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Do you believe it’s important to de-clutter your home? I’m sure you agree, and have probably de-cluttered many times.

But what about de-cluttering your mind? Why hold on to those old negative thoughts and emotions that you’ve possibly stored away for years – or even lifetimes?

When you hold on to negative feelings – fears, anger, grief etc they can cause havoc within the cells of your body; when you express and release them they dissipate. Always own your own fear, anger etc and don’t project them on to someone else in the mistaken belief that then you won’t have to deal with them!

How can you release them? If it doesn’t seem appropriate to express these feelings

in words because you feel you may be misunderstood, and thus create more stress, then write down your feelings (on paper with a pen) then destroy the writing when you’ve finished. It’s like tossing your rubbish into a bin. Create a positive, loving affirmation you can repeat to yourself to change the negative thoughts, and replace them with forgiveness and compassion.

Remember the relief you feel after de-cluttering your home? Those empty spaces will now hold something of beauty you can admire.

Imagine the relief you could feel when you de-clutter your mind and emotions; you can now fill those empty spaces with thoughts of peace, love and happiness.

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