dogs are better at that than people, so we need to show you how it’s done.

Lots of love and licks from an old dog.”

Sometimes we may have a feeling of sadness

And our heart may search for a little gladness

Then our loving pet comes and sits on our knee

With care and compassion, our hurt it can see

Its friendship and love connect straight to our heart

We know that no sadness can tear us apart.

Another Testimonial from Mawson

“My owner has asked me to email you (fortunately she can use the computer – I just bark the quotes to her loudly) and talk about my adventure from a few years ago. I really didn’t think too much of it; however, my owner did!

A few years ago, my owner and I were doing our daily walk up the back, past the cows (that I was not allowed to chase, or even duck under the fence for a closer look and sniff) up the hill, past the water tower and up to the cattle grid. As usual, my owner walks fast and straight, which I find very odd. I am always around somewhere sniffing the news of the day, and sometimes even the day before news, depending on the wind. I can sniff out other dogs that have been around, wombats (I like their poo!) and all sorts of life. Sniffing here, there, one side then the other, sometimes able to follow a really good sniffing trail and always head down, nose to the ground.  Busy and useful walk. Unlike my owner: walking straight ahead, one speed, and occasionally interrupting my sniffing adventure with a bark of her own!

This day in particular we were up near the cattle grid, and I was sniffing on the side of the track near the fence. I found something a bit different – it made me stop and lift my ears! I focused on this long, black, shiny, quite skinny thing with no legs! It looked at me too, probably sizing me up and wondering what I would be doing. I took a step forward – might as well have a sniff and see if I can find out more about this funny looking fellow. He probably thought the same because he had a sniff too at my nose! Before I could get an accurate reading of what was happening, I was very gently pulled away by my owner. No barking at me – just a gentle pull well away. Unusual behaviour from her as well.

Anyway, we walked on. Sometimes in walks that followed over the years, I was on a lead in patches, which meant less investigation of the long grass near the fence. Anyway, that’s my story.

Ohh, by the way Nancy, thank you so much for your Heaven Sent. Last week I was having awful trouble with my back legs and behind, she sprayed me all over for a while with Heaven Sent; Well, it seemed to do the trick; I was able to go out to the fence and bark at some passing dogs in the afternoon.  Great stuff that Heaven Sent. Thank you.”   Mawson.


Thank you, Mawson, for your lovely testimonials.

I often make personal Blends for pets, and just need a photo, or the owner to phone and picture the pet in their mind. Sometimes the owner may also need a Blend, as we pick up our pets’ emotional problems, and they may also pick up ours, so Protection Spray is quite important.

Stress-less Doggy Spray Testimonial from Amalin, for her cats!

“I have two cats, and we’ve moved quite a few times in 2021. In the second property we moved into, they commenced building a brand-new house in the vacant plot of land next door; there was so much noise, and my cats were already unsettled from moving. I started using the Stress-less Doggy Spray, and my cats were calmer and more settled within an hour.

I continued to use this spray regularly many times a day because of all the building noise, and even at night, spraying where they would sleep to make sure they had a peaceful sleep. I noticed that one of my cats who’s very sensitive and skittish adapted very quickly to the building noise, which was a relief, because the building went on for many months.

I highly recommend this spray.”   Regards, Amalin Grace Nouvelle.

The Stress-less Doggy Spray is so good to relieve stress, that I have also made drops called ‘Stress-Less’ for stressed people! (Removed the doggy word)!!!

Testimonial from Archie

Woof to you Nancy and the Shell Essences community….including all the pets!

My name is Archibald. I’m a 10-year-old Staffordshire cross Boxer and love breakfast, dinner, snacks, treats and leftovers. I also love walks, especially going to the beach, or river, and I love a good stick chase and a swim while I’m there.

I have a family of 3 humans who I love very much, and they let me spend my days snoozing in the sun or in front of the heater.

They also love to look after me, and got worried the other day when my face got all puffy from eating something I shouldn’t have!! We will never be sure what happened, but what we do know is that one of my 2-legged family members started spraying the 42 Muscle Balance on me, and in 5 minutes I was all better!! Amazing!!

They’ve used it before too, when I’ve got a bit over-excited about things, or nervous if I have to travel (I’m a nervous flyer). The 42 Muscle Balance is great for dogs like me!!

Thanks for giving this to me…it helped a lot.

Take care;

Woof; Archie.

The 42 Muscle Balance for pets is now called The Animal Meridian Balance, but contains the same drops or sprays as the 42 Muscle Balance.

It’s available as either drops (to drop onto the head) or aura sprays.

Jack Dog.png

Testimonial from Jack

Jack is a breed of Shizu, Maltese, Eclectic Mix. He was adopted by his new family 11 years ago, and patiently applied himself to teaching them how to walk him several times a day, meet other doggy friends and new human friends, and become worthy of his special cuddles, licks and doggy love. He just loves his special Self-Healing Shell Essence kit, especially when he is not well, or anxious. He generously shares the Drops with his mother-human, and rapidly seems to adjust to his natural eclectic equilibrium within a day, or less.

“I let my mother rub the drops one after the other into my shaking body and fur if I’m anxious. The magic drops even work if my tummy is upset because I’ve eaten something I shouldn’t have, while out on a walk – or even if I’ve hurt my paws??

If I have to go to the vet because I’ve eaten a fish hook that stuck in my throat, I even share the 42 Muscle Balance Kit and with Heaven Sent Spray with my human Mum. The vet is amazed because I’m right back to eating that very night.

Sometimes I even choose the Wound-Healing kit, and sometimes even get my humans to use all 3 kits 1. Self-Healing; 2. Wound Healing; 3. 42 Muscle Balance. It just depends on my instinct at the time. They all work well for me – I soon forget my blues and discomfort, and then I’m off on my next adventure.”

Shell Essences are a normal part of life for this loving, but pampered pooch.

Each kit contains 5 separate bottles of drops or sprays that must be used in sequence.

 Shell Essences 
 Newsletter 88 specials 
 expires 1st November 2022 

Free gift for every order over $120.Small 30ml Spray ‘Protection’ For protection against energies of contact, radiation, and helps immune system resist viruses.

Special 1

Special 1A:   5-Box of Animal Meridian Balance

(Meridian Balance and 42 Balance contain the same Essences; only the box names are different).

Special 1B:   5-Box of 42 Muscle Balance

Special 1C:   5-Box of Wound Healing

Special 1D:   5-Box of Self-Healing Essences

Each contains 5 bottles of Stock Essence Drops

Special price $95 per 5 essence box

Save $19.25

Five Small 30ml sprays can be requested instead of stock drops
Price:   5-Sprays:  $50 (Save $10)


42 Mus bal kit_edited.jpg
Image above is of the Animal Meridian Balance kit. 

Special 2

3 x 125ml Sprays - Protection, Heaven Sent

and Bliss for Paws

Special price $70; Save $20.00

3 Pack Dog spray P HS B4P.jpg
Stress Less Dog Spray.jpg
Stress Less Dog Essence.jpg

Special 3


Stress-Less 125ml Spray or 25ml Stress-less Stock drops

Special price $25 each

Save $5

Special 4: 

Weary No More – (For us tired humans!!)

Five 30ml sprays to help us rebalance our energy when we feel tired and drained, as so many of us are feeling at present.

These 5 sprays are:

Planetary Retrogrades, Yellow Sand Snail, Essenshell Boost, Turbinaria (Coral15) and Stylaster (Coral 14).

Special Price  $50

Save $13

weary no more 5 purse.jpg


on all orders

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