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Today we have an opportunity to change our human world from fear to a belief and expectation for positive change.

We have more power than we may have had previously, to do whatever we believe will create a world free from fear and negative beliefs. And if we take each opportunity that Spirit presents us with to make positive change, then we can achieve this.

It’s often easier to follow old ingrained beliefs, such as ‘life wasn’t meant to be easy’; ‘we need to suffer’; ‘we don’t deserve’; ‘we only learn through suffering’.

When we ask our Guides, and our Inner Intuition to present us with opportunities to change our lives for the better, then these opportunities will present themselves – often in ways we may never have imagined! But it is always up to us to notice the opportunities, remember that this is something we have requested, and gather the courage to take that next step. There is much help available, just waiting for us to request the opportunity.

Even if our ingrained fear and lack of belief makes us miss an opportunity, know that when requested, another will be presented. With optimism, courage and faith we can take that next step to change our lives - and eventually our world, towards a much more positive outcome.

If we feel into that ‘backpack of tools’ we all carry, and take out the tools of faith and trust (which may be hidden quite deeply), we can use these tools to create and build our new positive life, full of opportunities.

The Shell Essences which may help us create these opportunities are:

Shinbone Tibia – Gratitude and new beginnings; removes barriers which create fear and self-doubt, to embrace new directions with enthusiasm, faith, and delight.

Green Moss Agate – To create clear, open pathways for healing and balance. Removes blocks created by negative beliefs.

Seahorse. Discovering the ability to create immediate manifestation with confidence and peace.

I am Safe, All is Well. Spray that is very relevant at present!

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