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Social Unrest

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Social Unrest is something our media loves to portray, and call to our attention. The phenomenon we call ‘social unrest’ occurs when a group of people feel that something in their country, their politics, or even their world, is unfair, unethical, and lacking in compassion. Our communication system allows this perception to become common knowledge.

However no longer do we need to sit back and allow governments to inflict unfairness onto others without stating our opinion. So, within the concept of a world view, we are questioning and demanding integrity.

However, the roots of this ‘social unrest’ may lay much deeper within than we realise. As our souls awaken to higher vibrational energy, we begin searching for the higher principles in life. It’s easy to see the damage being caused by unethical actions in world events, but not so easy to recognize them in our home, office, family, or personal thoughts.

If there is unfairness close to home, what do we do? Again, the biggest hurdle is to recognize the problem, and the part we may play. Any behaviour that is less than open, honest, ethical, and caring, will cause a subtle discomfort, and must be addressed with courage, compassion and caring. It is in these ‘close-to-home’ areas where problems of ethics must be addressed.

It is easy – and important, to add our voice to world-wide protest for social change; but the change must also start within ourselves, and it is the small, hidden issues that can cause the most damage.

We are attempting to create a higher vibrational energy, and every small action or thought which does not resonate with this will become an irritant to our development. Then ‘social unrest’ may manifest in our own multicellular being, and that which is ignored and not addressed, ultimately causes the greatest damage.

So, while it is important to look at the events happening around us, it’s also important to ‘look within’.

Shell Essences which may help heal social unrest are:

Shinbone Tibia

– gratitude and new beginnings; removes barriers that create fear and self-doubt; to embrace new directions with trust, and faith.

Wonder Cowrie

– Restores feelings of closeness and connection when there is a perception of isolation, separation, and disconnection.

Co-operation Coral and Clam

– Creates co-operation on all levels.

Shining Pink Clam

– For determination and strength to fight difficult battles with harmony, healing and peace.

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