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Maintaining Attention

The message this week is about the importance of maintaining our attention on what we wish to create.

It’s so easy to become distracted from what we wish to achieve in this life – and not what we wish to achieve, but what we are achieving. It’s often difficult to keep this thought in the centre of our inner belief, and not become distracted by the beliefs and statements of others who see things differently.

Perhaps we have decided to heal ourselves? to create a different job? to correct a difficult relationship? to access more wisdom? If so we need to keep our attention very firmly on this decision and belief – ‘I am healed’; ‘I have a wonderful and exciting job’; ‘I am in a loving relationship’ ‘I am that I am’.

Often our attention may drift back to ‘the way things were’ and our focus will move toward obstacles that may prevent our wishes from manifesting. When our attention strays from its job to create our desire and negative thoughts intrude, then it’s handy to have a ‘delete button’ close by!

Maintaining our attention on the goals we have set will bring the goals to fruition. Once our intent has been set and we are moving with total belief along this path, we must maintain our attention to achieve the wonderful synchronicities and gifts we are creating along the way.

Perhaps we need a guide dog by our side? and whenever our attention is distracted, our guide dog stops and nudges us! “Oh dear, I forgot where I am heading; thanks for the reminder, now I’m on track again”!

Attention maintained,

Means goals will be gained.

Distractions are stilled,

And wishes fulfilled

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