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News Letter


Essenshell Essence
’Pacific Crown Chakra Conch’
 2017 Issue 60

‘‘Pacific Crown Chakra Conch’’

The new Infinite Energy Essence of Pacific Crown Chakra Conch has arrived to spread the qualities of ‘peace’ and ‘joy’ throughout all. (The shell is called ‘Pacific Crown Conch’ but the essence wished to add the word ‘Chakra)

These qualities don’t need to be created as they reside within us; however the distractions and cares of our everyday lives often prevent us from feeling and connecting to them.


Pacific Crown Chakra Conch

May the warm clear flow

of Joy and Peace

Cleanse and create a grateful release.

Allowing all negative fears to resolve

So our true Inner Being

Can rise and evolve.


It’s as if we are bathed in a beautiful, clear, flowing, warm stream, but we are wearing so many clothes and protective suits that we cannot feel it.

Pacific Crown Chakra Conch allows the warm clear flow of peace and joy to penetrate these coverings until we forget to even wear them. Eventually, this feeling of peace and joy will become our normal state. It may happen more gradually for some – just glimpses until we become accustomed to this beautiful flow which will become the backdrop within which we create our lives.

No matter what trials and tribulations our human lives are confronting, this essence will paint over them with a beautiful sense of peace, and eventually, these difficulties will lose their relevance.

Once we experience this energy we will know and understand that it always lays waiting within us, and it is only our focus on the external that prevents us from feeling it. It’s as if this very high vibrational essence gives another mirror within which our lives are reflected differently, and the beautiful colour and design of peace and joy softens all the harsh images we thought we perceived.
So no matter what problems we are currently ‘working on’, Pacific Crown Chakra Conch will soften them with the qualities of peace and joy.


“The feelings you label ‘peace and joy’ are spreading within your human lives from the beautiful magnificent core of your infinite being; words cannot translate these feelings.

Instead of allowing your minds to search for descriptive words, breathe gently into your heart center, and become enveloped in the warm, soft mist of I Am Peace and Joy; the experience of pure ‘being’.”

Pacific Crown Chakra Conch

“I found Pacific Crown Chakra Conch to be like having a warm blanket wrapped around my shoulders.

My world felt very light when I was working with this essence and I was incredibly productive, getting lots of little jobs done… jobs that I had previously put off doing. I found myself being drawn to taking this essence many times throughout the day which is something I always find interesting.

One thing I really noticed with this essence was my need to stay within my own surroundings while I worked with this Pacific Crown Chakra Conch… I wanted time in my own space. I felt as if this essence was fine-tuning my vibration; while I was getting lots of little jobs done, I also needed time to be quiet and still. Things felt to be falling away and a particular issue which had been bothering me all of a sudden felt non-existent.

I am always so grateful to work with the divine Shell Essences to support me as I journey through life.”

                                                       Jo   SA.



Seahorse and Pacific Crown Chakra Conch


“For me the timing of beautiful Seahorse coincided perfectly with the tension we all felt at the conclusion of the 9 year cycle which was 2016 - (numerically 2+0+1+6=9)

Most people I personally spoke to, particularly in the latter half of the year were experiencing some pretty tough lessons and looking forward to the promise that the new cycle would bring with 2017 – (2+0+1+7=1) Even those who were not into numerology as such resonated with the feeling that things were coming to an end and new things were beginning.

In that time there were some pretty big energetic shifts taking place where many of us were clearing out old karma.

In wanders Seahorse, and the image that springs to mind is the male, or father Seahorse receiving eggs from the female or mama Seahorse, holding them in his belly and incubating them until it is time for them to hatch. It is for this reason that Seahorse represents ‘Chivalry’ symbolically.

What a perfect time for this essence to come and commence it’s journey here with us as we continue to work through our own journey and keep moving towards our hearts calling!.

Then to be followed by the new essence
Pacific Crown Chakra Conch – they are divinely matched!

My very first impression of this essence was that it was a very feminine energy, empowering us to ‘breathe through’ these new beginnings, and releasing any remnants of what no longer serves with peace and joy, much like breathing when birthing a new child; feeling encouraged to step up and allow the joy that is our natural state, the state of our inner being, our very own birthright.”

                                                    Fiona  Sydney.

sea horse
Pacific Crown Chakra Conch

Pacific Crown Chakra Conch

“I have been wondering for days how I could possibly describe Pacific Crown Chakra Conch, and it’s really baffled me, so last night I lay in bed and felt into it. For me everything has colour, form, texture, and sometimes smell and sound, so that’s how I tapped into this fine essence.

Since taking Pacific Crown Chakra Conch I have been experiencing an opaque white light everywhere, in everything, even in and around me. It feels silky smooth, all sharp edges have been removed, emotionally, physically, and somehow environmentally.

There is a Hum that accompanies it, which feels so obvious for it to be part of the natural flow of this essence; the OM that resides in everything.

I can only describe the feeling as… “I AM…” I love this essence from the bottom of my Heart and Soul to the very top….. Yet again I have reason to say, Thank you Nancy.”        Chali  Vic

Pacific Crown Chakra Conch


“My husband has been taking Pacific Crown Chakra Conch and he has been very motivated, clear in his thoughts, far less stressed and very driven.

We are in the middle of home renovations and it has been a lot of work for my husband as a lot has to be done by him, which he is trying to fit in around his work. He is managing so well, whereas in previous times he would find this chaos and workload overwhelming and stressful.

We have also found that this wonderful essence helped his body with healing a nasty sore on his foot which wasn’t healing due to so much time in the ocean and ended up becoming infected. After a few days working with Pacific Crown Chakra Conch we noticed that his foot began to heal. I have noticed a new depth of emotional strength and clarity in him which is wonderful. Thank you Nancy for bringing forward these beautiful Shell Essences for us.”                                       Jo  SA

Pacific Crown Chakra Conch

Pacific Crown Chakra Conch

“Well, what a different essence the Pacific Crown Chakra Conch is. It feels very warm and gentle inside; this one is very hard to put into words but it’s like bringing back together all of yourself and all of the aspects of our being – or maybe like healing any splintered parts of our soul.

I’ve found the Pacific Crown Chakra Conch to be a very endearing essence and have felt very calm with any challenges around myself and the busyness of the world.”                                     Renie   Vic


Pacific Crown Chakra Conch

“Through the use of this essence, I was able to manifest big changes in my life….including; transitioning out of full time work into a new field of study, as well as being approached to work on several music projects, which is where my real passion lies.”                                               

No More Fear & Heaven Sent



“After suffering a few traumatic experiences when I was quite young, I was left with deep seated anxiety and nervous apprehension.

As years went by I tried various different kinds of treatments which helped, but didn’t quite restore me back to health.

Fortunately I later learned that the Shell Essences worked on a cellular level so decided to give them a try. I had found out that a breech position in the womb, and the prodding and pushing to turn my body apparently had frightened me before I even entered the earth plane.

I took ‘No More Fear’ for a period of 3 weeks and started to settle down. Then Xmas and family reunions were just around the corner so I repeated ‘No More Fear’ for another 3 weeks, followed by ‘Heaven Sent’ for a few days before Xmas day. To my surprise I found myself quite at ease and actually enjoying the festivities, and feeling involved in the activities.

This was the turning point in my life, as I had started to live in my own space.

As weeks went by I noticed further improvement, and became more detached from other people’s drama and judgments.

After releasing more long standing anxiety and fear I found I could easily connect with my heart centre and access the love within.

The Essences had instilled a deep knowing within my soul that I was able to face my future with a much calmer state of mind.

Many thanks to Nancy for her ongoing commitment and dedication in creating these wonderful essences which in turn change many peoples lives.”                      Beth,   Nowra NSW

Wound Healing Sequence made into sprays for a cat


“Thank you for the Shell Essence Sequence of 5 sprays. They are remarkable!

As you know, my cat had trauma on his leg, and a major operation. He had not eaten for over 5 days and was heavily medicated.

I used the wonderful 5 sprays you made up for the Wound Healing Sequence, and immediately the room felt much lighter, and within 30 minutes my cat got up and had something to eat.

It was absolutely remarkable. I used the Wound Healing Sequence (and still do) for the next week and the wound healed beautifully. The cat was much more settled and quickly regained his appetite and little personality.

This is a very effective sequence and is effective immediately.

Thank you Nancy – another success story from Shell Essences.”                     Rhonda  NSW

Wound Healing Sequence


“I began taking the Wound Healing Sequence after having a total hysterectomy. I experienced minimal pain and swelling following the laparoscopic procedure. The incision sites healed quickly without any sign of infection. My GP, Nurse and Gynaecologist were all very impressed with my speedy recovery and rapid healing. I highly recommend this sequence”.                                                           Sandy WA.

A few months ago my little dog broke the cruciate ligament in his back leg. He held his foot up all the time and was unable to bear any weight on it. When it didn’t repair after a couple of weeks I began giving him the Wound Healing Sequence twice a day.

Slowly he began to recover, initially walking with a slight limp, then holding his leg in the air when he stood, but after 6-8 weeks there was no sign of any loss of function. He runs jumps and plays just as he did before the accident; not a hint of disability or pain.”                                                    Nancy   Sydney

Bliss for Feet


“I have found Bliss for Feet is an amazing spray which works immediately on foot aches and issues. Thank you for Bliss for Feet.”  

                                                                                       Ronda NSW

I Snore No More


“I asked Nancy for ‘I Snore no More’ as my relationship with my husband was fractious, as his snoring was beyond my tolerance point!! I am sure that Nancy could feel the steam coming from my nose and ears during the conversation. So I mixed up 2 bottles, one for each of us to ease my husband out of resistance and into acceptance that these magical essences will give us both a decent night’s sleep!!! Joy oh Joy they sure work!!!

My husband still snores from about 4 am when he has something unresolved on his mind, and I was having a disturbed rest between 12.30 and 1.30 am for which I’m aware that the heart/small intestine is involved.”                           Libby   QLD

42 Muscle Balance and Bliss for Feet

“I have suffered from episodes of vertigo for 16 years and only recently thought to try the 42 Muscle Balance to help. Immediately they made a difference; I take them twice a day for a few days until I feel the vertigo has settled.

I also find ‘Bliss for Feet’ spray wonderful in this hot humid Brisbane weather when my feet and legs swell if I have been sitting for awhile. A quick spray over the legs and feet with ‘Bliss’ which I keep in the fridge, and within 20 minutes my legs are no longer hot and swollen; great relief.”    Cassandra QLD

Personal Blend

“I had a cough for weeks and weeks and it just wouldn’t go.

I tried herbs; Dr’s drugs for 1 week – NOTHING HAPPENED. Still coughed all day and night.

Nancy said “Hmm, still got that cough?” and made me a personal Shell Essence blend. Believe it or not – cough gone in 2 days!! Wow, I couldn’t believe how fast it worked.”                                Marilla  Sydney

Following the Light

“I am enjoying your beautiful book; I fell asleep with it on my heart chakra last night. What a wonderful gift you have brought forward at just the right time.”                                                                   Linda   Vic.

Refresh my Memory and the Genius Pack

“I began using the ‘Refresh my Memory’ and the Genius Essences when I started studying ‘Touch for Health’, but although I loved taking them, I was so overwhelmed, I was only using them occasionally.

Then along comes the Shell newsletter and I began reading Messages from Shells and reigniting my love affair with the magic of the shells.

So I started back on my Memory essences. I have received both a better understanding of Touch for Health, and the most profound emotional healing with both my parents and one of my young granddaughters. The healing and outcome has been a revelation to me and I have moved into a closer relationship with my husband and The Lord.” So thank you Nancy and the Shells; I am now in a happy vibration!”                                                                                                                                  Libby QLD

Sydney Mind body Spirit Festival.

I have decided to exhibit in the Sydney Darling Harbour Mind Body Spirit Festival this year. The dates are May 25th – 28th. Our Stand No. is C46.

We would love to see you there. Attendance is free, but parking is $50 daily!

So it might be better to catch the train to Central and then the Light Rail to ICC (International conference Centre).

We won’t have a full range of products – mainly sprays and Blends, but I’ll be doing Personal Blends. However if you’re attending and would like to place an order, we can bring it in for you.

Look forward to meeting you there.


Shell Essences are a divine reassessment of an inner longing to realign yourselves with your true identity; something you feel you have forgotten during your human lives.

Shell Essences fulfill your need to recreate your ultimate, true, inner and outer selves. They do this by activating your inner memory of that which you have forgotten – whom and what you truly are.

Within the core, or center of your being is encased this knowledge of both your physical human lives and your ‘eternal oneness’.

Each Essence helps you to experience a different ‘note’ in your ‘vibrational orchestra’ which may have been ‘out of tune’ but can now be ‘retuned’. When the ‘note’ becomes ‘in tune’ you will know; it now feels ‘right’.

Shell Essences

Newsletter 60 Specials Expires 7th May 2017


These Specials prices are available from Shell Essences office and Website.

We are starting this year with an exciting new essence which arrived unexpectedly, but I guess that’s because it’s an essence we all need now.I can never anticipate when a new essence will arrive – I just trust and obey! I believe the ‘worst’ of 2016 is over and we can start to create with this lovely energy of 2017……….yes, it will happen!

I wish you all a happy and harmonious year.

Special 1

: Time to re-stock the ever- popular and effective 125ml Sprays.

Choose 2, 3, or 4 Sprays:
2 Sprays - $50 (Save $5.00) 3 Sprays - $70 (Save $12.50) 4 Sprays - $90 (Save $20) 

Harmony Mist – Creates a harmonious space free
from any negative energies. Important to spray in
both clinic and home.
Just Me Plus – Aura spray to remove the negative energies of others. (Possibly our most valuable spray.)

HIR Aura Mist – clears aura of the debilitating build-up of EMR. Another very important spray in this age of electronic devices.
Bliss for Feet – excellent for swollen, tired or sore feet. Great if your feet swell during plane travel.

Moving On – clears stuck, stagnant energy to get life moving on again. Most people find it really makes a difference.
I am Safe, All is Well – for grounding, protection and renewed vitality when energies – especially planetary energies are ‘all over the place’!

Positive Energy – replaces negative thinking with confidence and positivity.
Perfect Peace - for inner and outer peace; great for meditation and creating a peaceful space.

With Love – encourages unconditional love for self and others.
I Forgive and Release – encourages forgiveness and releases resentment to allow healing.

Cool, Calm Connected Kidz and Adultz – for peaceful, calm, happy behaviour.
I Can and I Will – for self-confidence and self-empowerment.
Heart-Centred Gratitude – Stimulates feelings of gratitude; an important part of healing. 


with every order over

 Essenshell Trust and Faith ​

With Trust and Faith we can begin a new and exciting life journey..

Special 2: New Stock Essence Pacific Crown Chakra Conch Plus Seahorse – the most popular essence yet!

& Ocean Jasper – a vital essence in every essence Blend. These 3 stock Essences come with their cards.

Special price $55.00 save $18.55 ! 

Special 3:  Your choice of these great, popular Five Essence Kits.

Special Price $92.50 (Save $20.35).

The five Essences are always taken in sequence, and instructions are included.

42 Muscle Balance:

An all time favourite! Rebalances energy meridians after injury, physical stress, or chronic imbalances.

Wound Healing Kit: 

Has been shown to speed healing of physical wounds, and perhaps also emotional wounds.

Refresh Your Memory:

Are you becoming a little forgetful? This is a very popular kit.

Special 4: Three 3-Essence Packs.

Special price each Pack  $50 each

Genius Pack ( Coral No.1, Estuary Shell, Ear Shell)

Great to assist learning and studying.

Moving Forward  (New Starting Anew,
Essenshell Courage, new I Create)

To access the creative energy of this year for successful new beginnings.

Confidence pack – Self Empowerment,
Essenshell Courage, No More Fear.

A fantastic trio to let go of self-doubt and renew confidence.

Special 5: 750 ml Pump pack Shampoo & Conditioner  1 of each (or 2 Shampoos)

Special Price $70 (save $10)

Contains Shell Essences to remove the negative energies of others and also remove radiation.

Special 6. Nancy’s Book ‘Messages from Shells’ plus the Shell Essence Workshop CD.

Special price $35  Save $20

This book tells the history of the Shell Essences, descriptions of each Shell and Coral Essence and stories of those who have benefited from each essence. The CD covers common imbalances, and the Essences, Sprays and Blends which will address these.

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