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February 2022

Ocean of Love Hope and Faith

Ocean of faith hope love.jpg

Ocean of Love Hope and Faith
When we receive grace from sea and land
Then Love, Hope, and Faith go hand in hand,
To rebuild the beauty, and create new birth
For all who live on Planet Earth.

This is the second essence from the sea, and was created from two small corals – one heart-shaped, and a piece of sea kelp, and a piece of seagrass. The energy of Love is what this planet, and all who live on it, are created from, but this Love is being disturbed by the negative beliefs being downloaded during these difficult times. So, we need the energy of Hope to protect this Love, and prevent us from taking on all the negative views and disbeliefs that are interfering with our use of Love. We also need the energy of Faith to help us continue to survive and thrive, and build the planet of love, peace and compassion we have arrived here to create.

Therefore, when negative beliefs enter our mind, and begin to overthrow the love which normally resides there, we need the powerful force of Hope to continue to envisage a positive future, and Faith to help us rebuild this.

So, this Essence of Love, Hope and Faith from Mother Ocean and Mother Earth has arrived to help us continue to evolve the energy of Love with which we are all created.

When we take this Essence it may bring to the surface old fears and negative beliefs from our current past, and other lifetimes, but with our intent, it will replace these with Love, Hope and Faith to help us create a positive future.

Message from Ocean of Love, Hope and Faith.

“Please don’t talk, speak from a space of love and wisdom, for I am here to help you in understanding the difference. For talk is just chatter from the mind, it is the ego-self trying to fill in the space for moments of awkwardness and distraction from the real purpose of why you are here. Speak gently to yourself, for you are a Divine Being filled with the most  pure form of Light and Love to exist upon the earth.

You are here for the one reason! It is to LOVE, and it’s the ability to share your Light, that you exist. So, smile, laugh, and most importantly LIVE in LOVE with all that exists.”   Belinda

Ocean of Love Trust and Faith – Astrology from Kim Joblin.

“This Essence was created on a day when something special occurred in the heavens.

(Kim suggested I make the Essence on this day!)

Retrograde Feminine Goddess Planet Venus - Planet of Love and Self-worth was moving backwards in Zodiac sign Capricorn – sign of our highest aspirations, and joined hands with the Sun – our Leading Light.

This rare moment last occurred in 2014, so it now finishes off a cycle; and whatever may have been happening regarding our personal worth, relationship and self-identity, which have a huge meaning to us and our aspirations, now has a rare chance to begin to end.

This closing of a personal chapter may go through a ‘dark night of the soul’ for 2 weeks or more, as we gain closure on our 2014 Life Experience, and then a new cycle of retrograde Venus conjunct the sun in Capricorn allows a New Dawn of Grace for our personal rebirth to have an opportunity to dawn.

Ocean of Love, Hope and Faith will support our Heart-Felt, Deeply Personal Journey to Wholeness.

This Essence has the potential to assist with physical/emotional ailments such as:

Coral – related to Capricorn and calcium for bones and Personal Authority.

Seaweed – for Iodine which is crucial for Thyroid function and Throat Chakra (speech and communication), also strengthens the Immune System.

Venus relates to Circulatory Systems, Heart, Kidneys, and Fears.

So, this beautiful essence has the potential to assist with physical/emotional ailments, some of which may be listed above.”

Information on the new Essence ‘Ocean of Love, Hope, & Faith’
From Kim Joblin.

This beautiful Essence of Coral and Seaweed help all who use it to recalibrate their Essence of Spirit, Soul, and Higher Self, lifting the vibrations that emanate from the heart to the higher heart zones, creating a Higher Heart Activation. This is a portal, or doorway you may step through/within.

This helps you recognize, and embrace your innate love and Inner Light from a higher perspective, instantly offering a recalibration in your life experience from lower, more difficult experience, to higher, more loving and compassionate being.

An initiation begins, allowing the excavation of all that lies in the heart, so that the heart may become healed, whole, and complete, creating a heart essence which is forgiving, nurturing and supporting.

Instead of attacking the negative, hurtful burdens you feel you may have experienced in your life, clouding your memories and hurting your cellular heart, you may now choose to augment the positive.

This change from defending and attacking the bad, in an effort to subdue it or overcome it, can change the heart creations of your life in an instant.

The heart emanations radiating out from you are more compassionate, and all-encompassing of that which is good. Life becomes easier, more pleasurable and more loving. Your focus is on recognition of good, increasing your value and heart-worthy valuables; not on overcoming the perceived bad.

Thank you, Ocean of Love, Hope and Faith.


Ocean of Love, Hope, and Faith:

“I just wanted to say that this essence is truly remarkable, and works very well when receiving other balances such as kinesiology balance.

I have been extremely stressed and anxious and facing lots of ‘spiritual tests’. I noticed that when I asked for a sign out of desperation and exhaustion, I received a ‘sign’ and I could feel the niggling in my heart, that even though I was going through a very uncomfortable time, I could not quit. I could feel so much connection with my Angels and other Spirit team, and I would see many feathers floating in the air, which was really comforting and reassuring, because I have just undergone the biggest change/transition in my life that I can remember.

I am surrendering more for divine assistance and support, and feel a knowingness that the Divine are in control! Haha! How the ego loves to be in control!

God bless you for this beautiful essence, and the support it has brought me.” Amalin

The Kids Trio – Three 125ml Sprays – Protection; I Can and I Will; Cool, Calm, Connected:

“A friend introduced me to Shell Essences, and I am so grateful for Nancy and her wonderful products and energy.

As a grandmother, I love the uplifting effect The Kids Trio sprays have on our little people, and really believe that their energy is positively elevated and enhanced whenever I use these sprays.” Terrie.

“Thanks Terrie, I believe the ‘Protection Spray’ is very important for us all at present, and ‘Cool, Calm and Connected’ has often been sprayed in school classrooms when there is any stress and disruption, with very positive results.

‘I Can and I Will’ is excellent when self-doubt interferes with our abilities.”

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