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Creating our Lives

Something that will resonate with many people at present is the difficulty we may currently be experiencing in trying to create our lives. We may feel a little ‘bogged down’, stuck in a place that feels neither familiar nor inspiring.

We must remember that no path continues on and on without changing. Sometimes we need to stop and take a breath, or rest without feeling we must have made a mistake; has something gone wrong? No, something is right. We are living on a planet that is changing and evolving, and we are always connected to the moving energies of the other planets and of our sun.

When nothing seems to be working out, then it’s time to pause and allow the future to evolve. Trying to push forward during these times probably means we might instead be pushed back! Please don’t blame yourselves when your life seems to have paused and you don’t know what will happen next.

When things don’t seem to be the same as you remember, then honour the change and give gratitude for the chance to re-assess. Yes, we need courage and resilience, but one day we will look back at this time of respite and give thanks and gratitude.

Stay in contact with your heart-centered energy, and understand the power of ‘allowing’ with trust and faith. Look for little hints of what you might be moving towards; when you ask for synchronicities they will appear.

Perhaps this is a stage in our lives when trust, faith and resilience are the empowering energies that will allow a more creative life.

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