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The Power of Thoughts

We understand the power of spoken words – the positive as well as negative effects…….but thoughts?

No longer can we believe that our thoughts are hidden within us, and if not spoken aloud then they don’t affect anything. Today our thoughts may have a much greater effect than our spoken words.

The high vibrational-energy frequencies surrounding and impacting us at present resonate strongly with thoughts. So as well as taking care not to speak words of fear, anger and aggression, we also need to guard our thoughts from projecting any negative messages.

If we think angry thoughts about someone, these thoughts can be felt by that person, and can create emotional and eventually even cellular damage. The negative thoughts we constantly think about ourselves will do the same.

It is so important to become aware of our thoughts; to send only thoughts of love, forgiveness and blessings to anyone who may be ‘pushing our buttons’, and also to send thoughts of forgiveness to ourselves.

(Notice we use the term ‘sending’ thoughts?) This is what we are doing all day long, and maybe even during dreams, so let’s make sure the thoughts we ‘send’ are those of love, compassion and forgiveness.

We must train ourselves to become aware of our thoughts and not allow them to hide from us.

What if our thoughts really do create our lives?

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