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JULY 2021

    Trochus Shell  & Honeymoon Island Coral  

trochus shell photo

Trochus Shell

We are part of all that is

No separation or division

Our hearts are open

Mother Nature calls

Our wisdom within has now risen

Honeymoon Is Cora photo

Honeymoon Island Coral

When this little Coral

Opens our mind

New ways of solving

Our problems we’ll find

Trochus Shell

The first Essence was from a Trochus Shell. Now that the previous Essence – Kim’s Whelk, has helped us to release the false illusions we have lived with for years, we are now open to receive the new, higher wisdom and knowledge that has been waiting until we were ready to receive it.

The Trochus Shell reminds us of our connection with Mother Earth, Mother Nature, and ‘All that is’, and how vital these connections are to us.

Perhaps we will understand why we feel so calm and peaceful when we are in Nature, and how incredibly important it is to protect the Nature of our evolving planet.

We are now immersing ourselves in our actual reality, and Trochus Shell is helping us reconnect to this energy, wherein lays the wisdom that has been created, and needs to be acknowledged.

Honeymoon Island Coral

The Essence was created the following day, from a tiny piece of coral washed up onto Honeymoon Island off the coast of Fiji, and sent to us by a lovely Shell Essence practitioner.

While Trochus Shell helps us understand our connection with the wisdom of Mother Earth, Mother Nature, and ‘All that’, Honeymoon Coral helps us use the wisdom we have within us, to create the changes we need to make, with Inner Strength and Ingenuity.

The old methods of dealing with problems are no longer appropriate, and Honeymoon Coral helps us access our inner skill to discover new, positive, and more appropriate methods to deal with and heal the problems and difficulties that may confront us.

Honeymoon Coral shows us that we don’t overcome problems by ‘battling’ them, but by using our ingenuity to find resolutions that will change our direction, and show us that we have the skill to transport us over any possible barriers.


Trochus Shell helps us connect with the wisdom and knowledge held within the nature of our planet, and Honeymoon Coral encourages us to use this wisdom to create new, and positive methods that will overcome, and heal problematic situations.

These two Essences help us achieve the Higher-Dimensional changes we have entered this life to create. Once activated, these Higher-Dimensional energies should never be forgotten again.

Trochus Shell – Information from Kimberleigh Joblin

“The vision that arises in me when I use the Trochus Shell is: I am sitting safe, well and comfortable inside a glorious multi-dimensional transport/chariot for inter-intra-dimensional travelling, and for integrating Higher, Energetic Frequencies here on our Ascending Mother Earth.

Trochus Shell helps create a precious Mer-Ker-Bah – Archangel Metatron’s Cube. (Metatron is the Angel associated with Virgo and the Planet Mercury).

Mercury is the fleet-footed, Planet/God associated with Travel/ Transport/ Communications; Nervous System; Thyroid; and is the ruler of Virgo and Gemini.

Your Mer-Ker-Bah provides safe, ultraquick travel/ transport for keeping the Spiritual Body and your Spiritual Anatomy safe as you explore other worlds and other dimensions, and/or integrate Energies from other Dimensions as they enter Earth’s atmosphere. It’s a master prompter for you to masterfully contribute to, and create your Energetic Sovereignty and Wholeness.

Some of the current downloads of Multidimensional, Ultra High Frequency Energies towards Earth, can contribute to us feeling sick, as they are new to us. It can take time to integrate/ download these Energetic Imprints safely, and we may feel unwell and off-balance, and our auras can become fragmented.

Trochus Shell is particularly useful for creating your Energetic Sovereignty, and providing safe and wholesome Energetic Transport, especially when you cannot see your way clearly – e.g., when we’ve just experienced a Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius! And the way forward is not clear because something important is being hidden – we’re working blind!

Using Trochus Shell Essence can instantly place you inside your Mer-Ker- Bah Chariot, and help you safely integrate foreign, Intergalactic Energies, and throw off lower no-longer-useful 3D Energies and Illness. 

It will help you move towards the 5D Energy Aspirations of Wisdom, Connection, Community, Clarity, Co-operation, Collaboration & Creativity.

Sit inside your Trochus Shell Mer-Ker-Bah, and be happy and wholesome, even when there are Multiple Foreign Energetics at play.”

“Kim suggests using the Co-operation Coral and Clam essence with the Trochus and Honeymoon Coral”.

Honeymoon Island Coral

“Can I say she is very excited to be sharing this news with you; her consciousness is playful and light – almost childlike. She is a very beautiful and gracious Essence; her consciousness has the vibration of freedom and expansion.

This piece of Coral has Lemurian Light Technology, and her consciousness is calling for Higher Frequencies into the Lightbody, and activations for all who are ready to use her.”

 Message from Honeymoon Island Coral


“New discoveries in Lightbody Transmissions and the use of Light Technologies will be given to those who are ready to accept the calling of their Soul, and who are ready in humbleness and humility to work with the Goddess Energy of fertility in order to co-create and accept one’s truth in the Divine Feminine, consciousness, and its awakening.

Use wisely and in reverence as ‘I Am a powerful tool’ that offers you choice as to what reality you would like to create for yourself, and the world around you. CHOICE is the KEY, and it is always given no matter the circumstances; it’s how you choose to use it.

LOVE, FREEDOM, and ABUNDANCE are here for the taking, as they are divine birthrights. Who will choose these realities? 

Love and Wisdom are with you always; all you have to do is REMEMBER! Activate your heart portal of remembrance for your Souls calling and destiny.

Thank you for letting me share my consciousness with you and voice my gifts to humanity.”  



Moldavite and Meteorite

“When I began taking Moldavite and Meteorite, I noticed on the first dose that I felt more grounded and present. Ever since taking these beautiful Essences there has been one thing after another come up for me to clear in my life. A number of long-standing issues from the past have come up to be understood, released and cleared, some of those being of a generational nature.  

There have also been energy attachments to be cleared, and a psychic attack, which I thought had been previously fully dealt with, resurfaced for a more thorough clearing it seems.

It’s been a very emotional, tiring and chaotic time getting through it all, but now that I am coming through the other side, I feel so much better and a lot lighter. I have really felt like it’s time to release the past and move forward in recent times, and I believe that your beautiful Essences are really helping me to do so.

The other thing that has occurred in the last month is that I finally found some additional work, so now I have enough work again – this was after being out of work for about 8 months! Moldavite and Meteorite might quite possibly have some bearing on bringing this through too.”   Liz  P.

Quobba Coral

This Essence is all about creating and maintaining Conscious, Compassionate, Community. It works with the Army of Love and Compassion and Freedom for all creatures. Multiversal Compassion can only be achieved by communing with all creatures as One. The law of Love states – Treat others as you would like to be treated. Medusa is a strong guide associated with Quobba; she teaches radical forgiveness, which is necessary to achieve true Compassion and Empathy, so  when communing with Quobba please consider calling upon Medusa and other co-workers.                                          


Debra Dakini Dragonheart

Shell Essence Face Balm

I just love this product; with fantastic results after using this cream for a short period of time, my skin is smooth, with an even texture. So much better than expensive products I have used in the past.     It’s my new ‘go to cream’!  



The Wisdom of Shells

When you pick up shells as you walk on the beach

It’s because you know they have lessons to teach.

They are more than just a lovely shell,

Hidden within them are stories to tell;

Of the wisdom we had when we came to this land,

So much of what’s lost is now held in your hand.

They return to us the wisdom of ‘feeling’

More than words and ideas is this lost code of healing.

We might try to use physics and chemistry of course,

But the Spiritual Energy of Love is the source


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