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News Letter


Essenshell Essence
 2017 Issue 61

These three sprays are created with the Infinite Energy Essences

Some people ask whether sprays are as effective as essences – the answer is yes.

You may have noticed that we are experiencing rather unusual and difficult planetary energies, including powerful solar winds which connect with the planets magnetic grid to which we are also connected.

Our planet is apparently traveling through a part of the universe which we humans have never travelled through before. It’s all good news, and we, and our planet are adapting, but it may cause discomfort until we become accustomed to the changes.

How are these energies affecting us? Perhaps you are experiencing tiredness? sleeping difficulties? unsteadiness? vague anxiety? fear? and even occasional dizziness and emotional discomfort. (carliniinstitute .com)

So – I’ve re-made ‘I am Safe, all is Well’ to rebalance us to these stronger magnetic frequencies.

I’ve included ‘Seahorse’ spray to help us access the higher vibrational frequencies to manifest positive change and create our heart’s desires.

The third spray is a new one – ‘Love, Peace, and Compassion’. Doesn’t the name say it all? If you spray yourself each morning with Love, Peace and Compassion’ these beautiful frequencies will connect from your aura to all those you contact during the day, workmates, family and friends. Thus we can all play our part in spreading peace throughout our communities.

The three sprays are created from the Infinite Energy Essences which have arrived – and are still arriving - to help us access higher vibrations.

These frequencies and the understanding of them have been stored within our DNA until we are ready to use them.

Once we have released many of the old negative implants we have been carrying for centuries we can begin to create with the newer energies.

Many new inventions, wisdom and understanding will gradually become available to us when we are able to work in the ‘higher’ frequencies. The ‘high’ vibrational frequencies of the Infinite Energy Essences help us to uncover these new ideas and ideals when we are ready. They are just waiting for our request and belief.

Remember our ‘belief’ is our most important tool for creating positive lives. So rather than make a request for something, give gratitude for the fact that you already have that positive experience or gift, and then it will manifest.

This is the wisdom that Seahorse is teaching us.



Personal Shell Essence Blend.

“Thank you so much for the custom made Shell Essence Blend you made for me a few weeks ago when I was feeling very stuck and not feeling at all like ‘myself’ – always felt like someone or something else around me.

This Blend has been fabulous! By the end of week three on it I am feeling much better and finally feeling truly like ‘myself’.......first time I’ve felt like this consistently for about 15-20 years!! ..... and it seems to be holding nicely even though I have been off the Blend now for about a week. It also seems that I am not picking up other people’s stuff from around me so much now either, and if I do it is much easier to clear. My head feels much clearer and I’m also much more grounded.

I’m amazed at how you were able to pick the perfect Blend for my situation just by me talking to you over the phone. I am very grateful to you and your lovely Shell Essences Nancy.” Liz SA 

‘The Therapeutic Three’

This newsletter is featuring three new sprays to create balance during times of change and stress.

‘I Am Safe, All is Well’ (new version) to provide balance during changing planetary energies.
‘Seahorse’ for manifesting positive change with the higher vibrational frequencies.
‘Love, Peace and Compassion’ to spread those positive energies so necessary at present.

 Self-Healing Sequence I had finished the Starting Anew sequence and as my Birthday was due was wondering which essence to take to lead me forward into the next year.

I always wait for a sign and at the same time 2 beautiful Baler Shells which I have in my home kept glowing and were taking my attention.

While sorting my newsletter file the Self-Healing sequence leapt out at me to re-read and there was Baler Shell with its beautiful affirmation.

When I take the Essences I always say the affirmation for each and these REALLY HIT HOME. They brought up lots of buried feelings and attitudes about myself which I realized had been put into my consciousness by others and I had taken them on board.

At the same time I started the sequence I decided to read a book which had been sitting on my shelf for many years and it worked side by side with the Self-Healing Essences. The book "My Place" had a huge impact on me. It was written by Sally Morgan and it turned out she lived in the same suburb where I spent my teenage years so the connection was strong with bringing up memories of those very fragile years.

I can see aspects of myself which have been playing the same programme of Rejection and Shame and sense of Poverty; I have been saying to myself for TOO Long of WHY CAN'T I GET MOVING!!!

The penny has finally dropped! Sally didn't give up and really succeeded through perseverance and hard work and study.

I am so grateful for the sequence which is showing me how I have allowed my life to be dictated to by taking on board other people's perceptions of how my life should be. Over the years I've had little bursts of doing well and then falling back into the same old negative patterns.

Thanks to ‘OBSIDIAN STARFISH’ I am READY TO CHANGE and leave the darkness behind and am ready to open a new chapter in my life uncluttered with Negative Creations.

With gratitude to Nancy and the wonderful Shells, 

Heaven Sent and Just Me Plus are my First Aid Kit.

Over the past 6 months or so I have been experiencing a strong push from the universe in the form of events around me to really move through my unconscious limitations. Having come through the other side I now have the clarity that this is exactly what has been happening.

What I noticed during the time was that despite noticing major positive breakthroughs I would experience moments of intense anxiety. Along with meditation and free writing to process my feelings I was taking Heaven Sent at least once daily (mostly more!) and what I noticed was that it eased my symptoms enough to gain the clarity I needed to make the breakthroughs.

What was also highlighted for me during this time is how sensitive I could be to other people’s anxiety.(I also learned that anxiety is a ‘group phenomena’ and not an individual; it is a kind of kinetic energy that impacts people who are involved in the same thing at the same time,) therefore I knew it was important to protect myself from other people’s, but also to protect others from mine (especially my kids – there were times when my anxiety was intense that my son had pains in the belly...for ‘no reason’!) Being aware of this I was spraying myself with Just Me Plus a few times a day and I would notice almost instantly I felt more grounded.

I now carry these 2 essences everywhere I go and I would not leave home without them. I consider them my ‘First Aid Kit’ and cannot recommend this combination enough.”

Fiona Sydney. 

Doggie Drops

My 16 year old dog recently had her teeth cleaned under a general anaesthetic. A week after the procedure she went down hill, coughing and confused. I was so worried; I though she might die and felt so guilty having put her through the operation at that time of her life.

I talked to Nancy and she suggested a Shell Essence Blend for the cough and Heaven Sent spray.

Lucy improved but my other 12 year old dog started coughing. After another visit to the vet she was diagnosed with kennel cough. This time the drops were made into a spray. Both dogs have stopped coughing and are now greatly improved.

Michelle Sydney 

Wound Healing Sequence

Each day I take my dogs for a walk through the mangroves along a narrow steep track around trees, over slippery rocks and mud, but lovely energy. However a month ago I had a bad fall resulting in a very painful and hugely swollen ankle! Two little trees prevented me falling over the edge of the embankment! Luckily I had Heaven Sent with me which I took for the shock, and poured over my ankle so eventually I could hobble back to the car.

I decided to treat my ankle by taking the Wound Healing Sequence – after all, it healed my little dog’s leg! Amazing! After about 3 weeks no more swelling or pain and I could walk normally – although rather cautiously through those mangroves! Nancy, Sydney 

Essenshell Boost.

(Email sent to this lady’s Shell Essence practitioner)

“I don’t wish to be greedy, but are you able to make up some more bottles of your Boost drops. I just want to stockpile a few bottles. These drops are amazing. I feel energized, motivated, clear- headed, no depression and no belly bloat. Can you imagine how good that makes me feel?”

This lady has been debilitated for a number of years now, often having to spend days in bed with bloating and pain. It has limited her ability to travel and commit to anything. She had a 1 hour healing with me and I gave her the Boost drops. What a wonderful result! ...................Lee, Vic. 

Discovering Unknown Gifts

“You do not know what undiscovered gifts await you until you are faced with some previously unknown difficulty.

When confronted with a ‘sink or swim’ you will discover gifts and qualities which you never guessed were hiding within. And this is one reason why unexpected difficulties arise, sometimes when you thought ‘but everything was going so well!’

By confronting these problems you may not ‘sink’ as you initially feared, but ‘rise to the surface’, and once these problems are confronted, unexpected gifts may be discovered.

Perhaps you have the awareness “Oh my God that is a problem which my parents had and accepted as normal! I have been programmed to expect and accept this! No, it’s not normal for me and I can change these old negative attitudes.”

Maybe problems arise and conflicts develop within family or work relationships. Again, you can criticize, deny, or perhaps take the blame. However another thought may arrive; ‘this is a problem I can solve with understanding and compassion; there is no need for a conflict of interests. You may then discover you have the ability to see things differently and find paths of communication and cooperation.

Personal problems which arise to confront you are usually of great value when you look for the gifts which they can offer if the intent is for learning, cooperation and harmony.”

Continue to gather and spread the gifts of wisdom and harmony you are creating. Remember you are all connected in this wonderful web of life, and the problems and difficulties you solve will spread their healing wisdom to all.”

Watch for my w 

42 Muscle Balance

Recently after a trip with more walking than normal, and the tightening of my calf muscles, I was hobbling along as I had pain directly behind the knee, especially when I got up out of bed, or from sitting. Once I got moving it would free up.

On Nancy’s suggestion I found my 42 Muscle Balance Kit and began taking it, initially on the first day 4 times, then about 2-3 times over the week and now just morning and evening. I felt a lot of relief within the first 24 hours, and it soothed all the tension that was being held in my muscles.

Funny how I had the tools at hand, the resources I needed for healing, and yet in the moment of dealing with unexpected pain/discomfort I forgot what I had in my own ‘self-care’ tool kit!

I am again reminded of how effective the Shells are, especially when working in the harmony of a sequence. They are easy to use, gentle, and they work. Deb. Vic. 

Personal Blend Remedy

After an intense period of many, many weeks when selling our home; selling my father-in-law’s house; taking over the keys of our new home and organizing a move from city to regional country it finally came to a conclusion with only the unpacking part still to be done! And then this was the time when I began to feel unwell with very high blood pressure which I had rarely experienced in years. I couldn’t focus on sorting out the boxes – or even make a plan of what needed to be done!

I have had Shell Essences in my life since 1996, and yet in the busyness of all I was doing I neglected to make up Blends to support myself!

Nancy prescribed a personal Blend for me which I made up, and WOW!! I was reminded of how quickly the Shells can get to work!

I feel more joyful and happy as we make our house our home. I feel refreshed, relaxed, with clearer thinking. Simple remedy = surprising results and amazing outcomes, each and every time I use the Essences. The empowerment to keep moving forward with our lives is the gift of the Shell and Coral Essences. Deb. Vic.

From a Practitioner

I have been with Shell Essences since their beginning, and I have enjoyed trialing the Essences as they come through. The most amazing benefit I have received for myself and my clients is being able to use them for my own self-counseling. They are valuable to give us coping skills as we journey through life.

Following are a few Essences I really love and have found helpful if starting anew, whether it’s a relationship, moving to a new area, work or study.

Volute II: assists to create a more fortunate life with abundance and creativity. Very useful if you feel ‘put down’ by others, and it creates a feeling of “I can do it”

Estuary Shell: New beginnings. Helps with learning and memory, and to fit in with a new group of people. Also useful when wanting to make friends or just feel comfortable in a new environment, whether work, college, Uni. Etc.

Callala Bay Scallop: Is an Essence of the heart which clears old negative patterns from the past. A few drops of stock in the corners of the bedroom clears out old energy – how many times do we lay in bed rehashing old stuff? Allows a fresh start especially when wanting to revive a relationship or start a new one.

Paua Shell: A liver cleanser, releases stubbornness, frustration and anger, and encourages a positive expression of anger. A good start if you have forgiveness issues.

Chocolate Cowrie: good for the jaw, for anyone who clenches their teeth or can feel that their jaw is tight. Use when you have relationship problems, jealousy, arguments and fear. Encourages emotional wellbeing, balanced relationships.

Jingle Shell: Take when feeling stuck, especially blocked energy from the waist down; helps to free the chi so you can move on with ease.

Removes jealousy so you can value your own achievements rather than comparing yourself with others.

Little Whelks: When the child within lacks joy, or there’s a problem with digestion. Let’s lighten up and have fun.

Have a look and use your intuition to choose where you need to move or change direction. We all like to be around happy, peaceful, enthusiastic people, but we must open the door to our own heart first.

Isabelle Clark. Sydney. - Kinesiology Practitioner; Meditation Teacher; Shell Essence Trainer.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful testimonials. Everyone loves reading them. Nancy 

The Trustworthy Ten & The Timeless Ten Infinites

For those who would like to start to work with the Shells and Infinites there are now two Starting Kits each containing 10 of the Essences which seem to be most applicable at present. These are the Essences which ‘come up’ regularly when I make personal Blends.

Which Essences are these?
First we need the help of the Single Shell Essences to release our old negative programs.

The Trustworthy Ten: Cockle; Limpet; Little Whelks; Necklace Nerite; Paua Shell; Pheasant Shell; Rainbow Delight; Scallop; Stromb. Canarium; and Tent Venus.

Then to work with the new energies -

The Timeless Ten Infinites: Ammonite; Baler Shell; Goniastrea; Green Moss Agate; Noble Volute; Ocean Jasper; Seahorse; Stromatolite; and Wonder Cowrie.

Each set of 10 Essences is available for $205 in the ‘Specials’ 


Shell Essences are a divine reassessment of an inner longing to realign yourselves with your true identity; something you feel you have forgotten during your human lives.

Shell Essences fulfill your need to recreate your ultimate, true, inner and outer selves. They do this by activating your inner memory of that which you have forgotten – whom and what you truly are.

Within the core, or center of your being is encased this knowledge of both your physical human lives and your ‘eternal oneness’.

Each Essence helps you to experience a different ‘note’ in your ‘vibrational orchestra’ which may have been ‘out of tune’ but can now be ‘retuned’. When the ‘note’ becomes ‘in tune’ you will know; it now feels ‘right’.


Newsletter 61 Specials Expires 1st Sept. 2017
These Specials prices are available from Shell Essences office and Website. 

I remember when I began to create the Shell Essences in 1991. As I chose each shell, I had to ask the question “Will this shell make an essence to help humanity through difficult times to come?” It, seemed a strange question back then, but perhaps we have now reached those difficult times, and the Shell Essences are holding out their hands to link us with our Light. 

with every order over $120 


Nancy’s channelled book ‘Following the Light’.

I feel very blessed to be able to offer this wisdom and support just when we need it most. Read the book then hold it to your heart and it will open at the page which will give the most insight to help you on that day.

“This book speaks of truths that resonate with a very deep part of me, yet in this busy life I lead I often forget about. These beautiful words serve as a reminder that our lives, and us as individuals are so much more than what we sometimes limit ourselves to” Jo. 

Special 2:

750 ml Shower-Gel
Pump Pack
A family favourite, another product I’d never want to be without.
Contains essences to remove negative energy fields, negative attachments from others, and radiation energies.
Special price $50 Save $10

Special 1

The Therapeutic Three.
Three sprays which can be used separately or as a sequence.
(See page 1)

Special price $66 Save $16.50 


Special 3:  Your choice of these great, popular Five Essence Kits.

The five Essences are always taken in sequence, and instructions are included.

Self-Healing Sequence - Unsure? Read Lyn’s Testimonial! This sequence has been very popular. 

42 Muscle Balance:

An all time favourite! Rebalances energy meridians after injury, physical stress, or chronic imbalances.

Wound Healing Kit: 

Has been shown to speed healing of physical wounds, and perhaps also emotional wounds.

Special Price for each kit $92.50 (Save $20.35).

Special 4: The Trustworthy 10
Stock Shell Essences
The Timeless 10 Stock Infinite Essences.
A great way to start using the Shells and Infinites.
These boxes each contain 10 of the currently most
popular Essences, so can be used to create Blends
as well as taken separately.
Special Price for each set of 10 - $205 Save $23.50 

Special 6. The Hand and Body Moisturiser,

and the Face Balm.

Very useful during winter when our skin seems to
be much dryer.
Each of these products contains specific Shell
Essences of course, and is made by our wonderful Lisa of Fleurwood.

Special price $70 Save $15 

Special 5. Pendants of Peace –
Tree of Life, with essences of Love and Manifestation Mermaid, with essences of Peace and Joy
Special price $30 each.
These pendants are always very popular. If the glass vial falls off please let me know and I will replace them. (This occasionally happens – maybe 1 or 2 out of twenty.) 
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