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Green Moss Agate

Green Moss Agate

SKU: GreenMossAgate
Removes blocks created by negative beliefs and past events to clear energy pathways, and to create a positive life-path with healing and balance.
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    Green Moss Agate

    Green Moss Agate clears the negative encrustations which block and distort our life paths towards peace, enlightenment and abundance, such as fear, anger, guilt and self-doubt from childhood and other times which have been restricting our freedom of thought, ideas and beliefs.

    There are essences within the rst 40 single Shell Essences which speci cally target fear, anger etc, but Green Moss Agate is concerned with clearing a pathway regardless of what negative emotional debris may be blocking it. The emphasis is on the pathway; directing us toward a higher vibrational outcome. It removes the long held narrow view and limited beliefs which limit our perceptions of a greater world.

    The essence may also be useful in clearing deposits in our physical structure, blocks created by negative emotional events and patterns.

    When we feel unable to perceive a path of peace and love through our everyday life, then Green Moss Agate can begin to clear away the ‘debris’ preventing us from perceiving the pathway of love and peace which lies before us; it ‘opens the door’ to a greater world.

    Green Moss Agate is a powerful essence and has a strong connection to Gaia allowing us to feel the nurturing, compassionate support of ‘mother nature’, and a peaceful awareness of our connection with all dimensions of life.

    Green Moss Agate gives the reassurance that as we begin to create a life path, even if we can’t see the full distance of the path, each step into the unknown will create more clarity, as we trust out inner knowing to direct us. 

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