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Nancy Parker

Owner and Director of Shell Essences

Diploma of Occupational Therapy 

Qualified Shiatsu Practioner

Diploma of Kinesiology

Nancy is the owner and Director of Shell Essences, which she began to create in 1991 with the help of her business partner at that time, Leonie Hosey.

New Infinite Energy Essences are still arriving aligned with the higher vibrational energy now impacting our planet.

Nancy’s passions are nature – especially shells and fossils, and the developing science of consciousness, and vibrational healing.

She loves to write and share her information for the benefit of all, and she writes weekly blogs which have been very popular and are available on the Shell Essences Website.

Nancy has published three books – ‘Messages from Shells’, describing her journey with Shell Essences and the first forty Shell Essences.

‘Following the Light’; channeled self-help information.

‘Arise and Shine’; your journey of self-discovery. These are all available from the Shell Essence website.

The weekly blogs will also become a book eventually.

Nancy is available for free phone consultations to help you decide the most appropriate blend of Shell Essences.

She teaches workshops within Australia, and has taught in many overseas countries.

Nancy is assisted by her wonderful and talented staff, and is deeply grateful for their dedicated work for Shell Essences.

Nancy Parker photo
beach with shells

Shell Essences are vibrational remedies created by a method similar to that pioneered by Dr.Bach of Bach Flower Remedies.

Each Shell Essence is made from an energy imprint , or vibration, contained within the calcium body of a specific and very special individual shell or fossil.

They release unconscious negative memories from childhood, family tree experiences and other lifetimes.

Shell Essences heal the past, to create a positive future of love, compassion & oneness.


If you are unsure which Essences will be in your highest interest,

Call now on (02) 9528 4106 to receive a FREE consultation over the phone with Nancy.

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