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Essenshells Newsletter 

Issue 77 July 2020

 Star Light


Yes, there is a new Infinite Energy Essence – as those who are trialing it will know; and it’s not what I had expected!

I decided that 6/6/2020 would be a good time to create another essence from a rock I had found, and I would make it in my back garden – (my forest, or as a friend who built my Green-House calls it ‘the Jungle!)

I sat beside my frog pond with the bowl of water, and was then told the Essence would be called Star Light – nothing to do with rocks but created with energy from Spirit!

I know each new Essence arrives when it is needed on the planet, but this one really was a surprise. Here is the information I was given:

This Essence will help humankind to realise you are all Beings from the Stars, with unlimited potential to create a new Dawn for Humanity.

It will harmonise with all the other essences and with all the cellular energy within the body to enlighten the hidden and forgotten mysteries of whom you really are – beings with a long connection to the stars.

This is not an Essence for everyone, and if not required at present it will sit within the Spiritual Being until the time to uncover these gifts and memories has arrived, and Star Light will access the appropriate memories within each person.

Star Light will not connect with the negative memories from many lives of difficult times on the planet; this is the task of the first 40 Single Shell Essences. But it will bring memories of your real, permanent, and forever existence shining through. It’s called the Star Light Essence because it connects you to the ancient and current wisdom that is now waiting to open new doors of peace, love, joy, and harmony; the qualities of ‘Oneness’ that this Essence can uncover within and around you.

The Star Light Essence may not always change your current human life, but it will open more doorways for you to peruse, and perhaps choose to enter. It will help you disconnect from your present illusion of life on this planet, and reconnect to the Star Light of your ‘Forever Being’.

I asked Ken to find me some photos of stars from the internet for a card. He showed me many, but the one I instantly chose he said was a photo of the Pleiades’. How perfect was that!


Star Light

“I love the new Star Light Essence. As soon as I had taken the first drops I felt lighter and more positive;

and YES I am part of the universal plan.                             Thank you Star Light.”              Lucy Furr


When I overheard Nancy explain to someone over the phone about what had just being created, I said, “I’ve been waiting for this to come for a long time.” I had been really upset with the way the way the world had become, and would have been happy for the whole thing to blow up into bits and pieces! So I’ve been on it from the start. I am reconciled now with the fact that if this “negative game” is going to change, it does not need me to stress about it.

We, from the Stars, will do it together.            Ken                         

Star Light

The first thing I tend to notice when I take the Essence is like a buzzing feeling around my body, which is very pleasant. I also sense something akin to a shower of light raining down on me, and then I see a very intense and bright image of a sun radiating within and throughout my body, clearing away dross and confusion. Amazing.

However it’s when I sit down to meditate where I have noticed the most benefit. I have been finding meditation quite challenging and overwhelming lately, as there are many old emotions/programs rising to the surface.

Having taken the Essence for over a week now, I am noticing incredible ease arising when I meditate, and an ability to relax and allow on a very deep level. I have also noticed how much faster I am now able to access a state of deep meditative/trance. There just seems to be more flow I guess due to a lack of resistance and greater peace.

There was also a sense before with my meditation where it felt as though I was looking through the cracks in a fence, but after taking this Essence it feels as though I am able to look over the fence.

It’s very hard to explain. There’s big stuff going on with this Essence & very timely. A real blessing to be taking it at this time! I can’t thank you enough.


Star Light Essence


Taking Star Light I automatically felt a pressure at the bridge of my nose; it was going down my face almost making my teeth feel numb. I sat with it and what came to me was that it was related to my third eye. It was working on me seeing a different perspective of myself and my will; making me aware of my existence and how I am choosing to live it.

It showed me the new evolution that we are all going through simply and purely by shifting perspective, and seeing ourselves in our True Existence, our Star Light. This in turn changes our vision completely and in turn we all co-create a new story here on Earth.

Star Light says, “But there is a catch; before your reality changes, you need to recognize and accept your part in the current reality in order to shift consciousness.”

I have to thank Star Light Essence, as it has shown me my true purpose and what my real capacity is in this new and changing reality.

 It has empowered me to believe in myself and take action into the true direction of my calling in this new paradigm of reality.


Powerful Peaceful Protection

Powerful Peaceful Protection is amazing…I collected it from the Post Office, and opened it while waiting for a bus to the city. In QLD at present all passengers are boarding buses from the rear door, so social distancing is not always possible, and the trip is 30-40 minutes.

I used the PPP spray beforehand, and while I was on the bus. The best way I can describe how I felt is ‘safe and calm’.

 Before I go out the door I spray myself with PPP for protection on an emotional as well as physical and spiritual level. I also put the PPP bottle in my bag and take it with me. I also use the Protection Spray as well for different protection, so I know I am doubly protected.

Thank you so much Nancy, the Powerful Peaceful Protection has definitely come at the perfect time.


Cool Calm and Connected

A stray cat found me on the 25th April. I named him Zaky and went on a search for his owner, but without success.

Zaky was isolated in his own space for a fortnight, and although I tried everything, my little ginger cat just wanted to torment the newcomer….or maybe play??

Finally on Saturday I used a Shell Essence spray called Cool, Calm and Connected. The 2 cats were at it again; they stopped and sort of smelled the air; I waited; nothing happened between them; they went and did their own thing, and I sprayed near their sleeping area.

On Saturday night I found them sleeping a foot away from each other and I didn’t need to separate them for the night. Same on Sunday and they are in close proximity to each other.

The spray worked on the cats! Peace at last after six weeks of me nearly going nuts!


Star Light

On the day Star Light Essence arrived; the dog was unwell & not responding to our usual love & attention of wound healing/self healing kit applications so next day a vet visit would be required before the weekend.

Next day was the start of the local show day long weekend (in spite of no show day event being held, the holiday was still to be in place); I was now doubting our household was going to even survive the weekend!

Nancy’s beautiful Star Light Essence tells me it will not change the universal chaos, pain and suffering I am seeing in my world; but it will harmonise with all the other Shells & Corals to help me relax, let go of toxic gunk,& trust I can find my own less painful, less suffering, more loving path through all of the challenges.

So Star Light Essence, Perfect Planetary Partnership Spray, Protection Spray and With Love Spray: “Thank you, I understand I am meant to be here, I do have Spiritual work to accomplish.”                     Gillean

Even though it seems as if the whole world has been tipped upside down, we now know that what might have been hidden underneath is now showing; - a lot of negative beliefs inherited and implanted within our belief systems from long, long ago.

Isn’t it interesting that many – if not most people are now able to receive a different perspective; one that didn’t seem to be available before?

The people on Planet Earth have always been given complete spiritual control over how we wish to create humanity and all life on this planet.

Now nothing can be hidden and we are constantly confronted with our negative past beliefs. Just as we created these we can now create from a new perspective, one that shows us that our previous beliefs and practices are not working to create the planet of harmony and health that we all desire.

We are being released from our ‘safe’ prison of negativity; but now what?

That is up to each of us to decide.

Even when we feel helpless, our thoughts of love, peace, harmony and our meditations have more power than we might ever have expected.

Each of us is a ripple in the ocean of humanity, and we are each creating this ocean of love, peace and harmony.


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Shell Essences

Newsletter 77 Specials

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Small 30ml Protection Spray – This small Spray can be a vital addition in everyone’s bag or pocket.


Special 1. 

Star Light Stock and Spray with card.

Is this the first Essence of a new High Energy group?
Let’s wait and see!


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New!! Gaia is With Us.

Three different natural-wood circular pendants that have been soaked in specific Shell Essences.

Can be worn under clothes over the heart area; very comfortable, and the essence vibration seems to last indefinitely.  

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2A. Courage and Faith

2B. Peace, Love, and Compassion.

2C. Protection and Fearlessness.


Special 3. 

The Angels of the Planets are with us.

Three 125 ml Sprays to keep us balanced with stability and confidence during these challenging planetary times.

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‘Planetary Retrogrades’;
‘Perfect Planetary Partnership’;
‘I am Safe, all is Well’. 


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Current Personal Protection

Two 125ml Sprays

Both can be sprayed in aura, and personal spaces.

‘Protection’ – provides protection from negative energies of others and from contact with radiations.

‘Powerful Peaceful Protection’ – helps our immunity to resist the ‘winter nasties’ etc.

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Special 5.


Our Angels Create Abundance


Four 30ml sprays to assist with abundance.

‘No More Fear’

‘I Create’

'Self Empowerment’
‘'Faith and Trust’

Can be used individually, or sprayed in this sequence.

We are experiencing a time of possible positive change,
so let’s make the most of this, and let nothing stand in our way!.

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Special 6.

Winter Watchdogs

4 dosage 25ml drops to help us cope with common winter problems.

‘I Breathe with Ease’

‘Peaceful Sleep’
‘Essenshell Boost’

‘Essenshell Support’. 

Our usual Winter Support.

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