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the drops that make a diffrence
 2017 Issue 62
‘Co-operation Corals and Clam’

This Essence has an energy which is so needed by many of us today. Each of the Infinite Energy Essences arrives when there is a universal need for a particular healing; on some level, the Spirit, or Angels of the Shell Essences are listening and watching, and I feel very blessed to receive the information and follow their instructions.

This Essence has been created from the energy frequencies within a clam shell found on a New Zealand beach, and pieces of pink coral found on a Queensland beach and sent to me by two friends. This is the first time two very different creations from the sea have chosen to work together.

This Essence is for co-operation on all levels, even co-operation within the cells of our bodies. So when we want our cellular bodies to co-operate with the intention of healing, then this is the Essence which will help this process. It can also create positive thoughts of co-operation, so within our minds, there will be no negative ideas, but thoughts of harmony and peace.

If there is dissent within family or community groups, co-operation will change the energy. When there is enough community co-operation countries will start to co-operate.

The spreading swirl of ‘Co-operation’ is far stronger than the rigid bands of negativity. Co-operation softens disharmonies and spreads an energy of positive agreement which will spread to all those with whom we connect. When there is co-operation instead of separation there is joining and togetherness which creates oneness.



Co-operation Corals and Clam


I have been using the new essence of ‘Co-operation’ – what a gift!

It is so gentle and calming to all the senses of emotion, physical, mental and spiritual.

I feel it has truly united all the aspects of feelings that have arisen in this time of personal and global change. If a feeling of disharmony has arisen through any chaos that has occurred, it has been like a soothing response has come from within to reassure me that all is well and that a loving, divine intervention is at play amidst any of this chaos.

I feel for me also that I have been able to more deeply recognize a truth, rather than a ‘cheeky naughty’ coming from a negative egoic fear. This essence is really so nurturing and it throws out the saying that differences can never merge and mix.

‘Co-operation’ is a keeper for me.                                           Renie    Vic

Coral & Clam
When within the cells of my body
And countries, families & friends
Enters the harmony of co-operation
All Breaks and Divisions it mends


The first thing that I noticed when taking the essence was a sense of ease and relaxation. Communication and rapport significantly improved as a result.

However the most dramatic results I noticed the next day; I made a dosage bottle for my mother, whilst I continued to take the stock. Almost immediately there was a sense of peace & general good humour in our interactions. Unfortunately this is rarely the case between us!

Normally under circumstances of high stress regarding family issues my mother and I are literally at each others throats, both needing to have the last word and needing to be right, whilst having conflicted opinions about the best course of action.

This time when dealing with a family crisis there was nothing! Just pure co-operation enacted with relative grace.

Communication was relatively jovial, and an afternoon and evening which could have been incredibly negative, toxic and a nightmare, given the circumstances, was relatively drama free.

Nothing short of a miracle!   Ambrose       NSW


I have been taking the new essence ‘Co-operation’ for a little over 2 weeks and I’ve observed how much easier most things are – especially when dealing with other people.

Interestingly enough my partner has begun to change some of his habits to match mine. We’ve not talked about ‘hey, I’m doing this, why don’t you do what I’m doing?’ No coercing him to follow me, even if I think it would be good for him too. Instead, as I’ve been changing my eating and exercise habits, he has begun to mirror me, of his own free will and choice.

We are now enjoying a new connection with one another by the similarities of what we are doing – engaging in making positive change towards our health – which is very nice.

I also can sense and feel a new relationship and connection with my body and my mind. There is an overall increased sense of collaboration to work in harmony to bring about changes.

I have not felt this good and well for a long time, more alive, more committed to the pathway I am on towards better health, improved wellness and increasing my vibration to being so much lighter.

Co-operation has arrived at the perfect time in my life and brings to me heart-felt gratitude that I can now hear the messages my body whispers.                                Deb-bee G  Vic.


I definitely feel excited about the Co-operation Essence, and it’s exactly what I need at present.

Even though I sometimes still feel overwhelmed, this essence is supporting me to feel more loving and accepting of myself. I feel more structured; better managing what I need to do and the goals I want to achieve.

I feel more co-operation with my body, and my positive side is holding my hand, and we will keep chipping away.                                                                                                  Belinda   Vic

Wound healing Sequence


After Nancy gave a presentation at the Dowsers Society recently and I was blown away by her journey and her authenticity.

I injured my knees about 35 years ago and have broken cruciate ligaments and very little cartilage. I am active and have been doing all I can to maintain my mobility, as I do not intend to have knee replacements. However, as I aged, my knees have been getting worse and more painful and I was making adjustments to what I could do in terms of long walks, multiple stairs etc. I rang Nancy and her guidance recommended ‘Wound Healer’. After 5 weeks, the improvement in my knee functioning was quite amazing and I no longer have to be concerned about my daily mobility and I have no pain. I am so relieved. I am following up with the ‘42 Muscle Balance’ to reinforce the healing, and balance my chakras and meridians to support my body, mind and spirit. Thank you so much Nancy for your wisdom and healing.

                                               Robyn,   NSW

I was very honoured to be asked to speak at the meeting of the Dowsers Society in Sydney in August.

I would like to thank the many lovely people who have contacted me from that meeting.

I love hearing from you all.

Wound Healing Sequence

Wounds can be both physical and emotional. Wounds can also be caused by psychic attack and infringements from people who do not wish you well.

I was suffering from psychic attacks from some ‘terrorists’. They would invade my brain and spinal column and leave wounds in my body and aura.

I was feeling unbalanced and unwell.

I took the Wound Healing Sequence about 5 times a day to start with. My mind became clearer and slowly my body came back into balance as I continued with the treatment. Old wounds also surfaced and I now use the drops morning and evening.

I have become very aware of other peoples energies, and have become more protective of myself in a positive way.     Mona    Sydney

Turning Point Sequence

I loved this sequence of 5 essences. I would have kept taking it, but after 4 weeks I trusted that I had truly had my ‘Turning Point’.

Whilst I was taking this sequence my intention was to RESET my life; to expect a better way of living in balance and that is precisely where the pathway has lead.

What I think was the most profound result of this sequence was the connection of the wisdom within coming clearly to mind, and the willingness to take the action I had long been resisting. I faced up to things I had procrastinated over. Lots of small changes and the result is significant change.

The Turning Point sequence was pivotal in overseeing and guiding me to CHANGE.

                                           Deb-bee  VIC

42 Muscle Balance Kit

Thanks to the Shell Essence 42 Muscle Balance Kit, my dog Simba has regained mobility in his back legs and spent his 13th birthday walking along the beach.                                    Kerry     NSW

Wound healing Sequence


After the success earlier this year with the Wound healing Sequence I’ve now used it on my 10 year old dog.

He was trying to madly outrun a bigger dog half his age and ended up walking on three legs with the back leg damaged. I immediately applied Shell Essences Wound Healing Sequence. Combined with rest, within one week he had mostly recovered, and within 2 weeks was able to do a sprint on 4 legs! Amazing.

Then my sister-in-law arrived and had a bad fall on her knee. We used the Wound Healing Sequence; and then I suddenly had tennis elbow. So here were the three of us, my sister-in-law, me and the dog all lined up for our Wound Healing – we use this sequence in the form of 5 sprays.

How fantastic! One week later we are all recovered. Using the Wound Healing Sequence sprays, with rest and common sense we are all back to our optimum.          Rhonda   NSW

Mawson and Shackie, two members of Rhonda’s family who have both had amazing benefit from the Wound Healing Sequence, which was made into sprays for them.

When you see how many times the Wound Healing Sequence has been featured in the Newsletter testimonials, you can understand how important it has been for so many people and animals. If you know someone who has had an accident or operation etc, please let them know about the Wound Healing Sequence.


Shell Essences are a divine reassessment of an inner longing to realign yourselves with your true identity; something you feel you have forgotten during your human lives.

Shell Essences fulfill your need to recreate your ultimate, true, inner and outer selves. They do this by activating your inner memory of that which you have forgotten – whom and what you truly are.

Within the core, or center of your being is encased this knowledge of both your physical human lives and your ‘eternal oneness’.

Each Essence helps you to experience a different ‘note’ in your ‘vibrational orchestra’ which may have been ‘out of tune’ but can now be ‘retuned’. When the ‘note’ becomes ‘in tune’ you will know; it now feels ‘right’.

Nancy’s Blogs

Each week I take a few paragraphs from the channeled book I am currently writing, and my digital design guru Leisle emails them, puts them on Facebook and the Shell Essences website. She finds such cute illustrations to go with them.

Here are a couple of the most popular ones.

The Shell Essences which could help you see a more positive picture are:

Pheasant Shell – Unconditional love for self and others and discourages negative thoughts.

Fossil Nautilus – Connecting to the love within; accessing forgotten gifts and abilities.

I’m OK – Encourages a positive attitude and positive self-image, and increases self-esteem.

The Shell Essences which could help resolve sadness are:

Pipi – ‘To experience peace and sense of wholeness when there is grief and loss; seeing the bigger picture.’

Wonder Cowrie – ‘Restores feelings of closeness and connection when there is a perception of isolation, separation, and disconnection from Spirit, family and friends.’

No More Grief – Relieves feelings of sadness and loss, and encourages peaceful, calm acceptance.

Coral No.5 – Releases frozen, deep despondent grief which may be all encompassing and evident in the family tree.

Spray ‘Love, Peace and Compassion’


Newsletter 62 Specials Expires 1st Jan 2018
These Specials prices are available from Shell Essences office and Website. 

Hasn’t this year passed quickly??

I was just reminded that Christmas is coming soon and I needed to keep Christmas presents in mind when I was deciding on the ‘Specials’. – OMG!

Good idea! But please consider presents for yourself as well – we are too accustomed to putting others first.

with every order over $120 


Dosage bottle of ‘Co-operation Coral and Clam’.

Sometimes Christmas brings up more conflicts and disapprovals than co-operation. So let’s all accept and co-operate

Special 2:  Wound Healing Sequence

This Sequence is spreading its healing much further afield than I initially expected.  Read the many testimonials.


Special price $92.50  save $20.35

Special 1

The Trendy Trio. Three sprays
Positive Energy’,

‘Love Peace Compassion’
and ‘Co-operation’.

They can be used separately or in sequence. How great will these be for Christmas!

Special price $66 Save $16.50 


Special 3:  The 42 Muscle Balance Kit

Five single stock Essences taken in sequence to rebalance our energy on many levels. It’s similar to having an acupuncture treatment; it resets all the energy meridians and is possibly our most popular, and effective kit. Fabulous for relieving aches and pains, chronic problems etc.

Special price $92.50 (Save $20.35)

Special 4: Face Balm 40gm and Hand/Body Moisturiser (250 ml).

These are probably the two most popular of our face/body products, so we’ve put them both together.

Special price $70  (Save $15)

Special 6. Healthy Hair and Body

250 ml Natural Shampoo;
250 ml Natural Conditioner NEW;

250 ml Shower Gel.
favourite – you’ll love the new Conditioner! 
A great trio to take on holiday.

Special price $55.00 (Save $11.00)

Special 5:  The Turning Point. 

A 5 Essence box of Infinite Energy Essences to inspire courage, direction, love, and manifestation.

The five stock essences are taken in sequence: Ammonite; Green Moss Agate; Ocean Jasper; Noble Volute; Seahorse.

Read Deb’s testimonial.

Special price $95.00 (Save $17.85)

Special 8:  Shell Essence Healing Cards
and Booklet.

Includes the Set of 20 Infinite Energy Cards,
and Instructions on how to use the complete card-set.


            Special Price: $30 (Save $9.95)

healing cards

Special 7: Two Healing Touch Hand Cleansers 300 ml and a Cleanser Toner 125ml.

Contain special blend of Shell Essences for healthy hands and face.

Special price $50 (Save $9.80)

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