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Our Intuition User Manual

Although I have written about ‘Intuition’ in a previous Blog, it’s much more important today, now that higher dimensional energies are available for us all.

This new energy, and the new Infinite Energy Shell Essences connect with our Intuitive Wisdom, and it is imperative that we use this wisdom to create our current lives, and the lives of everything living on our planet.

How do we connect with our intuition? We just ask. If in doubt we can meditate, use kinesiology muscle testing, or dowse with a pendulum to gain correct answers to our questions. Both systems connect with our heart-based intuition, and the new Shell Essences Infinite Energy Essences also connect to our intuitive wisdom, and help us to access this with trust and faith.

There is so much doubt and fear currently expressed in the media, that we must connect to intuitive wisdom to obtain correct information for ourselves. Unless we are a spiritual empath, we should not try to resolve difficult decisions for others, but request them to ask and trust their individual intuition, as this powerful source lays within us all.

I believe that many native tribespeople understood and used this source of information, and knew that this wisdom connected them to all life on the planet and beyond.

We are amazing powerful beings, with so much more ability than we currently use. Perhaps our intuition is our User-Manual?

Let’s make sure we continue to open our Intuition User-Manual whenever we need more information, and know that the wisdom it contains is current, relevant, and of the greatest benefit for us, and therefore for all those with whom we connect.

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