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March 2023

Coral Essences for Burn-Out

This newsletter is a message from the Coral Essences regarding BURN-OUT.

The Coral Essences wish to make us aware of our ‘shadow sides’ – negative emotional
imbalances that we don’t want to see, and find it difficult to believe! However, the
Corals say that once we recognize the imbalance, they will help us to release it, but
first we must recognize it ourselves.

A common shadow side is an imbalance called ‘burn-out’, which I believe is affecting
many of us at present, and causes much tiredness and ill-health.

This distorted work ethic may be inherited from our family tree and may have been
impressed upon us since childhood – the belief that we must ‘work till we drop’!!
‘You mustn’t rest when there is work to be done!’

Many people are feeling distressed by what is happening to others on our planet, so there
is now a new Box of Essences ‘Hope for our Planet’ Special in this newsletter.

Image by Kinga Cichewicz

“I send love and compassion to all those in pain,

 May their sorrow and grief soon heal without blame

May Mother Earth recover from all disaster,

And healing happen wonderfully faster”

Coral No. 1 Antennellopsis

Antennellopsis helps us to overcome our reluctance, and to face our problems, instead of using denial to hide them.

No matter what is troubling you

I’ll give a broader deeper view.

When learning new concepts
for body and mind

Greater wisdom and healing
you’re sure to find.

No product

Coral No. 6 Distichopora

This is a pre-burnout essence for when we feel so overloaded with information and stress, we feel we’re on a treadmill and can’t get off! Distichopora clears the blackboard of the mind, and encourages problem solving skills, courage, and an ability to enjoy life.

No longer do I believe

I must work till I drop!

I’m less stressed now

that I know when to stop.

I create each day with work and play.

Self-care and peace are here to stay.

No product

Coral No. 4 Clavularia

This essence helps those who over-work through an ego need to help others; their self-worth comes only from service to others. Although they can be strong, compassionate carers, they may suffer burn-out as they are unable to slow down. They believe that no one else can do the work as well as them. Clavularia encourages more balance in life, and to value ourselves apart from service to others.

I relinquish the role of service to others;

In the Oneness of all
we are sisters and brothers.

Instead of relying on work and control

Kindness and care is my spiritual role.

No product

Coral No. 7 Goniopora

This essence relieves burn-out for the ‘warriors’ of life who become completely involved in fighting causes in order to focus on themselves. They don’t want to negotiate, and go from one battle to the next. They can’t relax, and may end up with strokes or heart attacks. Goniopora encourages peaceful conflict resolution for appropriate causes, rather than the stress of battle.

I release my need to lead and control;

Spreading peace and compassion

is now my goal.

I can help others by showing I care

Instead of battles and old warfare.

No product

Coral No. 12. Semperina

This Coral Essence helps those who are driven by their need to help others by giving love, even to those who don’t need that help. However, they have great difficulty receiving love for themselves. Semperina helps us to love ourselves and to accept love from others. It encourages commitment to relationships, and helps break the rescue cycle.

I once thought I must give

love to all others

As if everyone were

my sisters and brothers.

But now I allow them to also love me

From just giving love I’m finally free.

No product

Coral No. 14. Stylaster

Stylaster returns the drive, ambition, energy, and zest for life when these have been blocked by Burn-out. It gives a feeling of motivation and optimism, and a belief in success. (However it is not appropriate if the person or animal is too old or incapacitated to safely use this power.) Stylaster can also be sprayed in an office or house if the energy is blocked.

Once I was tired, exhausted and drained.

I worked so hard, but nothing was gained.

I really believed that I gave it my best;

But now I will add

more self-care and rest.

No product

Current Astrology from Kimberleigh Joblin

"The Karmic Nodes of the Moon are currently transiting backwards through the signs of Scorpio and Taurus, and will remain until July 2023 when they will move into the Libra and Aries Zodiac Signs for a different life flavor to address.

The South Node of the Moon – representing the more ‘spiritual-oriented Node’ is in Scorpio – the zodiac sign which rules over the 8th House of Joint Finances, Business and Business Partnerships, Banking, and Deeply Serious Marriage Moneys, Mortgages, Taxation, Death Moneys, Inheritances, Sex in Marriage, and the very deep, unconscious, and emotional aspects of our beings. We have an opportunity to address the Obsessions, Passions, and Deep Dives – our Psyche and past-life aspects – that could do with re-cycling, and elimination of unwanted parts for much better outcomes. We can address (sometimes with appropriate counselling – astrological or other professional) the deeply hidden parts of ourselves that ‘pull our strings’ and guide our choices – often unconsciously!

The Scorpio side of us is often the part that responds extremely well to the Coral Essences - that which is ‘hidden in the shadows’, and often a part of us that is denied because it addresses ‘the bowels-of-our-deepest-selves’ that can be very hard to own up to! However, mastering our deepest shadow – or even just acknowledging it! can turn an unwanted part of ourselves into our deepest treasure. Using Coral Essences to address our deepest parts can create a wonderful alchemy, and private resolutions we will treasure forever!

The ancient ruler of Scorpio is the Personal Planet Mars – motivated, action oriented, willfully on show, quick to dive into things; Mars can be a tantrum throwing kid, or a fabulous leader – whichever we choose!

The Modern Ruler of Scorpio is the Generational Planet Pluto – Obsessive, Driven, Passionate, Powerful, Deeply Private, and far stealthier than Mars; he likes to operate below the surface of things, only coming out and onto earth to seize that which he desires, before returning to his underworld domain.

The North Node of the Moon is always opposite the South Node, and is currently moving backwards through the zodiac sign of Taurus – the sign that rules over our personal resources, values, valuables, and assets. Taurus is Earthy, Sensual, and the part of us that embodies that which we seek; it references how we use our personal resources, including our energy, and vitality within our individual body. The North Node is the part of the moon that represents the more ‘material’ aspects we desire in our lives, where we strive to attain more and more on an earthly plain of our existence. The North Node represents our ambitions, and outer worldly direction. However, we cannot ‘do’ one Node without the other; their opposing energies must be addressed.

The Ruler of Taurus is the planet Venus, which represents our money and golden treasures – in terms of precious jewels, gold bullion, etc. – the stuff we use to buy food, homes, and personal assets.

Shell Essences are created on the Venus Flow, embodying her beauty and ability to connect and relate within relationship on the harmonious flow. They help us overcome blockages in our individual planetary reference points and zodiac charts, helping us to live much more harmonious lives. So, to address our Shadow Selves, I suggest Coral Essences, but we also need to access the opposing forces and harmonious resolution flow with the Shell Essences.”

“March 2023 is an important month to pay attention to, as power planet Pluto is moving from his transit of Capricorn where it has been since 2008 (big government-authorities) into Aquarius (innovative and diverse collective of humanity). This will cause a change in the political landscape, and the balance of power in the next 2 or more years. These energies are supporting changing values, and changes in the balance of power – a different, and potentially much better earthly life for humanity. So, are we now ready to change our lives trajectory??”

 Shell Essences 
 Newsletter 91 specials 
 expires 1st April 2023 

For every order over $120. Free gift  30ml spray ‘Stress less’

Special 1

Box of Five stock Corals, (with their cards).

Coral 1. Antennellopsis calmness, mental balance, clear thinking.

Coral 6. Distichopora – clears the ‘blackboard of the mind, removes overburden.

Coral 4.Clavularia – Helps us to value ourselves, instead of overserving others.

Coral 14 Stylaster – Post burnout essence to return motivation and ambition.

Coral 15 Turbinaria – Loving, empowered, contentment, peace.


Special price $95; Save $22

Anti Burnout Pack.jpg

Special 2

2 x 125ml Sprays

I am Safe, All is Well and Love, Peace,

And Compassion

Special price $50; Save $10

Safe, Love & Peace.jpg
Hope for our Planet.jpg

Hope for our Planet

Box of 5 Infinite Energy Essences


Noble Volute – Deep peace, love, harmonious connection will all creation.

Queen Helmet Conch – Surviving and Thriving.

Meteorite – Honouring our connection with our Planet and the Universe.

Trochus Shell – Connecting with Mother Earth, Mother Nature, & Humanity.

Ocean of Love, Hope, & Faith – Creating Love, Hope, Faith, & a Positive Future

Special price $92.50; Save $20.35

Special 4: 

One 250ml Hand/Body Moisturiser & 

One 300 ml Healing Hands Wash

Let’s care for our skin with protection
and love

Special price $40; Save $10

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Special 5: 

Kids Trio – Three 30 ml Sprays,

‘Protection’; ‘I Can & I Will’; ‘Cool, Calm, Connected’.

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