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Essenshells Newsletter 

Issue 80 December 2020

Rainbow Hematite


Yes, we have been through a difficult year, but now the ‘Shift’ has begun, and this beautiful Essence arrived magically in time for Christmas.

We have been shown much that needs to be left in the past to allow us to move forward into a new and more positive future.

With a more enlightened vision of what we are actually able to co-create, our Guides and Angels are waiting for our understanding and our permission.


This beautiful Rainbow Hematite gives the quality of Enlightenment and encourages us to delve even deeper into the forgotten information of ‘Life, the Universe, our Planet, and everything’.

With Enlightenment we will see more of the ‘whole picture’ not just the surface impression of what we may currently believe, resting on what we’ve been told, taught, think we know, instead of the actual reality.

Our planet and all who reside on it are waiting for the positive change, the shift that we believe has now begun.

But to change our world, our planet and of course humanity, we must begin to understand the whole picture, not just the surface image. We will then no longer have a need to criticize, analyze, and blindly follow the various systems of belief.

The Rainbow Hematite is an important piece of Mother Earth that has been held, waiting to burst our current ‘bubble of belief’ and allow wider, deeper wisdom to impact and hold our hands,
 leading us to see a greater vision of reality with love and compassion, when we are finally ready.

I believe the time has come!

Rainbow Hematite

With Rainbow Hematite

I can understand more,

It enlightens my Heart and my Inner Core,

Giving a more subtle and beautiful view,

Allowing me to see what is perfect and true.

A little piece of Christmas fun!!

Happy Dolphin Christmas

Why wait for Santa with reindeers and sleigh

To deliver the presents? That’s just not our way!

We’re surrounded by ocean and lovely wet sand,

The cold snow and ice don’t cover our land.

Our friends are the dolphins; they don’t bring us toys,

But friendship and fun, for all girls and boys.

They don’t wear red hats, or an old tangled beard;

They know that would look just a little too weird!

Instead they give waves with greetings of love;

So look to our oceans, not cold skies above.

The Dolphins so need us to care and reflect,

And know that these oceans we all must protect.

Hawaiian Moonrise Scallop

I have spoken to a friend with whom I shared the Hawaiian Moonrise scallop. She has had amazing results – she says she feels fantastic!                                                                                                           Julianne

The earlier Infinite Energy essences – Star light, Hawaiian Sunrise Essence and Hawaiian Moonrise essence helped us to create an invitation for an enlightened attitude by removing old structures, beliefs, and past experiences that might have kept us from welcoming this new wisdom.

Whenever we are ready for some more higher information, the energy arrives from spiritual volition. Each essence forms the next piece of the beautiful pattern we are all creating.


Rainbow Hematite

Information from Kimberleigh Joblin


“This Essence is for Pattern Recognition of your own and other peoples Shadow Self Illusions and actions, which may trap us into a Pattern of believing a False Truth that seems more colourful and attractive than our own actual reality.

When we are attracted to a debilitating karmic pattern of involvement in other people’s (and our own) life dramas, Rainbow Hematite allows us to detach from that drama, and from the illusion of glamour, and recognize the true colours displayed and portrayed by a person, or life situation.

Rainbow Hematite will enlighten us as to the highest truth, and the most joyful, peaceful action for our highest good. It will set us free by allowing our honest recognition of our patterns and shadows.

It will help us to recognize our own need to dive deep into drama and chaos, and allow us to detach from that need, and claim our wholeness – all our colours, even the ones we don’t like, and to transcend the lower realms of our past life and actions.

Rainbow Hematite can truly Enlighten our heavy load and stuck patterns; we can now choose a lighter, brighter lifepath.

After taking Rainbow Hematite drops, it’s great to shower with Shower Gel and cleanse your Nadis – the small but powerful mini chakras all over your skin. This helps remove any residue of memory of our stuck patterns from our Subtle Energy Bodies, and refreshes our Energetic Being.

Also, you might choose to use the Coral Essences if you feel brave enough to really delve into your shadow patterns, and add more oomph to your re-alignment towards enlightenment??

Choose a Coral from the set of 16 Coral Essences to address your Shadows; For example, Coral no.7 if you charge into the firing line of other people’s dramas in order to pro-actively defend/fight for them. This is at your expense, and you are left exhausted.

Perhaps you’re now ready to recognize and let go of a shadow pattern so you can live a more vital life?.

Rainbow Hematite ( Dragon’s Foot ) is a rare and beautiful gift which opens up doorways to re-connect with the many and varied Dragonfae Guardians, Unicorns, Faery and other Elementals of the Natural Forest Zones of Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Europe Eg River Danube areas and Healing Springs of Source.

These shy, gentle but powerful guardian Beings await our invitation to re-connect with us, bringing through the possibilities for our enlightened, light-hearted joys and memories of long forgotten gifts we have not yet accessed in this lifetime.

By using Rainbow Hematite Drops we invigorate and activate the Hidden Keys with silent invitation;

so we open our hearts and lighten up, to reveal our special Faery higher truths to ourselves.

We let go of that which keeps us heavy, bogged down, guilty, depressed, locked into falsehoods and lies - there is no more need to relive those old ties - if we don‘t want to!

Use your Rainbow Drops, hop onto your Dragon’s back; soar up high - see how effortlessly you can rise through dimensions until now unknown! Allow painful memories that you no longer need, to drift away .... our perspective on our lives is much lighter with the help of our guardian friends.

Our connection to other universes and Beings will come through.

Honour your special Unicorn, Faery or Dragonfae guardian friend by connecting through daily ritual - perhaps a walk in Nature?

They are shy - and await our invitation to come forward - they have much wisdom to share and seek partnerships with us - now.

We may re-invigorate our experience of our current earthly life by inviting them to come forward and show themselves to us; they will lift us up high.

Rainbow Hematite provides whatever platforms we now need, for whatever our purpose may be.

This beautiful Rainbow Hematite essence has come at the perfect time to direct us towards creating the positive planetary shift we have been hearing about for years.”

Thanks Kim; that’s very wonderful information!

Protection Spray

“For the last 3 evenings after showering I have sprayed the Protection Spray three times on my head, throat and chest area before getting into bed. I have had three of the deepest sleeps I’ve had in a long time. I’m a good sleeper usually; however this has taken my sleep to a deeper level. While I have felt a little drowsy upon waking, I have felt so well rested and more calm. I am a very sensitive person, and I love the way this spray is working for me. Thank you Nancy for creating this beautiful Protection Spray.”

With gratitude,                                                                                                                             Amanda.

Hawaiian Moonrise Scallop

“I noticed after the first day that I was gravitating towards spiritual information from females. I was usually drawn to Wayne Dyer, Joe Dispenza, Greg Braden, and Eckhart Tolle.

Suddenly I opened a book I bought months ago by Ellen Tompkins called The Silver Wheel. It teaches about the lost Eleven Wisdoms of Lemuria. I’ve been listening to Kim Eng who is Eckhart Tolle’s wife. I’ve also been drawn to follow Lorie Ladd and Tara Beach.

I still have the utmost respect for the male teachers, but I can’t get enough of this female wisdom.

My confidence is growing more each day as I’m allowing myself to stop and think “How would a Wise Woman respond in this situation.”

Thank you Nancy for gifting this most beautiful essence to me and the world.”   Kerry

Hawaiian Moonrise Scallop

“I have been taking Hawaiian Moonrise Scallop and it has forced to the surface a lot of old negative emotions that I thought were gone! Very unpleasant. Hopefully I can complete the learning this time.

After one dose I felt the return of negative feminine emotions; bitchy, intolerant, impatient, accusative. Ending after a week of a big melt down. I am very grateful to have such a caring husband.

I wanted to continue taking the essence because I felt the need to see where it would lead. My next action is to balance with kinesiology without taking the essence.”                                              Julianne.

Rainbow Hematite

“I want to thank you for blessing me with Rainbow Hematite essence. I do not know how to explain the blessings of the Rainbow Hematite essence. In general all of the Shell Essences that were created in 2020 seem to address experiences in our lives that need clearing, as opposed to specific emotions/symptoms. Each beautiful essence has become like a teacher, educating me and showing me the wound/situation/trauma/pattern that needs to be acknowledged and worked with so that I can fully heal and release the wound from the root cause.

Shortly after I was gifted with the Rainbow Hematite, a situation and “truth” came to light around my birth. The truth that came up is something which has affected me my whole life and I was completely unaware until I received the essence. In fact the truth has affected the foundation of my life and I had no idea it existed until Rainbow Hematite came into my life. What has come up for healing is the missing piece as to why I act the way I do and why things have happened in my life in the way that they have. Rainbow Hematite has certainly “enlightened” me to my next stage of my healing and life journey and it has certainly shed light as to the patterns that have repeated in my life, and the reason why.


I look forward to the many blessings and awareness’s that will come up because of Rainbow Hematite. What a wonderful teacher!”                                                                                                  Amalin


Christmas / New Year Holidays

Shell Essence is closing for Christmas


– Last day is Wed 16th Dec.

Re-opening Wed 13th Jan.

We wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and look forward to seeing you again next year.  Many Blessings to you all.

Image by Sean Sinclair

Shell Essences

Newsletter 80 Specials

 Expires 1st February 2021

These Specials prices are available from Shell Essences office and Website

Free gift:

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Small 30ml

Peace & Happiness Spray.

Encourages feelings of Peace & Happiness.


Special 1. 

Special 1:  Rainbow Hematite Stock,
Spray and Card.  


Special price $40

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Special 2. 


Holiday Pack.

Four 30 ml sprays to fit in handbag or backpack,
so they’re with you whenever you need them.

Essenshell Bliss for Feet – Spray if feet are sore or tired.

Protection – spray aura and room to remove negative energies.

Essenshell Calm Serenity - spray to remove stress and create peace.

Heaven Sent – Removes pain, stress, fear, & removes the physical and emotional result of bites, bruises, etc if used immediately

Special price $35

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Special 3.

Three Christmas Angels

Three 125 ml Sprays to spread peace and joy at Christmas.

Heart-Centered Gratitude;

Love, Peace and Compassion;

Light-Hearted Joy.  (The names say it all!)

Special Price $70 Save $12.50

Special 4. 

Three Children’s Christmas Angels

Three 60 ml sprays - Children can spray themselves and areas to create more calmness and happiness.

Peace and Happiness;

Cool, Calm, Connected;

Light-Hearted Joy;                 

Special Price $40 (Save $15.50)


Special 5.


Two 250 ml. Hand and Body Moisturisers

Just what we need in summer - one for you, and one for a lovely gift.

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Image by Sean Sinclair


If you would like a personal blend created by Nancy, you can order online and phone the Office for a consult (02) 9528 4106. $30 + postage.


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