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News Letter


February Newsletter 2018
 2017 Issue 63

Opening To LOVE 


This newsletter is focusing on ‘Love’ – the energy with which we are all created, and a great way to start 2018.

The Essence that will help us to access this Love is ‘Noble Volute’, an Essence created by Jesus during a vision a couple of years ago. It provides Peace, Love and Harmony with all of creation. Jesus described this energy as “the love with which the universe was created”.

There are also two sprays:
‘With Love’ – Encourages non-judgmental love for self and others. Comforting and uplifting. ‘Love, Peace and Compassion’ – An essence to spray in aura and in living and work areas to spread the energy of love, peace and compassion.

When we are able to open our Heart Centre and access the Love which lays within each of us, then fears will begin to fade. They can no longer take centre stage. The tight bands of energy connected to feelings of resentment, anger and competitiveness will loosen, and begin to change to the gentle flow of compassion and co- operation.

When I first began to create the Shell Essences, I asked Spirit which chakra each essence would connect with. I was told “The Heart Chakra of humankind” for every essence.

When our intent is to operate our lives with the energy of Love, then everything changes as we begin to understand that we are far greater than our human ego selves. The change may not happen immediately, but with continued intent, and the courage to observe and alter thoughts and actions that are not commensurate with Love, then our lives take on a new meaning.

Often this is a gradual change, and only by ‘looking back’ at the way we used to think and act can we notice the difference.

We will also notice that we are creating ‘synchronicities’ of abundance and joy. There is no obvious effort; they just ‘appear’ whenever required. They are little assertions of ‘Yes, you’re doing well; you’re on the right track’. 

The Love we are accessing isn’t just for ourselves. The energy will ‘touch’ everyone around us, and then our friends, colleagues and our families may begin to notice the small, positive changes in their usual, perhaps negative behaviour.


So if you’re upset by negative actions or even words directed against you, rather than intensify that energy by ‘hitting back’ – however mildly, turn away and send thoughts of love, compassion and forgiveness.

If this is rather difficult, spray yourself and areas contaminated by the negativity with ‘Love, Peace and Compassion’. Also remember the wonderful ‘Co-operation’ spray and drops, to discover where differing paths could meet amicably. ​



We continue to move with ease and grace Our days unfold at a gentle pace
The beautiful flow that joins us all
Wraps around us like a silken shawl.
It connects us with our spiritual source From which we can never be severed of course We continue enjoying our human existence And release our fears with less resistance When we reach the end of our earthly road And return once more to our real abode With family and friends we bless those days We created love and peace in so many ways We journey with Grace through our spiritual portal

Eternal, Universal, Infinite and Immortal. © 2018 Nancy P

Co-operation, Coral and Clam

“The most profound thing I noticed was that as soon as I began taking it, I had many friends contacting me wanting to catch up and connect. It was incredible and to me seems to be a ‘friendship


I have felt a soft and gentle ease for life with the support of this essence which has been so appreciated as this time of year can often be quite busy and fast paced.

I also blended this essence up into a spray and have been spraying my living areas. I have noticed that there seems to be a more gentle flow of communication between my two teenage children, who tend to often bicker with one another. I’m recognizing that each of them are showing more patience and respect with and for one another.

Thank you so much Nancy for this divine new shell essence.” Jo SA 

Co-operation, Coral and Clam

“I waited until I felt truly ready to try this essence as I knew it would be one that marked an era of pure change for me. And it did – once I began taking it I noticed that memories buried far below my awareness began to surface.

I was not happy with this as one of them concerned a friend of mine whom I had thought was a friend – I thought there was co-operation between us – what I found was a dark stream of manipulation. I knew it was time to make a choice.

I chose to activate positive high-frequency emotions, to improve my own health and potential and contribute to world change – a very different solution to being caught within the pain circle which my friend seemed to inhabit with great glee – and familiarity. She went round and round the circle and could not break out –she professed to want to break out. So I moved out of this circle well knowing that I might move beyond her into another vibration, and that I might have to leave her behind, however I did it.

A few days later I had an amazing activation on my own personal health situation. The spirit of the essence showed me the way to improve my own health – this had been a problem and an issue to me for some considerable time. The essence helped to activate a new door, and when I passed through I was able to conduct my own investigation beyond that available from any practitioner or adviser.

Later on the essence began to work on my true origins – and here it really did show me aspects that I had never before realized.

I love this essence and the way it makes my energy flow in waves. It does not force or coerce – it opens up the energy to greater understanding – and of course, co‑operation.”

   Dr. Cris Henderson   QLD

Personal Blend

I wanted to let you know that I’m feeling less anxious and more calm in regards to my situation at home, thanks to the drops you prepared for me.

They are helping me to focus on me more, I have even joined the gym as I haven’t been able to make time for myself due to stress of home.

I’m also talking more about my situation with people around me, to be able to accept that everything I’m doing for my future will be OK. I will be in contact soon for some more drops.
I thank you so much for the Shell Essences; they are a godsend.                       Kathy NSW

Positive Energy Spray, I Can and I Will, HIR Aura Mist help HSC stress.

“A little earlier in the year you helped me out with some sprays for my yr.12 student to cope with his HSC stress.

So between ‘Positive Energy Spray’, ‘I Can and I Will’ with a dash here and there of HIR Aura Mist, I wanted to let you know that apart from our son’s hard work and commitment, the Shells worked their magic on a subconscious level, to produce a calmer, more positive and less stressed attitude and focus on his studies.

The release of the final HSC results has exceeded his goal and our expectations, to boost him on his path to Uni, which is totally ace!

Funny thing is, being a male, he did not like the ‘floral’ scent of the sprays, so I had to spray it only in the air before he went to his room (not actually over his aura), and decided to do his pillow and bedding as well. Thinking this might not be as effective, but I still persisted, and once the serious study set in, I was amazed at how chilled he was; even before and after his exams there was a positivity I had not expected.

He has never been a strong performer in exams, so to achieve his personal best and be in the state’s top 20% is unreal.

Thank you Shell Essences; I will be back for more with our next Yr.12 student.” 

Congratulations to your son! Well done! Wishing him lots of success at Uni.

Thanks for sharing this, and hopefully giving others more confidence also.


Carmel  NSW

Heaven Sent and the 42 Muscle Balance

A couple of weeks ago our black poodle Buddy began to have ‘fits’ or seizures’. All his muscles would spasm, and he appeared to be terrified.

This was very scary! I dropped Heaven Sent into his open mouth during each ‘fit’, and he began to calm down immediately. But soon another ‘fit’ would begin. The vet could find no cause, but gave me tablets to give him for a few days to stop the ‘fits’ occurring.

For a week Buddy seemed as though he was in a continual daze; didn’t know who I was, didn’t recognise his favourite treats, and didn’t eat or poop.

Then I gave him the 42 Muscle Balance drops, and within an hour or two he started to become his normal self again. He’s a bit slower than he used to be before the ‘fits’, but apart from that, we have our lovely Buddy back again.

I’m continuing to give him the 42 Muscle Balance once a day to maintain his health.

                                                   Nancy NSW


Newsletter 64 
These Specials are available from Shell Essences office and Website. 

Newsletter 63 Specials - Expires 31st March 2018

with every order over $120 


The ‘New I Remember’ dose Blend. This was created because I believe so many of us could use this support.

Special  1:

Opening to Love

The two sprays ‘With Love’, ‘Love, Peace and Compassion’ and the essence ‘Noble Volute’ featured in this Newsletter. I believe it’s an excellent way to start the year.

Special price $65.00  (save $12.85)

Special 2:  Three Sprays great for school kids (and everyone) ‘I Can and I Will’; ‘Cool Calm and Connected’; Peace and Happiness.

They can use these every day to spray themselves and areas.

Teachers! Spray the classrooms with these sprays and I’m sure you’ll observe a positive difference.

Special price $66  (save $16.50)

Special 3:  Your choice of one of our three most popular 5-Essence Kits.

42 Muscle Balance Kit Still our best-selling kit for people and pets. It re-balances the energy meridians after injury, stress, or for chronic imbalances.

Wound Healing Kit – testimonials for this kit feature in almost every Newsletter. It activates our healing ability to speed recovery from many different types of wounds. Equally helpful for pets.

Refresh Your Memory – Forgetfulness seems to be a worry for many at present – Are you often searching for the name of someone or something you know well??

Special price $92.50 (save $19.50)

Special 4: Large Pump-pack of New Shampoo; New Conditioner; and wonderful Shower gel.

The bad news is – the 750 packs are no longer available!

The good news is – they’re now 1 Litre packs!
So should last quite a few weeks.

All containing specific Shell Essences, and made by the lovely talented Lisa, of Fleurwood. 

Special 5:  Three 3-Essence packs for a positive start to the year.

Genius Pack – (Coral No.1; Estuary Shell;
Ear Shell)

A favourite for assisting studying and learning.

Moving Forward – (New Starting Anew; Essenshell Courage; New I Create) For a fresh new start, either in your current life, or developing something new.

Confidence pack – (Self Empowerment; Essenshell Courage;

No More Fear).  A fantastic trio of dose essences to renew self-confidence and 

Special 6:

Two Healing Touch Hand Cleansers 300 ml

and a Cleanser Toner 125ml.

Contain special blends of Shell Essences
for healthy hands and face.

Special price $50 (save $9.80)

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