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Our Planet of Abundance

I have written about Abundance previously, but the Abundance I would like to acknowledge today, is the Abundance gifted to us on this beautiful Planet.

Even though we think of ‘Abundance’ in terms of finances and possessions, our true Abundance is the power and wisdom that lays within us, and can either be acknowledged and used, or denied and forgotten.

When we look to nature and see the wonderful connection of everything, and the abundance of all that is required (unless we humans destroy it!!) we can understand that we, also, have been created with everything we will need on our earthly journey.

Our biggest problem is to believe, search, and discover. Even though we are told constantly that we are weak, and will succumb to illness and poverty, this is just a belief that is imposed on us. Within, and surrounding us, are all the abundances we need, when we open our hearts and minds to receive them.

We are never alone, and have wonderful Beings always caring for us when we request. Our most difficult understanding, is that we may be one of those wonderful Beings!

When we request assistance, it is always available, and abundance is within sight, unless our vision is closed to it.

So, when we can allow those artificial barriers of belief in weakness and lack to dissolve, and acknowledge the beautiful Planet of Abundance – of which we are a part, we can then take our rightful place in creating and enjoying, our Planet of Love, Peace, and Abundance.

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