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Essenshell Essence
 2018 Issue 64

‘‘Pacific Crown Chakra Conch’’

Imperial Volute

Another beautiful Volute shell has added its healing qualities to the Infinite Energy Essences. This is definitely one of the higher dimensional essences; therefore very difficult to describe its qualities in words. I think we need to take this essence and become aware of the subtle changes we notice, and also the feelings.

Imperial Volute helps us to understand that we are joined with love, care and compassion to all of humanity and to nature. Whenever there are feelings of ‘differences’ this essence will allow us to focus instead on ‘oneness’.

Once our connection and oneness are recognized, there is no more fear; we understand the illusion of differences, and know that acceptance and compassion underlay all external ego differences.

Even when we don’t understand what may be triggering seemingly illogical fears and anger, Imperial Volute can access painful memories stored in our Akashic record and turn the inappropriate feelings and behaviour to compassion and understanding.

Imperial Volute aligns with the higher dimensional energy now available and allows a deeper wisdom and understanding of ‘who we really are’, and this connection with ‘oneness’ stimulates compassion and love for all.

Each of the Infinite Energy Essences arrive to uncover the next part of our Spiritual Energy pattern which resides within us all, waiting until we are ready to access it and allow its wisdom to permeate our lives.

The affirmation on the card describes Imperial Volute beautifully.

Imperial Volute

Now may I rise to a greater height
Above the realms of pain and grief
Into skies of freedom and light
Way beyond my former belief
The words I hear are a beautiful song
They take me back to where I belong

My experience with Imperial Volute was rather unexpected.

Twice I found myself in tears with feelings of grief I couldn’t identify. The tears and sad feeling lasted only a few hours, and was replaced with a feeling of great peace which has continued.

Something has changed, and I seem to be in a ‘different dimension’, that is the only way I can describe the peace and stillness I experience each time I pause, relax and take a deep breath. It’s rather like being in a deep meditation.

What else will eventuate? I’ll have to wait and see.                                                     Nancy

Nancy’s New Book – Now Available!

Arise and Shine – Your Journey of Self Discovery

“I’ve just finished reading your new book ‘Arise and Shine’. I loved it!

What an inspirational read. Thank You. What I am taking from your book is to simply set intentions daily. This has allowed me to stop the negative self-talk. I am occupying my mind and finding time to work on achieving these intentions I have set. Simple as some of them may be, but very rewarding. So much more, too! Including beautiful poems.

Please make sure you read this book; Nancy writes in such a language we can all understand. Thanks Nancy.”                                    Kaz  Sydney

Imperial Volute – A Stitch in Time


For quite some time as I began to take this Shell Essence I did not feel anything much at all. I cannot describe what actually precipitated the change, however I can tell you that the change when it came was direct and substantial.

I have always thought of the essences as gentle, however with the use of this one I realized that is not necessarily so – that was probably just something I invented so that I did not have to dive deeply into what was happening to me at the time.

So Imperial Volute opened the sacred door and in I went. At this time I was also willing to heal. So the two coming together made the difference, and Imperial Volute I suspect set the scene.

What I found happened then was that I uncovered a wound of extraordinary depth – I had not even seen this wound before – mind you others had sometimes mentioned its existence, but I had ploughed on and ignored what they were saying. At that stage I just simply did not want to know.

As I continued on this new phase of my journey I realized that this essence, Imperial Volute, is also a guide to finding some of the hidden keys of the universe. And this is where I am right now, searching through my own body and linking in with Mother Earth and finding what I need to know.

As I took the essence I asked the question – what else is possible here – and with the help of Imperial Volute the answers began to flow.

Dr. Cris Henderson, Rose Alchemist (

Imperial Volute

The words that resonated with me when I was taking Imperial Volute are:

Peace; Clarity; Calm Insight; Non-reactive; Inquiring; Illusion; Truth; Wisdom, and stepping out of drama with ease.

In my day-to-day life our water heater sprung a leak. Although it was still under warranty, the company had gone into liquidation!

Also a dear friend was averse to attending a get-together that was important to me. Normally I would be very upset and try to persuade them to come.

However I was taking Imperial Volute, and not only did I feel a sense of calmness, but was able to be non-reactive to both situations, and had a sense of calmness and knowing that everything would work out the way it was meant to; I didn’t need to take control or state my case. I had no worry. 

On a deeper level I have an inquiring mind as to the direction I now need to go…….. I feel there are many answers for me and some I would never have contemplated.

I often feel that I am stepping out of my body and observing, and although I know I’m a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience, that’s where I find the peace and joy. It’s like I’m watching the drama of a movie, and although I’m part of it I’m not fazed and know that it can’t change me in any way – and it doesn’t.

I notice I have more compassion for friends from the past when others are critical of them, as I admit I would also have been. I also find myself at ease in new situations with people. This is where insights come again and it’s like I’ve stepped out of my body and am able to get clarity and peace. I have the realization that we need to send love and kindness to all, and be grateful for what is, yet understanding there is so much more!

Information now follows more easily in my quiet times and I have so much more peace within, thanks to the blessings of this beautiful shell.

                                         Valerie   Sydney..

Imperial Volute


The striking thing for me about this essence so far has been the degree to which I am able to put aside my judgmental chatter when I am interacting with people. I feel much more comfortable and generally far more at ease in social situations, as though there were less of a facade  at play on my part, and as a result within the interaction in general.

My ‘buttons’ don’t seem to be as easily pressed.  There was in fact one tense situation with a friend during the week that would normally have spiraled my mood into a bit of a funk for days on end. However I was able to shift my mood quite easily and have found it relatively easy to maintain my balance since, despite there actually being no real resolution, and I am able to move on from the situation with compassion.

                                    Vav    Sydney

Imperial Volute

I began using Imperial Volute not long after it was tinctured. It was such a subtle essence that I wasn’t initially able to pinpoint any specific change in myself, as I believe and know in my heart that everyone I meet on this life journey is a brother or sister to me.

However shortly after, there was a huge conflict within my family and extended family. It was extremely trying, yet over the feuding events with everyone ranting and raving I found myself completely peaceful and at ease. At times I even found myself smiling inwardly as I realized that for those moments everyone had forgotten who they were.

This essence touched something inside where I continually sent out love to them all; a true connection of passion just seemed to ooze out of me.

Thank you Nancy for this quiet, subtle, yet endearing Shell Essence.                              Renie   Vic.


Arise and Shine


It is hard to put into words the gift of your new book Arise and Shine. It is such an easy read, and when I hold it close and let the book open to the chapter I need for the week it never fails to be on the task at hand.

I have read it now cover to cover and it’s not only inspiring, but touches on so many events that we all would encounter in our daily lives. I found this was great as the words didn’t sugar-coat events we may experience, but gave valuable strategies on how to move through and work without effort through any of our obstacles.

The added bonus is that there are amazing and beautiful poems beginning each chapter.

I love this book so much and can’t wait to share it with my friends.

Arise and Shine will be a wonderful gift to give my loved ones on their special days.

Renie   Melbourne

Shell Essences

Newsletter 64 Specials

                                       Expires 1st  July 2018

These Specials prices are available from Shell Essences office and Website.

Special 1

:  The Three Angels of Inner Peace (with their Cards)

Imperial Volute; Noble Volute; Pacific Crown Chakra Conch

Three High Vibrational Infinite Energy Essences to help us find that Inner Peace and create lives of love, harmony, and inner wisdom – that wonderful peace that surpasses all present understanding.

Special price: $55 Save $18.55


with every order over

No More Anger dose Blend.

Anger is a real problem that seems to arise often unexpectedly, so let’s make sure we remove our own angry responses.


Shell Essences are a divine reassessment of an inner longing to realign yourselves with your true identity; something you feel you have forgotten during your human lives.

Shell Essences fulfill your need to recreate your ultimate, true, inner and outer selves. They do this by activating your inner memory of that which you have forgotten – whom and what you truly are.

Within the core, or center of your being is encased this knowledge of both your physical human lives and your ‘eternal oneness’.

Each Essence helps you to experience a different ‘note’ in your ‘vibrational orchestra’ which may have been ‘out of tune’ but can now be ‘retuned’. When the ‘note’ becomes ‘in tune’ you will know; it now feels ‘right’.

Special 2:

‘Releasing My Pain’ Box of 5 Stock
                           or Dose Blends

Heaven Sent; I Release; Essenshell Relief; Peaceful Sleep;

No More Fear.

Can be taken as a set, or each essence as required.

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Dose $90 Save $13.75

Special 3:  

Kids Trio - 
Three Sprays great for kids and everyone!

I Can and I Will’; Cool, Calm, and Connected; ‘Positive Energy’.

Spray self and living or work/school areas every day, and you’ll notice the difference.   Special price $66 (Save $16.50)

Special 4:

: Arise and Shine

              - Your Journey of Self-discovery.

If you’ve enjoyed reading Nancy’s weekly Blogs, you’ll love this book. It’s only just been printed, so it’s ‘straight off the press’!

“This book is written to help you remember the way back to harmony, compassion, happiness, inner wisdom and peace.”

Special price $15.00

Special 5:

:   Healthy Hair and Body

250 ml, Shower Gel; 250 ml Conditioner; 250 ml Shampoo

Wonderful products all containing Shell Essences to remove negative energies and return balance.

(I even use the shampoo to bath my dog; it’s great!)

Special price $55. Save $11

Special 6.

:  Three Tempting Trios (Dose Blends)

  1. The very popular Confidence Pack (Self-Empowerment; Essenshell Courage; No More Fear)

  2. I Remember – (I Remember; Essenshell Trust & Faith; Beyond Time)

Let’s remember all we need to, and forget what we don’t need.

 3.  The Genius Pack (Coral No.1; Estuary Shell; Ear Shell.)

If you’re trying to learn anything new, these essences are great!

Special price $50 each.

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