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Vibrational Healing

Nancy and Leisle vibrational healing interview for the Shire Wellbeing Festival

What we call ‘vibrational healing’ consists of using different flows of energy to rebalance human, or animal systems that are manifesting imbalances causing physical, mental or emotional disturbances.

When the cells of human and natural organisms are analyzed, it’s discovered that they are all formed from a base of energy, and the tissues that compose our physical form are fed not only by oxygen and chemical nutrients, but also by higher vibrational energies.

When these vibrational energies become unbalanced, then some distress and distortion in the physical, mental and emotional bodies will be experienced.

These imbalances can be healed by rebalancing the subtle energy templates with the right frequency of vibrational medicine. If a person is not able to rebalance their energetic mode to a normal frequency, then a specifically tuned frequency is needed.

Research scientist Bruce Lipton writes “The speed of electromagnetic (vibrational) energy signals is 186,000 miles per second, while the speed of a diffusible chemical is considerably less than one centimeter per second. Energy signals are 100 times more efficient and infinitely faster than physical chemical signaling. What kind of signaling would your trillion-celled community prefer? Do the math!”

Shell Essences allow us to access our own vibrational energy information that has been lost from our cellular memory over time. The self-healing messages have been imprinted onto the calcium bodies of selected seashells, and are then released into vibrational remedies, thus becoming accessible to our cellular memory.

The Shell Essences encourage us to envisage a positive, viable future for ourselves, our children, future generations, and our evolving planet; a future which still contains lessons, choices and change, but one in which we can learn to live in fearless peace, compassion, love and harmony with all.

Shell Essences which are popular at present are; the Sprays -

– to protect from the negative energies of others and from radiation, and to help our immune system resist viruses.

– To encourage the feelings of these higher vibrational energies.


– peaceful, calm, control of day-to-day stress, allowing better coping mechanisms;

reinstates calmness, clarity, and a positive attitude;

– accesses inner confidence, and the belief that all is well. You can access all our products on our website, or phone the office for more information.

The Shell Essences five

were designed by a kinesiologist, and rebalance all the energy meridians. I have had many testimonials for years saying how effective these have been for both people and animals.

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