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October  2022

Mother Nature’s Love and Support

Although we humans often see ourselves separate from Nature, we are actually a part.

This Essence will help us all to understand and value our connection to all of Nature, and
to use this beautiful energy to develop our own power and wisdom. The basic energy
of Nature is love, and this is the energy with which we are all created.

When we visit undisturbed parts of Nature, we can understand how all of Nature fits
together, and each is an important part of the whole. We can see how we are also
connected, and are part of the whole of this beautiful planet.

When we reconnect with Mother Nature, we can regrow, and relearn her healing
qualities of love and connectedness, once understood more fully by Native Tribes people,
but often lost over many decades of our connection only to human-built things. Mother
Nature teaches, inspires, and heals us, helping us to discover the beautiful Beings we actually are.

This Essence was made amongst the mangroves, rocks and sea, and when I was deciding where to sit, a large white bird waded in the water, circling the rocks until I sat down, and then it moved on!

The mangrove trees wanted to say;

“Notice how interconnected we all are; there is no competition or destruction. Our roots and branches each support us all, and create safe homes for crabs, insects, birds, and small fish. The rocks of Mother Earth provide stability, and allow many tiny organisms to grow and thrive, and the beautiful ocean sends gentle tides to keep everything growing and nourished. We know you have a fear of floods and earth movements, and we, the rocks and mangroves, work together to protect and heal Mother Earth. When you realise our value, you will not destroy us, but give gratitude for our support and love”.

When you feel lost, sad, and alone, find solace with Mother Nature – her energy will always support and comfort you.

Our beautiful Queen Elizabeth understood this, and perhaps her greatest legacy is her support for nature. Perhaps we could all plant a tree in memory of her, and in gratitude for Mother Nature?


“Although I spend some time every day in nature, maybe just walking through a park, when I took this Essence for the first time, even though I wasn’t feeling stressed, I was amazed by the gentle feeling of peace that enveloped me. I’m sure there is more to this Essence than I realized".

Mother Natures Love Support.JPG

Mother Nature’s Love and Support

Dear Mother Nature empowers
This Essence with Wisdom and Love.
To connect with us all on Earth and Above.
Her beautiful arms protect and surround us
So we live in Peace with all those around us.
Testimonial from Kimberleigh Joblin

Your New Essence:  Mother Nature by Kimberleigh Joblin

“If you’ve been noticing how your thoughts tend to drift towards negative self-judgements and self-criticism, a dose or two of Nancy’s new Essence, recently created, may be just the tonic you require.

It induces serene self-acceptance and appreciation of your perfection. Even in your state of imperfection it induces a more loving and peaceful sense of being OK in your own skin – just the way you are – it helps you to take more delight in life, with all its dirt and harshness of reality, and to be more grateful of the ‘gift-of-life’ you’re granted whilst you’re on Mother Earth.

Perhaps you might take more time daily to be in Nature; breathe, notice her subtle ever-present gifts and deep beauty.

Her message to me: ‘With every breathe you take, with every thought you think, with everything you feel, please know this now; Through the workings of Divine Will, something you never believed you would be able to heal, is going to be able to.”  Thank you, Kim!

If you need help with Medical Astrology Insights, Naturopathy Solutions, and Natural Medicines, contact Kimberleigh Joblin.

Mother Earth has created our home,

But without Mother Nature, we’d feel so alone.

We’ve arrived on this Planet to create a new life,

And learn to live without warfare and strife.

Everything on this Planet we need,

Nature provides, when we allow her to lead.

Mother Nature teaches us wisdom and peace,

So, all our fears and sorrows can cease.

She empowers us each with compassion and love

To know we’re all one, on earth and above.


Testimonial from Sue Oxley

Shell Essence Face and Neck Balms and Hand and Body Moisturiser.

From about March until October, my skin is very dry and rough. Within a very short time the Balms and Moisturiser transform my skin to feeling soft and smooth once again. I feel like I have added a layer of protection all over my body, which is very soothing, and the delicate lavender aroma also provides a calming effect which is extremely helpful for sleeping.

Testimonial from Lolli the cat

“In August 2021 Lolli my cat had a growth on her nose, and was very sickly. She was off her food, and the vet diagnosed her with Cryptococcus – which is terminal! The vet said to bring her back in a few weeks, and if she was worse, they would have her put down.


I was beside myself with sadness, and Melinda Smith from ‘Heavens Above Counselling’ suggested that I seek help from Nancy, and put her Shell Essence ‘Stress-less’ drops in Lolli’s water. I also changed Lolli’s diet by adding freshly poached whiting fillets for her every day, and changed her dry food to a sensitive stomach brand.

I let her start sleeping on my bed every night, and made sure she had some sunshine whenever it was available; and most of all I multiplied her doses of LOVE every day.


The lump dropped off her nose within 6 weeks, and she started to put on weight. Twelve months later she is a thriving and healthy little cat, who bosses me around every day!

When the vet saw her 6 months after her first diagnosis, she just kept saying “I am amazed!

I am amazed!” - Cherie, Lolli’s Mum

“Well, we have a major mix-up time right now – with a big scrambling up of our Heavens, Planets, and life on Mother Earth – occurring all at once and over an extended period of time into March 2023.

Many of the planets and asteroids are pre-retrograde or actually retrograde, or they are in opposition or Square to each other. Including;

Mars in Gemini (Inflammation, Infections, Transport, Internet, computers, hacking to March 2023)

Mercury in Virgo (Communication, Travel, Computers, Siblings, Thyroid, Digestion, purchases, to October 2022).

Retrograde in both Libra and Virgo – currently Virgo.

Uranus in Taurus (Body electrical circuits, circulation of Blood and Lymph)

Saturn in Aquarius (Body structures, skeletal system, skin, challenges)

Pluto in Capricorn (Deep unconscious issues, family money, taxation, life, death, marriage, business partnerships etc)

Jupiter in Aries and Pisces (Liver - late October 2022, arteries, blood supply, but also joy, hope, faith, and goodness, blessings and abundance. Retrograde in Aries, but late October in Pisces.

Many Retrogrades, Retroshades, and Squares of the planets occur in our lives, and we may experience much angst and conflict in earthly matters – life may seem to be moving in a fairly certain direction… and then it’s not!

So, now, & next months, expect U-turns, cancellations, direction changes, so prepare to be flexible and resilient for a smoother, happier outcome.

We’re forced to have many re-thinks, revisions, reviews, direction changes, or re-negotiate many areas of life, work, travel, finances, home, health, etc.

Venus Star Point

One significant and special event, possibly heralding the beginning of the promised 1000 years of peace, is the movement of the Venus Star Point from Mars-ruled Scorpio (God of war) to Venus-ruled Libra (Goddess of peace, harmony, balance and beauty) This occurs with an Evening Star Point entry into Libra at the end of October 2022.

Venus Star Point has 250-year cycles, so after 100 years of transition through Zodiac Sign Scorpio, it will be into Zodiac Sign Libra.

This heralds a chance for humanity to usher in a more balanced, beautiful, and peaceful earthly existence, with less emphasis on the patriarchal focus of the last few centuries.

There is already a rising of the feminine again, and more focus on fairness for all. It might take 100 years of the 250-year cycle for the Venus Star Point to usher in our promised 1000 years of peace, but it’s something to bring hope to all, I believe.”

Nancy, I see your new Essence – ‘Mother Nature’s Love and Support’, created out of the Energy of Nature, as combining the two Venus Star Point Types,  Taurus – Earth Element’/  Mother Nature Venus-Type, and Libra, – Air Element/Uranian Venus-Type; how very fitting, heralding the new Venus Star Point in Libra in one month’s time.

What’s Going on in the Heavens Lately - From Kimberleigh Joblin 0468411283

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