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Essenshells Newsletter 

Issue 78 AUGUST 2020

Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop

Single HawaiianSunriseScallop copy.png

This little Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop will create an Essence to help everyone coexist in a compassionate, friendly, noble planet where we are all connected within the powerful energy of Love, creating hope and happiness.

This Essence will help us understand our value on this planet, and recognize the mission that brought us here.

Each of the Infinite Energy Essences follows the previous one and takes us one step further on our journey.

When self-doubt arises and trust disappears we must look deep within ourselves, press the ‘reject key’, and any self-doubt and distrust will disappear,  as the powerful energy of ‘that which we are’ comes immediately to the forefront and dispels all fear and self-doubt.

Intuitive wisdom that has survived forever in the Hawaiian Islands has been held in these tiny shells until the timing to release it was right.

Although many of the new Essences convey love and compassion, this Essence takes us back to the eternal wisdom held for us from other Planetary Beings until we became desperate enough to listen within, acknowledge and learn.

The previous Essence Star Light began the first step of our return to wholeness and wisdom. Now Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop takes us one step further to regain the eternal wisdom of hope and happiness implanted within us from our sister planets until we reached the turning point when we were prepared to listen to new (to us) wisdom, and retreat from the old paths that had lead us into disaster so many times.

This Essence was created from a tiny Scallop sent to me from Hawaii.

The information that I was given with the shell says,

“These gifts of the ocean have a deep aloha that makes your heart open and radiate love out into the world.”

“They were carried into the Pacific Ocean to be charged with the energies of the whale’s song”.

The card contains a photo of a sunrise on a Kauai Hawaiian beach, taken by Debbie Gaehl.

(Thanks Deb!)

The Essence was made beside the sea among the mangroves where the only sounds are the song of the birds and the gentle lapping of the waves as the tide is coming in!

I would like to thank our Lemurian/Pleiadian ancestors and guides for giving us the information encoded into these Infinite Energy Essences – especially Star Light & Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop.

They were both very unexpected, but exactly what we need to move forward into the higher vibrational energies empowering this Planet. They return us to our roots in time to access the wisdom we left behind.

Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop


The curious thing about working with Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop is that upon reflection it seems as if it was already working with me in the energy space leading up to its creation.

Aspects of my life: both history and present, were moving into the sphere of my conscious awareness. A chance telephone call brought the opportunity to take Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop, and with that came the acceleration of healing for the very areas of my life that had been beginning to make their presence known to me.

The synchronicities regarding this essence and its energies before and during the taking of it are too numerous and eye-opening to name;  each both subtle and profound. It is like this remedy has married with my intention and my attention to bring about the very healing I desired

Briefly because it is difficult to describe, I have identified and changed patterns of behaviour regarding self-doubt, of  the acquiescing to the picture of me that others have held rather than me giving myself permission to ‘be me’ … such a New Age and an oft tossed about term however, oh so relevant in my experience currently.

All manner of assistance and facilitation of healing has manifested under ease and grace, bringing with it a knowing that the timing is beyond human design. I am also very aware that it is me taking the actions, making the decisions, and being open to and putting into practice the feeling, hearing and following of very ‘wise’ guidance.

I feel very ‘in my body’, more solidly ‘here’. It is like my presence is more present. My perception of my life history is now carried with less judgment. I have a kinder picture of myself, my journey, my present and future.

It feels quite the challenge to articulate the exact changes that have occurred in my life in just 2 short weeks of having been graced by the healing of Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop. The only thing I can say is to try it for yourself as I have found this healing experience to be remarkable, with a curious sense that it has anchored a change in me that is solid going forward, as if it is now a part of me. I smile gratefully because just maybe the truth is that it always was and I just needed ‘remembering’.


Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop

“Every time I take the Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop I feel an incredible sense of ease coming over me. It’s a very palpable sense of “I give myself permission to drop my bullshit’…it’s as though the things that usually obstruct or hinder my ability to cooperate with others seem to fall away. There is a sense and awareness of the importance of the bigger picture; of the interconnectedness and importance of relationships; not only human, but also the relationship we have to the animistic reality we are a part of.

Perhaps, most significantly this essence can show us the way and guide us in regards to our relationships. It’s as though it allows for a lack of collision where normally there are significant roadblocks in relation to others and circumstances around us.

It’s hard to define, but it really is as though it opens up the individual to experience the interconnected tapestry of life as a whole, as opposed to it merely being an abstract and obtuse concept.

A beautiful and miraculous essence, helping me to happily erode my cynicism”                      Lucius

Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop



“I am loving the new Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop. Though I’m tired (as I’ve been working throughout the night on a spiritual level??) this essence is bringing up lots of interesting stuff for me and clearing Ancestral Drudge! During my night-time spiritual work I found myself enacting clearings of density, pain and deep grief; performing services to the people and the land of my indigenous ancestors – enacting the work, I believe, of my Pleiadian Star Sister Guides, at my Iwi’s Lake Taupo Heritage land.

The Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop is an essence that helps you access the precious information encoded in your Natal Sun’s Part Of Spirit in your Natal Astrology Chart – your Astrological DNA. Your Part Of Spirit is the Divine Masculine Part of your Astrological Soul Path for your journey on earth; it represents how you Shine/Radiate your Spiritual Light. It describes how you access joy and Joi-De-Vive (Joy of Life), goodness of life and abundance – at the deepest spiritual level. (This is not available unless you are ready to move from 3D restrictive life patterns towards your 5D joyful, joy-filled life path and turn potential into reality - Shell Essence users are ready.) It lights up and activates the (hidden) 24th chromosome in our DNA, gifted to us by our Pleiadian Forebears so many years ago, which holds our Inner God/Goddess connection. (We are each a divine spark of God) I found it bringing forth (in my dreams) my spiritual healing strength and abilities. My dream-time strength, expertise and confidence was a real surprise to me!”                                                                                                  Kimberleigh

Suggestions for the use of Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop by Kimberleigh Joblin

“My suggestion is to use Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop together with Imperial Volute and your DNA Kit (see new DNA Kit in the Specials) to clear stuck negative patterns that just won’t budge.

Imperial Volute (now added into the new DNA kit) allows you to delete painful memories from your Akash (stored within your DNA) It helps you to access the higher dimensions of inner stillness, acceptance, peace, and inner confidence.

If you feel a deep sense of wounding that prevents you having a choice in your life path, add Tent Venus Shell to attract better options.

If you have fear restricting you, and if you are sleeping poorly with funny, odd thoughts, Pacific Crown Chakra Conch lets you move beyond fear to experience inner peace and joy. Your life difficulties lose their relevance allowing you to rise and evolve.

I’m also feeling drawn to use Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop with Coral 11 Palythoa, and Coral 12 Semporina.

Coral 11 is for clearing the Energetics related to ‘The fear of the father principle’, which may relate to a troublesome life experience. Many women experience thyroid issues related to this principle.

This fear of authority is represented in the sacred geometry of your bodily zones. This particular zone is masculine in the ability to speak with clarity, and feminine in the ability to listen and actually hear nourishing, loving, self-worth enhancing communications.

They work best when balanced.

An imbalance in this zone can show in physical thyroid issues. When you don’t feel heard and validated by authority in your life your thyroid gland can ‘wobble’ and malfunction.

I like Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop (rising of your Divine Masculine/Part of Spirit) to combine with Coral 11 to become your own balanced Authentic Loving Authority. Once you have discovered your inner strength/Divine Masculine, you can find ways to nourish and balance your Divine Feminine, supporting her to go forward in more life-enhancing, authoritative, higher vibrational ways.”

Thanks Kim; that’s very impressive!!

Image by Sebastien Gabriel

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