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Shin-bone Tibia

Shin-bone Tibia

SKU: ShinboneTibia
Gratitude and new beginnings. Removes barriers which create fear and self-doubt, allowing us to discover new directions, and to embrace the change with trust, enthusiasm, faith and delight.
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    Shinbone Tibia

    Shinbone Tibia helps us experience gratitude and new beginnings.

    It allows us to see new opportunities, new directions to move towards, and new doors opening for us.

    Shinbone Tibia removes old, restrictive negative beliefs, and self doubt.

    This essence encourages creativity, belief in an abundant universe, and belief in our ability to move beyond where we nd ourselves today.

    Shinbone Tibia encourages a feeling of gratitude for the many blessings we now perceive, and helps us to focus on positive thoughts and expectations.

    Shinbone Tibia removes feelings of hopelessness and inertia, and allows us to have the con dence and faith to change direction, start something new, and redirect our lives towards love, compassion and peace.

    Shinbone Tibia was created in 2009 and is one of the shells of the New Vibration. 

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