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Reviving Forgotten Wisdom (part 2)

The first ‘Revival’ Information was about removing our belief in war, competition and separation, to allow the higher vibration of Love, Peace and Compassion

Part 2 of ‘Revival’ is about our need to revive our long-forgotten wisdom, to help us live more successfully, comfortably, and sustainably on Planet Earth and the Cosmos.

We arrived on this planet with much wisdom and knowledge about how to survive, thrive, and evolve. This information is stored in our cellular memory in our Akash (DNA), and must be revived, not forgotten.

For example, we need to remember how to use planetary information for our highest good. This planetary information from our Solar System was probably understood by previous past civilizations, and helped them live healthier lives, and construct amazing structures. We tend to rely on physical technology-led information, rather than higher vibrational wisdom, which is now fortunately starting to be understood.

Much information and wisdom from our planetary parents has been downloaded to us, and we must revive this wisdom to be able to live future lives on Planet Earth. Everything we need to know is available to us, and must be revived so we can survive.

When in doubt, we must ask our intuition, our Innate, and follow the advice that is being given us. Even if we don’t know the question, we can ask “What do I need to know?” and watch for synchronicities, and information imparted from many different directions.

Our Guides are always available to help us revive any missing, vital information. Ask, and we shall Receive.

Essences to assist us in Reviving forgotten Wisdom are;

Revival Bundle 2 – Reviving Forgotten Wisdom

Wisdom Rock – Acknowledging and accessing our inner wisdom.

Starlight – Opening doorways to our real and forever Spiritual Starlight Beings.

Sand Urchin – Accessing our evolving Spiritual Consciousness.

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