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Essenshell Essence
‘The Turning Point’
 2016 Issue 59

‘The Turning Point’

This Christmas/New Year newsletter has been created to inspire loving relationships, abundance, and faith and trust in the unfolding of wonderful aspects within yourselves, and therefore within your lives.

Yes, 2016 has been a difficult year for many of us, but difficulties can push us to create and discover greater abilities within ourselves of which we were unaware until that difficulty pressed our buttons! But I believe we have reached a turning point.

Think back to problems you experienced this year, or previously, and now look at how you overcame them, and the new knowledge you gained.

If you consider the person who is reading these words now, and remember the person you thought you were back then, can you see the change?

Please love and congratulate yourselves. It’s not easy trying to live lives of love, faith and abundance during the shift of energy this planet is experiencing. But notice all the seemingly ‘little’ things you accomplish every day – the negative reaction you could have taken but didn’t; the compassionate thought you gave instead. Perhaps the hug you gave someone when they needed it; the smile and greeting as you passed a stranger. With these small actions you are changing the planet.

The TV news channels report the negative events, so please use your own personal ‘news channel’ – Facebook, or whatever, to report the good news and spread love and compassion. This is ultimately much more powerful.

The Turning Point Essences are as follows:​

1.      Ammonite – for heart-centered courage especially during times of change.

2.      Green Moss Agate – to remove any blocks created by negative beliefs and past events, and to create open pathways for healing and balance

3.      Ocean Jasper – to access the higher vibrations of love, trust and faith.

4.      Noble Volute – provides deep peace, love, and a harmonious connection to all of creation.

5.      Seahorse – accesses timeless energy to manifest positive change.

Why would you choose to use this 5 Infinite Energy Essence kit? I think the properties of these essences answer that question.

Take 4 drops of each stock Essence in the above order twice a day.


To help create and celebrate our ‘good news channels’ I recommend using the 3 sprays – ‘With Love’, ‘Perfect Peace’ and the wonderful ‘Seahorse Spray’, (which I’ve made into a spray for this Newsletter). Seahorse will manifest and spread the energies of love and peace if you spray yourself each morning, and also spray your work and living areas; then notice the difference. Seahorse is an amazing essence, and arrived just when it was most needed – of course!

Each day I am learning more about these essences from the Shell Essence community – those who are using the essences for their self-healing, and often finding a broader scope of healing for an individual essence than I had been aware of. It seems that in this new energy when there is a need, the essences are able to spread their abilities further to encompass that need. When they have addressed the imbalance for that person, the healing is then available for others also.

Thank you for communicating your insights, and thank you for your friendship; I feel very blessed to be able to connect with so many beautiful souls.

The following are reports about Seahorse


My husband has been trialing Seahorse for the past few weeks and the changes in him have been amazing.

Before beginning the Essence, his heart was heavy as he was feeling so trapped in an unsatisfying and very stressful job, and he had no motivation or drive to even do the things that he loves and which usually bring him great happiness.

After a few days of taking Seahorse, I began to see the heaviness lift from him. His conversations and language shifted, and he began to look at practical ways to make changes to his work, and we have set out a plan for our future. He is feeling more empowered, and I recognize a greater resilience in him around his work.


There has been a softness that has returned to him that I haven’t seen in him for so long; his sleep has improved, he is more loving, his words are softer and there is an overall gentleness to him.

I have been using Seahorse daily in our home as a healing Spray mixed with Jasmine, which is a high vibrational essential oil, so that our whole home is lifted and that we as a family can benefit from this divine new essence as well.

Seahorse is so very gentle; it is like being wrapped in the arms of a loving angel. It has offered such graceful shifts in our home in the time that we have been working with it.

Thank you, Nancy, for continuing to bring your work forward and for these divine Shell Essences that you are creating. They really are helping to lift and alter the vibration of the planet in huge ways.

                        Belle SA.”



The first thing I noticed as soon as I began taking the Essence was that I had a very strong image in my head of cogs falling into place and starting to work properly. Very weird; as though I had a brief look into some kind of machination within the deeper mind….. and since then it’s been as though one synchronicity after another has started ‘manifesting’……like a thread I have been following to discover more information and experience to help me unlock potential and aid in expansion. There have literally been so many synchronicities, that it’s as though the universe is saying…… “Yes……life is a magical process of discovery…….stop resisting it already; stop arguing with reality!”

It’s been a little challenging lately, but I don’t recall ever having so much information or guidance or insight, arrive so quickly and with so much potency. I have really had the importance of process impressed upon me when it comes to manifestation within the physical realm; the importance of right timing and appropriate conditions and desires.

Since taking the Seahorse Essence the sheer level of astounding synchronicities have made the process more tangibly and magically important. On the way to manifesting what you may desire, the path that leads there can open you up to possibilities, information and experiences you may never have dreamed of.

I guess overall it really comes down to the fact that this essence is able to give you the confidence and a knowing that there has been a profound energy shift in regards to manifestation, which enables you to simply relax into being, and allow the magic to unfold…..               Vav NSW

The ‘Higher Frequencies’, or ‘Shift’ as some like to call it has taken many souls to the edge; the extreme in suffering, and I speak also of my own experience – it has been too much for even words to describe.

Nancy, as you know I have a deep love and appreciation for all the essences, but the little Seahorse has to be, in my experience, the ultimate.

When I unpacked the parcel, the sight of the little Seahorse card brought tears to my eyes, tears of joy and relief; I just couldn’t stop looking at it.

No matter who, or what happens I can look at it and feel peace, love, joy and relief, almost childlike, and of course, that’s exactly how I feel since taking the essence; strength, support and a deep peace. Magical is probably a good word for the Seahorse essence and card.Please let us remember always the words of our brother Jesus “love one another” and do pour your love over every situation. I know it’s not easy at times, but love is the only way.       Elle  NSW


I have been taking the Seahorse Essence for 12 days. On my first day I wanted to keep going back for more and more, and I had 4 doses within the first 12 hours. Ever time I went near the bottle on the shelf I wanted some, and it continued like that for the first few days.

I have had a long-held battle with the pathway of teaching yoga. I have had numerous opportunities to teach yoga over the past 13 years, and whilst I usually accept those opportunities I do it grudgingly – not because I’m excited about it but because I know ‘it’s good for me’. The nervousness that accompanies teaching is exhausting and prohibitive, and I usually create an endpoint to the classes.

It’s been the same for me with public speaking events connected to my work as an occupational therapist, to the point that I would avoid opportunities for work if it meant the possibility of having to get up and speak in front of a crowd. In both cases I have felt crippled by the fear that I don’t know enough. Over the past 18 months I have sought professional help to further explore my wounds – homoeopathic counseling; Bush Flower and Shell Essences, Reiki, and other healing sessions.

Taking Seahorse seems to have brought together the benefits of these individual therapies, and I am lucky enough to have my sister to talk it all over with.

The changes? In the past 12 days I have taught 5 yoga classes; delivered 2 OT information sessions; said ‘yes’ to 3 more yoga classes, and am in the process of negotiating a new OT job.

I asked for support with the content of my yoga classes and within a week picked up a book from my shelf that will give me the perfect level of inspiration and guidance.

It’s a wonderful feeling to start acknowledging that I do have what it takes to be the person in the drivers’ seat who guides others. It feels as though I will allow doors to open for myself when I maintain this feeling of self-acceptance.

A big thank you to Nancy for her dedication to creating and sharing the essences, and to my beautiful, amazing sister Jo for bringing them to me.                                                    

Wound Healing Sequence


I purchased from you the Wound Healing Combination, as my son Corey was having shoulder surgery in July. He stayed with Mum and Dad as part of his recovery and faithfully took his drops each day. After 2 weeks he had to see his surgeon, who was amazed at how the wounds had healed. We could only see 2 wounds but on closer inspection, he pointed out there were 4.

Four weeks later he returned to the surgeon to check on his progress. He was delighted with the movement my son had regained, and sent him to have weekly physio which he is also doing well at.

I wanted to let you know that his recovery was remarkable, and though uncomfortable at first at no stage was he in any great pain.

Those wonderful shells have worked their magic again in healing my son, and I must say in the 7 weeks he stayed with us I also witnessed the healing of old emotional wounds that he still carried.

Bless you Nancy for bringing these wonderful shell Essences to us.     Linda VIC

Wound Healing Sequence

The Wound healing Sequence is absolutely marvelous.

I gashed my lower leg above the ankle on a steel nursery trolley.  I remembered the Wound Healing Shells about a week later. Within 2 days it was healing rapidly and now it’s completely healed.

Also the essences have been taken for a mastectomy, with the same fabulous, quick results.

What a blessing. Thank you Shells.       Elsa  Vic

Personal Blend

Last week I phoned Nancy as I was feeling stuck. It’s wonderful how she can test for what is needed. Nancy recommended a combination of essences including the new essence Seahorse. I feel different in a positive way, and a lightness……..the best way I can describe it. The following morning after receiving the drops I was up early baking cakes for a friend, and catching up with other things; feeling organized. Also as I mentioned I feel lighter and more at peace. The Seahorse Shell Essence is truly amazing and gentle, just like the beautiful sea creature.

Thank you so much.                       Margie   QLD   

Essenshell Pet


My two cats love Essenshell Pet. I keep it near their water bowl. The entire family knows when each cat sits in a certain pose, usually with their front paws about 5 cms apart instead of together, they want their essence added to their water bowl. They never sit like this normally except when they want their essence.  Once this is done, they happily have a drink and go for a sleep. Don’t you wish they could talk and tell us why they do what they do!                                                               Claire Vic

Coral No 10

I was working with a 12 year old boy who seemed to have a big ‘chip on his shoulder’. He constantly whinged to his parents about how he thought his two brothers were always getting a better deal than him when it came to his parents time. He constantly argued that his parents should have done things differently despite his parents explaining their actions, and the situations now being in the past. He constantly argued what ‘should have been’ and how he always felt deprived.

When his mum brought him to see me, I tested that he needed Coral No. 10 Pachyclavularia. After taking it for about 4 weeks, he finally began to listen to his parent’s explanations of their actions, and gradually stopped his ‘poor me’ attitude. He needed another two weeks to finish the job; then the whole family dynamics became more positive.                                                                   Claire Vic

Following the Light

Recently I purchased Nancy’s book ‘Following the Light’. How inspiring it is to read; I find it fascinating how Nancy receives these visions, and the cover is beautiful – I enjoy just looking at it. Like another reader in the newsletter I leave the book by my bed and read some morning and night, and I recite the affirmation on the ‘Health’ page.                                                                                    Margaret   QLD

Gone are the days of limited beliefs;

Gone are the days of following beliefs of other’s;

Gone are the ways of spiritual energy from the past;

Now a new door is open; it’s opening at last.

Keep your eyes on your own path and not on your brother’s.

What new ideas will guide your way? Never be afraid to have your say.

But sprinkle your words with compassion and love,

And know you’ll be guided from within and above.

The wisdom of the Shell Essences

Each time I’ve been guided to create a new essence I think ‘surely this must be the final one; what else could we possibly need after this?’

But humanity is not standing still! As we continue to grow in wisdom and understanding, new problems confront us, and the next essence is ‘waiting on the sidelines’ until it is needed.

Each of the first 40 Shells was chosen in answer to the same intuitive/ channeled question: “Will this shell make an essence to help humankind through difficult times to come?” During the 90’s this sounded strange to me…….but not now! For example ‘Rainbow Delight’, our essence for fear, said it would help those who feared planetary change! How strange is that? I thought at the time …..but not now!

When I asked which chakra each essence would address, I was told “The heart chakra of humankind’.

When I asked, “How do these essences help us”? I was told, “We are returning to your cellular memory your own healing knowledge which has been lost during your time on Planet Earth.”

Then I asked, “but who is ‘we’?” The answer was: “We are you from the future, living in the now, healing the past, to create the future you are living in”.

At that point, I ran out of questions!!

Shell Essences

Newsletter 59


Expires 28th February 2017


We wish you all a very Blessed Christmas and a happy and abundant 2017.

Turning Point Essences

Special 2:  The Turning Point. 

Special price $95.00 (Save $17.85

A 5 Essence box of Infinite Energy Essences to inspire courage, direction, love, and manifestation.

The five stock essences are taken in sequence: Ammonite; Green Moss Agate; Ocean Jasper; Noble Volute; Seahorse.

 More information is on the front page.

I’m sure these essences will prove to be

very important now, and in the future.

Special 3:  750ml Shower Gel Pump Pack
Special price $50 (Save $10)

This is one you’ve been waiting for; it’s finally back in stock but going quickly! A family favorite; contains essences to remove negative energy fields, negative attachments from others, and radiation energies.

Well, no one can say that 2016 hasn’t been an interesting year! However, difficulties and unexpected changes can push us to evaluate our present lives and discover new abilities, greater wisdom, and to initiate positive change. And the Infinite Energy Essences are saying “remember, we’ve arrived to help you create a new life with positive change”.

Special 1:  The ‘Good Energy Trio’ – 3 Sprays.

Seahorse; Perfect Peace; With Love. 
Special price  $66    (Save $16.50)

To create a loving, peaceful ambiance for Christmas and for the New Year.

Spray yourselves and all areas you’ll be using for yourselves and for guests.


with every order over

Special 4: Set of the 3 Balms –
Face, 40 gm, Neck 30 gm, Eye 15 gm.

Special price: $115 (Save $15.)

Take advantage of the special price for these very popular Balms.

Essenshell Calm Serenity

 – To help us feel grounded, peaceful and calm despite what might be happening around us.

Special 5: Face Balm 40gm and Hand/Body Moisturiser (250 ml).

These are probably the two most popular of our face/body products, so we’ve put them both together:

Special price $70  (Save $15)

Special 6: Two Healing Touch Hand Cleansers 300 ml and a Cleanser Toner 125ml.

(Or 3 Hand Cleansers or 3 Cleanser Toners –
if you prefer.)

Special price $50 (Save $9.80)

Special 7:  Sterling Silver Seahorse and Silver Heart Pendant on silk cord with vial containing ‘Seahorse Essence’ to create manifestation, and ‘Noble Volute’ for love and harmony.

I’ve been requested to make pendants again, so I thought this one would be a great Christmas present.

Special price $35. 

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