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When the skies seem dark it’s easier to think about what is missing from our lives -what we should have done, what is wrong!

However, what we need to acknowledge are our successes.

Once we have achieved something, no matter how small or insignificant it seems, we need to acknowledge this success. Once we start focusing on small successes, these will sprout and grow, and what seemed to be only a small shoot, will become a large, beautiful tree.

There are, and have been, many people on our planet who have invented, and achieved amazing things, but when they started, they may have had no idea what would result?? However, they kept going, and didn’t listen to those who would have told them that it was impossible!

We must take heart and have courage. Although we hear daily of all that is wrong, all the bad things which have happened and are still occurring; the positive events and happy endings are rarely acknowledged. So much has actually been achieved; yes, there is always more work to do, but so many problems have been solved or improved.

So, let’s pause, and acknowledge our accomplishments; even if they seem small, or inconsequential, they are not! Even the smallest building block is important for the final creation to be completed.

We need to ‘water’ our successes, and know that from many small seedlings, a forest can grow. When we acknowledge our successes our ‘garden’ will continue to grow and flourish, and all can admire its beauty, and have courage to accomplish their own beautiful creations.

Shell Essences that can help us acknowledge and continue our successes;

Wisdom Rock; Acknowledging and accessing our inner wisdom.

Scallop; Replaces fear and distrust of the future with faith and trust.

I Can and I Will; for confident, assured behaviour, and belief in positive results (spray or drops)

Essenshell Self-Empowerment; for self-assurance and confidence in our own abilities and inner strength.

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