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Christmas Newsletter 2019

Christmas Newsletter Austral Chiton 

This Essence will help many people to move beyond the old stagnant energy of other times we have carried for millennia. Now we are able to use the new energy if we choose, and this choice was made easier with Jackknife Clam Essence.

Once the decision to move into the higher vibrational energy with which we are all constructed, Austral Chiton will hold our hands and allow us to connect with the many Angels and Guides who are rejoicing and wishing to help us.

Problems will always occur, and there may often be a backlash from our human families and friends who are not yet ready for the change, and who fear losing contact with us. Once our decision to move forward has been made, Austral Chiton will give us the strong inner belief to know that this is the right path. Even though we can’t see where we are heading we have an ‘inner knowing’ that we wish to continue forward; we have no desire to return to the way we were. This beautiful energy of love will spread much further as our aura expands and the love intensifies.

Austral Chiton knows there will be difficult times, but it lets us know that help is surrounding us, and when we request, so we shall receive.

Astrologically many planets are imposing difficult decisions at present, but Venus is arriving to spread peace and grace.




Now we’ve made our decision
For Love and not war;
This Chiton Essence will open the door. When we follow our path
of compassion and peace
Our negative thoughts can finally cease.

While Jackknife Clam helped us to cope with the different energies, Austral Chiton raises us into the beautiful energy of love in which we choose to become immersed now and forever.

I found this little shell on a South Coast beach while I was admiring some amazing rock formations. It was the only shell I saw, and I had never seen one like it before, so I knew it had arrived to become an essence.

Austral Chiton Essence was made among the mangroves; the tide was rippling out, and tiny crabs were crawling out of their burrows. The birds were whistling and chirping, and although all was peaceful there was a feeling of happy anticipation..

Christmas is coming – in fact it’s almost here!
Soon we’ll say goodbye to another well-spent year. But what will the next year bring? It all depends on us To spread love, peace and happiness
With a minimum of fuss.
So let’s pull up anchor and then set sail;
We can’t see what’s coming, but we know we shall not fail. The past is behind us; ahead a light is dawning.
We can leave behind the old stuff
Now a wonderful future is calling.


Essence Information and Experiences 


Protection Spray

Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve used the Protection Spray twice, and on both days I have felt so much clearer, much more grounded, and definitely feel more like me.
Usually by the end of a work day I am really tired and feel like I’ve got other people’s energies all over me. But on the two days I’ve used the spray I have still been feeling good at the end of the day, whereas when I didn’t use it I was back to the usual too tired and lethargic to do anything after work.

I noticed also that when I put the spray around me in the morning it pretty quickly clears any energies which I have picked up over-night (as I tend to do despite having cleared myself before going to bed). This Protection Spray is really amazing Nancy. I’ve tried many sprays in the past for this sort of thing and this is definitely the most effective one I’ve found (for me anyway)

I am very grateful for your beautiful essences to use and especially this wonderful Protection Spray.                                     Liz.

Protection Spray

I have been using this magical spray while having our house painted inside, and in some areas changes haven’t been made for 47 years!!
I have found that this beautiful Shell Essence in a bottle is like wearing my Cloak of Gold to protect me from the negativity responses and overpowering energies with the different personalities involved in this process. I feel I have been Spiritually guided to approach areas in a more balanced way while at the same time been guided to deal with deep inner ancestral issues which have risen to the surface in bodily aches and pains; been able to recognize them, do my clearing with yoga exercise and breathing, and close that door!

Thank you Shells for this harmonious protection.                                                                                                                       Libby

Doggy Stories


 42 Muscle Balance Sprays

Mawson dog has been greatly benefitting from the 42 Muscle Balance sprays.

He had his annual checkup today at the vets, and his vet of 12 years said he was

a remarkable dog – with a very strong spirit – as his body is riddled with arthritis

plus many more health issues. Nevertheless, Mawson dog has a strong spirit and

I think the 42 Muscle Balance is really helping him.

Thank you for the gifts of the Shell Essences.                                                   Rhonda

Wound Healing Kit and the Angels


Whenever my Doggy, Jack is off colour and I don’t know what to do to help him, I use Shell Essences; they’re just wonderful healers and balancers.
What I most often use is the Wound Healing Kit – although he may not have an obvious wound, if he is off colour (throwing up) or upset in the tummy, out comes the kit.

I ask the Angels to come and help – Archangel Ariel for animals; Archangel Raphael for healing; and any other Angel who springs to mind (at the moment it’s Archangel Jeremiel, the Angel of Scorpio; he is all about forgiveness, life order/review, and the reproductive areas, plus stealth pathogens – (bad bugs). Then I rub a couple of drops of the Essence Kit into his fur (and I take some myself)

He’s usually back to his happy yappy self within 24 hours; often I see an instant change.
I must admit – sometimes I make a mistake and use a Self-Healing or the DNA Kit instead! Of course there are no mistakes, they all work brilliantly!
We just love the Shells and Corals.                                                                                                                 Kimberleigh Joblin ND

dog for newsletter .jpg

Jackknife Clam
Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful gifts of Shell Essences.
Since using Jackknife Clam I have found I am very relaxed about daily ups and downs and very much appreciative of the gifts each day brings. I think it allows me to see a bigger picture.


I Am Free & I Am Creative Abundance Sprays

I love I Am Free Spray followed by Creative Abundance Spray and regularly purchase more because they help me to relax and align myself with wholeheartedly addressing my client’s needs. They do so in a way that feels fulfilling and inspiring, creating what I feel is a Win/Win situation.

I use the set and read the affirmation before every client.
I feel worry free, relaxed and at my best when I use this set. It helps me to genuinely feel as though I’ve done my best for my client and for myself!

I like this feeling, and I’ll continue to use it regularly.
I might add that my brother and sister-in-law also regularly use this set and purchase it too.

My sister-in-law cleans her house and then sprays the two sprays around the cleaned house, freshening up the environment they live in. They both feel uplifted and like the freshness and lightness this creates for them. It’s important as they both have health issues and have had a very stressful 4 year marathon with major life changes. We all love the affirmation and the two Spray Set.


Stylaster Coral 14; I Create; I Relate.

I like to work with Numbers as well as Astrology in my Healing Work, and November 2019 is what I call a 14/5 Vibrational month in a 12/3 year.
It’s a month of dealing with your 5th Chakra (Throat Chakra) communication and being heard imbalances; and your 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra) personal power/ employment imbalances.

I chose for myself this sequence of:
1. Stylaster – Coral 14 for a sense of power over one’s destiny.
2. I Create Blend – for an ability to confidently access your creativity and manifesting abilities.
3. I Relate Blend – for balancing out any personal planetary blocks and effects of any current planetary clashes.
I take this sequence daily as often as I need. It helps me to regain my sense of equilibrium & sense of my efforts in life and work being meaningful, valued & worthwhile.

Kimberleigh Joblin ND; Astro Talk Astrology Consultant.

(I was very impressed with this sequence, so I’ve made it into a ‘Special’, but I’ve added ‘Loving Relationships’, which might be important when we get together with family at Christmas!)

Angelic Guidance for Change.

(5 stock Infinite energy Essences)

Since taking the Angelic Guidance for Change I have experienced:

  •   Smoother flow in day to day life;

  •   Remarkable synchronicity;

  •   Insight that appears to occur without effort;

  •   Heightened intuition and affirmation on following through on it;

  •   Perfectly aligned unexpected meetings;

  •   Unexpected assistance in numerous areas of life;

  •   Deeper personal insight to bring about more positive, functional and healthier relating.


(This 5 Essence kit was advertised in the October newsletter; it was very popular, so I’ve extended the Special Price of $95 to 1st January)


Shell Essences

Newsletter 73
Expires 1st January 2020
These Specials are available from Shell Essences office and Website. 

Free Gift

for every order

over $120

Special 1. Austral Chiton spray and stock (with card)

A great way to try this wonderful new Essence.

Special price $40

(Save $10.35)



Special 2. ‘The Angelic Duo
– Stock Jackknife Clam and Austral Chiton
 with cards

Special price $40 (Save $5.70)


Dosage Heaven Sent – so important I wouldn’t be without this;

it’s always in my handbag!

Special 4: Positive Relationships

- 3 Dose Blends & 1 Coral
I Create; I Relate; Loving Relationships; Coral 14.

Read Kimberleigh’s testimonial in this Newsletter!

Price $70 Save $10.10

S4 Positive Relationships.jpg

Special 5.

Healthy Hair and Body.

250 ml Shampoo, Conditioner, & Shower Gel.

A great trio for the holiday period – contain Essences to remove radiation and negative energies.

Price $55. Save $11.

Special 3: I Travel with Ease.

3 Dose Blends 

Essenshell Support – take it before, during and after being in crowds to protect against catching breathed-in viruses etc. 

Essenshell Travel – minimizes negative effects and discomfort especially for air travel.

Heaven Sent – Returns emotional balance during times of shock, fear, anxiety.

Price $50 Save $12.25

S3 Travel.jpg

Special 6:


Love at Christmas 

2 sprays

Love, Peace & Compassion

Positive Energy



for aura and living areas to encourage peace and happiness. 


Price - $45 save $10

S6 Love at Christmas.jpg
S7 Perfect Balance.jpg

Special 7: 


Perfect Balance – 2 sprays

Perfect Planetary Partnership; 

and Protection.


Spray aura and living areas to maintain balance despite difficult times.

Price $45 Save $10

Special 8

Angelic Guidance for Change

(5 stock Infinite energy Essences)

Jackknife Clam– positive adjustment to the changing energies, and removal of old negative energies.

Shin-Bone Tibia– gratitude for where you’ve come from, and growth towards new positive change.

White False Oyster– Stability and feeling grounded and balanced.

Red English Sea Urchin– growth towards the positive energy of heart-centered compassion.

Noble Volute– stimulates peace, love and harmony with all creation.

Special Price of $95 save $19.25

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