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Seahorse Infinite Energy Essence

Seahorse Infinite Energy Essence

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This new essence was created to help all those who are having difficulty MANIFESTING their heart felt desires.Seahorse gives the ability for instant energy change when we give our intent to create and receive. Seahorse says "Within the timeless energy of oneness, I create my life anew."
  • Seahorse


    Seahorse helps those who are finding it difficult to manifest their heart-felt desires.

    It gives the ability for immediate manifestation of the energy-form when intent and trust are given. Even when the physical form of our request is not yet visible, the energy shift has been created, and we know that it will physically manifest when the timing is right.

    Seahorse essence can open us to new possibilities, information and experiences, and help us to relax and allow these to unfold.

    This gentle energy gives a feeling of empowerment and confidence, and many synchronicities and unexpected gifts may appear.

    Seahorse embodies the higher vibrational energies of love, peace and compassion which are moving slowly throughout the planet and spreading harmony and commitment towards positive change.

    The healing qualities of Seahorse are those of commitment to the higher ideals of love, compassion, patience and forbearance, especially if we seem to be surrounded by negative qualities of disappointment and impatience.

    Whenever there is intent for positive change and for the creation of something new, Seahorse has arrived to help this manifest. 

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