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September 2021




When Rhodonite brings feelings

of Contentment and Peace

Our fears and concerns will finally cease.

A Pathway of Light

Now spreads through the World;


 When there is a need of some special help for humanity, that energy we need is always sent to us from the Angels of the Shell Essences. 

Yes, another Infinite Energy Essence has arrived from a beautiful small stone of Rhodonite from an Aboriginal area in Western Australia.

The Essence of Rhodonite will help us create the much-needed feeling of contentment and peace. It brings through our inner knowledge that we have arrived on this planet from other worlds that have already created their  peace and contentment, and we carry with us these feelings to spread throughout our planet.

 Rhodonite conveys the reminder that no matter what negativity we might fear, and despite old memories of disappointment and lack, the beautiful energy of Gaia will always provide the care and sustenance we require, and her stone of Rhodonite helps us acknowledge and appreciate the person we are today.

Yes, there are still lessons to be learnt, and much wisdom from the universe to recover. If we focus only on ‘what is wrong’, and the emotion of fear, doors will remain shut, but when we feel contented and peaceful, more doors will open for beauty, love and peace to flow through, both for us and our planet.

Our ancestors from other planets had learned the value of happiness, contentment and peace, and we now need to leave our old personal negative memories behind, and continue to love and value the positive goodness that is waiting to flourish again in our lovely planet Earth.

 Our lives can be illuminated with the beautiful colours of Light, and when we look for them with contentment, peace and grace, Rhodonite will help us to discover and nourish them.


“The beautiful pink rock of Rhodonite from WA is all about self-love for emotional healing, and recovering our gifts in order to help the world. It helps to cleanse, and soothe energy, in order to step out into the world and share our souls’ gifts. It is great for meditation and dream work to deepen our understanding of self; very powerful for body healing too, as it strengthens organs, tissues and glands, and supports the flow of chi through the body. 

(Kynberley gave us the Rhodonite)


“I could feel a softness emanating from Rhodonite Essence when it arrived. After a couple of days, I felt it would be a good idea to also take the Murex Shell Essence at this time to support me letting go of long held family stresses. I’ve had conversations with my sisters, and share insights about our mothers’ earthly journey which ended 6 months ago, and also the lovely support we gave to her in her last years. We miss the strength and support we gained from her during that time. Yes, there have been tears and softening, but also an urgency to take action, even if I don’t feel ready.  My beautiful daughter says she can see a compassion portal, and some more understanding has opened for me, my sisters, and our dear departed mother”.                                Gillean

Honeymoon Island Coral

“This Essence helps clear Land-Energy Blocks, and our personal struggle with where, and how, we live. It’s especially good if we feel blocked and locked in, and unable to move on and be free – from where, and how, we live.

We each have a contract in Spirit to be in, and inhabit each area we choose to live on earth. We are supposed to contribute our essence, and share our Energetic Imprints with certain earthly Zones – and clear karma from previous other lives.

As you use this essence, a Spiritual Key is presented, which is a gift activated by Goddess of the Dragonfae Melusine – for you to learn to love not only who you are, but also where you are right now. Whatever you dislike, or struggle with in your personal living space, whatever keeps you stuck where you are, will be elevated to another level, helping you to clear it.

The Golden Path you are meant to explore on Mother Earth is unlocked by your special key, and extended. Further golden branches of Best Direction for you to explore will unfold, as you walk the path, and investigate your local area, your personal Energetic Contact with that area. And your personal Home-Zone Energies.

This vision arises in me as I use this Honeymoon Island Coral Essence; The Throat Chakra becomes activated in unison with the Empowerment Chakra – the Central Sun of our Being (3rd Chakra) in the upper abdominal zone. Colours of turquoise encircled with gold expand softly from the Throat Chakra radiating around the head, and forming an Ank and Golden Turquoise Key shape.

Swirls of Colour permeate the Aura, and the Central Sun of your Being begins to radiate golden rotating Light in the zones of the upper abdominal region. Jets of iridescent red, flecked with gold and turquoise shoot like jets from below your feet causing you to appear to hover just above the ground. As you walk forward, a golden network of paths seems to unfold and expand before you, and wherever you have lived or visited on Mother Earth receives a vibrant golden pathway, clearing past deeds and actions, thoughts and words, bringing healing, renewed strength, empowerment and vibrancy - A major Earth Clearing and Cleansing.

As you heal Mother Earth, you heal your path, the land, and yourself – simply by a greater awareness of your presence.

This powerful vision left me invigorated, and helped me renew my hopes and dreams for my loving home on Planet Earth, and left me feeling blessed and empowered to live in the beautiful place where I live, and to feel right about the space I inhabit. I went for a walk in my local area, and unexpectedly explored a path I had not been on for years; it ran beside a local creek, and has been upgraded and expanded beautifully since I last went there. I was filled with peaceful plans for comfortably cleaning up my current home, and local zones.”


Moldavite and Meteorite

“When I began taking Moldavite and Meteorite, I noticed on the first dose that I felt more grounded and present. Ever since taking these beautiful Essences there has been one thing after another come up for me to clear in my life. A number of long-standing issues from the past have come up to be understood, released and cleared, some of those being of a generational nature.  

There have also been energy attachments to be cleared, and a psychic attack, which I thought had been previously fully dealt with, resurfaced for a more thorough clearing it seems.

It’s been a very emotional, tiring and chaotic time getting through it all, but now that I am coming through the other side, I feel so much better and a lot lighter. I have really felt like it’s time to release the past and move forward in recent times, and I believe that your beautiful Essences are really helping me to do so.

The other thing that has occurred in the last month is that I finally found some additional work, so now I have enough work again – this was after being out of work for about 8 months! Moldavite and Meteorite might quite possibly have some bearing on bringing this through too.”   Liz  P.

42 Muscle Balance & Bliss for Feet

“On Sunday I was madly pruning a very large shrub. Then, in the middle of the night, the pain in my right hand woke me up – my hand was aching from all the pruning and cutting! I sprayed Heaven Sent on my hand and went back to sleep. I have not experienced aching or pain since. In summer I get pain underneath my foot arch. When I spray it with Bliss for Feet the pain disappears immediately.

The 42 Muscle Balance and Wound Healing are sprayed daily, with regular use of Heaven Sent; Protection Spray, Bliss for Feet, and Wisdom Rock.”                                                        Rhonda.

The five 42 Muscle Balance Essences and the five Wound Healing Essences can be mixed together in five small spray bottles, and therefore are easier to use, especially for pets!

If you are interested in attending a Shell Essence Workshop, please let us know. I am waiting until this lockdown finishes before teaching face to face (as I prefer!) but may have to resort to Zoom etc.!!

However new Essences are arriving regularly, as new information and healing is required. Keep checking the Website.