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Essenshell Essence
 2018 July Issue 65

Winter Watchdogs


These four ‘Winter Watchdogs’ can keep a close eye on us and help us deal positively with winter bugs. They are just as appropriate for children, and can also be made into sprays for young children and babies.

They are on ‘Special’ with this newsletter.


Winter Watchdogs

When summer heat retreats at last,

and winter chill creeps in,

It often brings the coughs and colds,

and other flu-like things.

We can’t close our noses,
and not breathe the chilly air;

and our worry and fear causes lots of despair.

“Oh no! Why me? I shouldn’t get sick!

I’ll just need to rest and get over this quick”.

With the help of the Shells
we can reach a new stage

of positive health, and delete that old page!

So welcome these ‘watchdogs’,
each carries a gift.

Bring them into your home;
winter nasties they’ll shift.

1.    Essenshell Support: This is a Blend I take routinely night and morning to support my immune system. I recommend it to anyone who is in contact with groups of people who may unconsciously be spreading viruses. It’s also great for school kids who are often in close contact with coughs and colds. Excellent also when traveling.


2.    Essenshell Boost: This Blend returns energy and relieves tiredness, so take it during and after colds and flu to stop reoccurring patterns.

3.    I Breathe With Ease: Excellent to take before sleep, (but if you have Sleep Apnea then ‘Sea Urchin’ is better).  Take ‘I Breathe with Ease’ also during the day if you are experiencing breathing problems.


Winter Watchdogs

When summer heat retreats at last,

and winter chill creeps in,

It often brings the coughs and colds,

and other flu-like things.

We can’t close our noses,
and not breathe the chilly air;

and our worry and fear causes lots of despair.

“Oh no! Why me? I shouldn’t get sick!

I’ll just need to rest and get over this quick”.

With the help of the Shells
we can reach a new stage

of positive health, and delete that old page!

So welcome these ‘watchdogs’,
each carries a gift.

Bring them into your home;
winter nasties they’ll shift.

I Travel with Ease

A pack of 3 25ml dosage Blends I consider essential for healthy, happy travelling.

Essenshell Support: This supports the immune system and seems to protect against breathing in all the bacteria and viruses from crowded aircraft, cruise liners etc. Take it before, during and after flights and cruises.

Essenshell Travel: This blend re-balances energy meridians to minimize any negative effects and discomfort due to air travel. It also helps to maintain a happy, positive frame of mind during the holiday. It’s an essence Leonie and I took each day we were travelling overseas to teach.

Heaven Sent: Returns emotional balance during times of shock, fear, anxiety, and unreasonable fears such as phobias.

Also useful to apply or spray externally to remove the painful energy of bites and bruises, but needs to be applied immediately.

Nancy’s New Book – Now Available!

Arise and Shine – Your Journey of Self Discovery

“I’ve just finished reading your new book ‘Arise and Shine’. I loved it!

What an inspirational read. Thank You. What I am taking from your book is to simply set intentions daily. This has allowed me to stop the negative self-talk. I am occupying my mind and finding time to work on achieving these intentions I have set. Simple as some of them may be, but very rewarding. So much more, too! Including beautiful poems.

Please make sure you read this book; Nancy writes in such a language we can all understand. Thanks Nancy.”                                    Kaz  Sydney

Using Shell Essences in every-day life


I want to share this story about how Shell Essences can be used in every-day life and especially during challenging times. We need to keep our own personal energy clean and strong, instead of living our lives carrying around the energy of everyone around us, including the energy of stress and trauma.

I was doing some teaching at a local school recently, and during morning tea I had a conversation with a teacher, Kate, who told me she was struggling with life. Kate said that everything was getting on top of her since the recent destructive floods in Tasmania.

Kate said her family were hating each other, as they were living in a confined space, upstairs in their home, because their downstairs area was so water damaged and unliveable, requiring major repair.

I gave Kate a quick hug an offered to give her an aura cleanse next time I saw her.

The opportunity arose, some days later, when we were together again during morning tea, so I gave Kate the cleanse I had promised. I did full sprays, whole body, palms and under the feet with ‘Just Me’ and ‘Moving On’. Kate smiled, thanked me and we went back to work.

The next day I asked Kate how she felt after the aura cleanse and she was so grateful. She told me that she slept solidly for the first time since the floods and felt totally refreshed and stronger to deal with everything. I have to say I was also amazed at how much better she looked than the day before!

I really believe that products like Shell Essences, can offer us so much in daily life if we can get into the habit of using them as part of our every-day routines.

Thank You Shell Essences!         Wendy Bishop



Tiredness is usually the result of physical activity, but weariness is the result of too much unnecessary emotional activity – worry; anxiety; fear; lack of trust and faith; taking on the worries of others and trying to solve their problems. This all results in weariness – not a feeling of muscular tiredness but of emotional exhaustion.

If this weariness continues it also affects the physical body, which may then show signs of stress as illness – especially chronic illness, and premature aging. How can this be resolved? The first stage is to become aware of the problem. Don’t dismiss weariness as just a part of human life, but try to uncover the specific causes. Understand that problems are not solved by worry and stress, but by finding the causes and removing them.

Women have often been programmed to take on the concerns and problems of others, which can’t be solved by us, so we just carry the burden. It seems somehow wrong to hand the burden back, but only the person involved can solve the problem once they own it. If the problem causing anxiety belongs to us, when we cease worrying, new solutions can be found.

Weariness can become a habit – even an accepted mode of life, but when we believe there is a much happier and fulfilling life awaiting us, we can open that door and step inside.

Focus on your breathing, and take slow, steady connected breaths, and place a hand over your heart. Breathe in all the beauty and happiness you can now imagine. Feel a new wave of energy enlivening your life, and know that this also enlivens our planet.

Three Coral Essences to help alleviate weariness and hopefully prevent further outbreaks are: Coral 14 – Stylaster; Coral 6 – Distichopora; and Coral 15 Turbinaria

Personal Blend


Our family is very grateful for the remedy Nancy made for my 6 year old daughter. She was very easily toilet trained from the age of 20 months; however she kept wetting the bed at nights. It became a self-esteem issue for her, and an unpleasant thing for me to wash the blankets almost every day.

Taking Shell Essences changed everything very fast; she took the remedy for 2 weeks and its now been 5 weeks of dry nights. I highly recommend taking Shell Essences.

Thank you!                                       Ela Bayliss


Personal Blend and Wound Healing


I have finished the Personal Blend, and things are just so much better; I’m ever so grateful.

I started taking the Wound Healing Sequence – first time was in the evening, and it was quite stimulating at night, keeping me too alert, so I have been taking it in the morning and lunchtime but hope to fit it in 3 times today. I simply love the effects so far. Initially it felt like an openness in my abdominal area (where I store a lot of tension), a release, and I was able to breathe more easily.

Then I’ve been noticing a real sense of empathy and kindness to others that is making me feel so warm and happy inside. Then I caught myself in the mirror and I saw a different me, one that looked younger and so much more vibrant.

Gosh, I’m loving this; long may it continue.

Thank you                                              Stacey

Wound Healing Sequence


Nancy and I have been friends for 35 years, and I am pleased to say I was walking with Nancy daily on the beach when I noticed her being drawn to the different shells along the way. She seemed to be mesmerized by what she was discovering.

Not long after Shell Essences was born, and over the years Nancy has given me drops for every problem in my life.


One month ago I had very serious knee surgery, and so I faithfully took the Wound Healing Sequence drops, and my surgeon noticed on a recent checkup that he was amazed at the wonderful recovery and strength now showing in my new knee.

I admire Nancy for her dedication to the Shells……she makes herself available to help anyone at any time, and I thank her so much.

What a great friend!                               Kristine.

Lunar Eclipses July – August 2018

We will be experiencing the second of 3 Lunar eclipses on 28th July. This total eclipse of the full moon is the most powerful eclipse of 2018 because of the activated karmic nodes – South Node in Aquarius, and North Node in Leo. The first eclipse was on the 13th July.

We will be experiencing the Karmic/Nodal cycles which are a repeat of those that occurred 19-20 years ago. It is a reminder to release fear and baggage from the past and overcoming problems which have held us back. We need to forgive and release.

It is a very empowering time particularly for those with zodiac signs in Aquarius or Leo to declutter space and energy. It is an empowering time for us all to acknowledge our Spiritual power. We are beings of Light having a human experience; it is time to acknowledge our forgotten power.

Shell Essences can support our higher aspirations for an enlightened life of peace, joy and love, and help to rebalance our planetary imbalances.

So why not support your intentions for your best life with the Angels of the Shells.

Many thanks to Kim Joblin Holistic Health Astrology.

Shell Essences

Newsletter 64 Specials

 Expires 1st  September 2018

These Specials prices are available from Shell Essences office and Website.


Shell Essences are a divine reassessment of an inner longing to realign yourselves with your true identity; something you feel you have forgotten during your human lives.

Shell Essences fulfill your need to recreate your ultimate, true, inner and outer selves. They do this by activating your inner memory of that which you have forgotten – whom and what you truly are.

Within the core, or center of your being is encased this knowledge of both your physical human lives and your ‘eternal oneness’.

Each Essence helps you to experience a different ‘note’ in your ‘vibrational orchestra’ which may have been ‘out of tune’ but can now be ‘retuned’. When the ‘note’ becomes ‘in tune’ you will know; it now feels ‘right’.

Special 1

The four ‘Winter Watchdogs’. Four Dose Blends to protect from winter ‘nasties’

Read all about them on Page 1.

Special price $75 (Save 13.60)


with every order over

Essenshell Support Dose Blend.

This Blend is also part of the Winter Watchdogs special as I believe it’s so important to ‘up’ our immunity during the winter months.

Special 2:

Three Tempting Trios - Three Dose Blends

1. I Travel with Ease (new) - Essenshell Travel; Heaven Sent; Essenshell Support

2. Confidence Pack – Essenshell Courage; Self Empowerment;  No More Fear

3. I Remember – I Remember; Essenshell Trust and Faith; Beyond Time

Special Price $50 each (Save $12.25)

Special 3:  

Weary No More

Three 25ml Coral Essences to help alleviate weariness –

Coral No.6 Distichopora – Clears ‘the blackboard of the mind’.

Coral No.14 Stylaster – Returns motivation, sense of power and ambition.

Coral No.15 Turbinaria – Deep Spiritual calm and peaceful sleep.

Special price $55 (Save $13.55)

Special 4:

Creating a Happy Space.

Three 125ml Sprays –

I Forgive and Release; Positive Energy Spray; Peace & Happiness.

Spray self, work and living areas to create an energy of calmness and happiness.

Special price $66 (Save $16.50)

Special 5: 

  Face Balm 40 gm and Hand and Body Moisturiser 250 ml.

Do you find your skin gets dry in winter?

These two products are great!

Special price $70 (Save $15 )

Special 6.

Five-Essence Sequences to be taken in sequence.

  1. Wound Healing Kit – a fantastic product!
    The testimonials keep coming!!

  2. 42 Muscle Balance Kit – Resets all the energy meridians. An all-time favorite.

  3. Turning Point Essences - Inspires courage; direction; love and manifestation.

Special price each $92.50 (save $19.50)

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