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News Letter

Essenshell Essence
 ISSUE 75 APRIL 2020

If fear and anxiety

colour your day

Please know that there

is a better way.

The loving Essence that

is Heaven Sent

Removes all that stuff

which is not meant


The Shell Essence Blend ‘Heaven Sent’ is one of our first Blends and has always been our most popular Essence Blend.

Heaven Sent goes to the root cause of our fears and phobias, and usually one dose will permanently correct these. If rubbed on bites, bumps and bruises immediately, these will also disappear, but only if applied straight away.

I always have Heaven Sent in my handbag and have given many bottles away to anyone, or their pet, when I feel they need it. (Heaven Sent is just as effective for animals). I have now made Heaven Sent as a 30 ml spray in a small bottle so it fits easily into a handbag.

However with the raising of our vibrational energy, there has also been a rise in the power of Heaven Sent! The Essence seems to be doing more than its original intent. It’s just as effective to relieve pain and maybe emotional pain as well as physical?

My personal experience with Heaven Sent was my fear of flying.

I was employed as a Qantas hostess in that airlines very early days; I had no fear of flying then, but developed a fear when I was travelling teaching Shell Essences. I would only travel with Qantas, and spent the whole time watching the engines and listening to their sound to make sure there was no problem!! Ridiculous I know!! So I took Heaven Sent on one flight; and then my fear completely disappeared, and I now find air travel relaxed and peaceful.

Many thanks to those people who have reported their experience with Heaven Sent; I wonder what else it could do? When there is a need, it seems the Shell Essences always rise to the challenge.

They are part of the wonderful energy of Nature, Mother Earth and Spirit with which we are all connected


Heaven Sent

I normally reach for Heaven Sent when I have tight neck and shoulders, or feel shocked/rocked by life. But yesterday I reached for it to address my ‘out of the blue’ worrying arthritis in my right hand. I used Heaven Sent drops in my mouth and massaged Heaven Sent in both hands, and then simply forgot that I had been concerned about unexpected arthritis and Chiron wounding showing in my hand area. (Chiron relates to our ability to work with our hands) Next day I had no pain or discomfort in my hands or fingers.

I feel no sense of lingering resentment; I still have some stiffness but I am much better. It’s a bit of a miracle. I’m delighted at the very fast self-healing that Heaven Sent has facilitated.


Heaven Sent

I am sooo happy for the Heaven Sent essence I got from you. I got it to help a muscle infiltration…..and it helped. So I thought I would also try Heaven Sent on the beginning of an arthritic pain in my shoulder and the arthritis I had in three fingers.  Just by rubbing Heaven Sent into my shoulder removed not only that pain, but the pain and stiffness in my fingers also went. So now I use Heaven Sent whenever I feel any arthritic pain; it’s wonderful that I can use both shoulder and fingers without pain now. Many thanks for this wonderful essence.                                         Gunhild


Heaven Sent, Essenshell Courage Essences, Just Me and Protection Sprays

 donations for those affected by the fires etc.



“For us, the fires began in November 2019. Loss, fear, shock, anxiety, sorrow and hypervigilance; are our ever-present companions from then until now. There is still no new normal and the surrealness of this upheaval is palpable in the air and is written on the faces of those met on the street, as you walk through our coastal villages.

The question was how to bring nurture, healing, and contribution to recovery to the community? I began offering free Reiki and counseling at the local Go Vita. Not long after New Years Eve, our true ground zero, Nancy telephoned and asked how she could assist in the recovery process for our beautiful South Coast. As it turns out she has, in the most perfect of ways by donating the Aura Sprays Just Me and Protection, along side the Blend Essences ‘Heaven Sent’ and Essenshell Courage for me to hand to those who come for those sessions.

The gratitude expressed by the recipients of these Shell Essence healers, to date, has been deep, true and heartfelt. The Essences have been gifted to First Responders, animal rescuers, those who fought and saved houses, those who lost houses, those who experience survivor guilt, those who had to drive away from loved ones who were being showered by embers, fearing the outcome, those at the frontline of community assistance organizations, and countless more.

The common thread that has become most apparent to me is that people had been facing other challenges already in their lives before the decimating fires struck our community. Stories of relationship breakdowns, confronting medical diagnoses, business financial vulnerability, awaiting transplants, overwork, first holiday with family in 24 years only to be fighting a fire at the backdoor, not knowing for a whole day if home, son and husband survived….you name it, and I have heard it since this began!

As people looked toward the respite opportunity of the holiday period, it was ultimately denied them.

To these people, Nancy and the Shells have brought comfort, confidence, faith and the courage to begin rebuilding lives, if not houses.

How can ‘thank you’ ever feel truly adequate, though ‘thank you’ is all we can say?”

                                                           Chery Batemans Bay

“Heaven Sent – Heaven Sent to the rescue not once but twice!

When cleaning a bathroom for a friend I accidently flicked some bleach onto my face. First I washed it with cold water but it was still stinging. I remembered I had Heaven Sent in my handbag so I quickly poured some on my face. Instantly it stopped stinging & I had no pain in days to come.

My husband was recently stung on the ear by a wasp while gardening so I poured Heaven Sent onto the area. To my husbands’ relief the stinging stopped within a few minutes, and he was very grateful not to have any more pain. From here on I will always have 2 bottles of Heaven Sent – one for my handbag, and one for our First Aid Kit.

                     Valerie   Sydney

Heaven Sent

My father, who is in his late 70’s, has Vikings Disease – a strong shortening and hardening of the ligaments in the hands, arms, and shoulder areas due to viral infections in the family tree; (and he does have distant Viking heritage).

His fingers in both hands are permanently tightly curled against his palms.

He came in from working yesterday complaining of cramping in his already deformed hands.

I administered Heaven Sent drops orally, and got him to rub a dropper full into his hands, plus administering some homeopathic magnesium and some organic joint spray. The healing and strongly self-correcting effect of the Heaven Sent miracle was immediate, and he refused any of the higher dose magnesium that I usually give him, as he said he didn’t need it.

Thanks again Heaven Sent; that was a quick positive response.                            Kimberleigh.

Wisdom Rock

After taking the Wisdom Rock Shell Essence my observation was that my intuition has heightened on a deeper subtle level…Its hard to explain, although I definitely knew there had been a positive shift.  As in the description of this Essence there is a deeper wisdom that is present, also there is a spiritual connection – (it sits below the surface, so to speak) Thank you so much Nancy.


Wisdom Rock

Wow! Does this small bottle pack a universe of knowledge – which, I am sure, for all types of people, whatever their stage in life, will lead you in the direction, finally, to the answers you’ve been looking for!

About 2 days into taking this Essence I kept getting remembrances, thoughts in my mind of books I had previously read that I felt driven to read again……so much I thought I had learned many years ago, now re-learnt, and most importantly, remembered. It’s surprising how we forget.

Also finding new wisdom… the ‘penny dropping’ so to speak; Oh yes, I’ve heard it all before, but of course I had to realise that gem of wisdom myself, and I’ve had many of those realizations in the short 2 weeks of using Wisdom Rock.

I am now able to express more love, and am looking at my world in a more peaceful light. After all, it’s all about love.

Create your world with love, and Wisdom Rock, I believe, shows you how to do it.                  Robyn

Belinda’s Message from COVID-19

“I can only put it down to taking Wisdom Rock that this information has come through along with Heaven Sent.

On Tuesday I sprayed Heaven Sent while I stopped at a traffic light because I felt a bit agitated and didn’t really know why. All of a sudden the words “I ALLOW” came through and a feeling of total surrender and peace came over me – not a good time to get insights! But they do come at any random time and place!

Once I had relaxed and felt at ease the words ‘COVID-19 came to me; I asked if it wanted to give me a message, and it said ‘YES”. I allowed myself to receive what it wanted to say to me.

The virus was very feminine in nature, and very softly spoken with a peaceful disposition. It said it wanted to let me know why it’s here, and told me we were communicating through ESP (extra sensory perception).

It said very strongly that it wants to heal old wounds of greed, lust, sexual misconduct, deprivation, famine, abuse of women, children, and abuse in general of the resources of earth. To heal all past fears that are suppressed in Earth’s core memory from war, struggles and hardships within the 3D memory in order to move into the 5D fabric of life – the reality of PEACE and COMPASSION and memories of whom we really are within our core.

It showed me that older generations are being hit hard and passing over, as it is often very challenging for them to deal with the higher vibrational energies as their memories of life are of struggle, hardship, rationing of food, fear, anxiety and stress, and painful memories of war.

It’s also telling me that we all need to retreat and slow down our pace of life; if we don’t it will only bring more pain, despair, illness and hardship.

We need to listen as it is for the good of the greater ALL.”


I didn’t want to add more talk about the corona virus, but I thought this was a message we all need to hear, and I really resonated with it.


Shell Essences are a divine reassessment of an inner longing to realign yourselves with your true identity; something you feel you have forgotten during your human lives.

Shell Essences fulfill your need to recreate your ultimate, true, inner and outer selves. They do this by activating your inner memory of that which you have forgotten – whom and what you truly are.

Within the core, or center of your being is encased this knowledge of both your physical human lives and your ‘eternal oneness’.

Each Essence helps you to experience a different ‘note’ in your ‘vibrational orchestra’ which may have been ‘out of tune’ but can now be ‘retuned’. When the ‘note’ becomes ‘in tune’ you will know; it now feels ‘right’.

Shell Essences

Newsletter 75 Specials

 Expires 1st  May 2020

These Specials prices are available from Shell Essences office and Website.

Special 1

Heaven Sent 30 ml Spray and 25ml Stock.

New 30 ml Heaven Sent Spray – ideal size to carry with you,

and stock Heaven Sent to re-make the spray.

No one should be without Heaven Sent! Now I understand why Spirit gave it that name!  


Special Price $35.00  (Save $5.45)



with every order over

Dosage No More Fear – Just what we need to help us assimilate the new energy and wisdom.

Special 2:

I Will Cope – 4 dosage Essences that are so needed at present we have put them on Special again.

Essenshell Courage; No More Fear; Essenshell Faith and Trust; and Essenshell Self- Empowerment

Special Price $60.00    (Save $23.00)

sp6 I will cope.jpg

Special 3:


Shell Essences Hands, Face and Body wash. 

250 ml Shower Gel; 

300 ml Healing Hands Wash;

125 ml Cleanser Toner. 

No harsh chemicals, just Shell Essences that remove negative energies and radiation and restore a healthy skin.  


Special price $50.00   (Save $11.50)

Special 4:

Keeping the Nasties Away

30ml spray Heaven Sent; 30ml spray Protection;

30ml spray EssenshellSupport

Three vital sprays to maintain our health during this difficult time.

Special price $25.00  

(Save $5.00)


Special 5: 

Messages from Shells’ Book and Workshop Manual

Want to know more about Shell Essences and how to use them for Clients, Self and Family? The manual and the book will tell you all you need to know.

I’ll be teaching more workshops in the future.

Special price $35.00    (Save $10.00)

messages book workshop.png
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