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Universal Love

Updated: May 28, 2021

The message today is about Universal Love. This love is the heart-felt feeling of peace, happiness, and compassionate caring towards all of life, but especially towards ourselves.

Universal Love is the framework with which everything is created; it is a deep sensation of ‘being’ – a feeling of complete peace and inner happiness that is not dependent on our surroundings and our environment. We cannot search for this Universal Love anywhere but from within ourselves, and when we find it and experience it, we can then share it with others, and with all life on our planet.

The love we feel for a partner, parent, child or pet is only a ripple from the sea of Universal Love, but it is important all the same, as is a kind thought or smile towards another.

We may use meditation and/or connection with the peace of nature to escape from the distractions of everyday life which may be covering over our feeling of Universal Love. We can ask our ‘Inner Being’, our ‘Higher Self’, to help us reach that beautiful inner state of peace and grace, our true self, that is connected with Spirit.

When I create Shell Essences and dedicate them to Spirit, a wave of this beautiful love and peace washes over me, and brings tears of joy. I feel so blessed.

Even the briefest glimpses of Universal Love can change our whole attitude to life, and although we may fall back into that usual turmoil we call ‘everyday life’, something has changed, and the turmoil no longer has the same influence.

This experience of Universal Love is much more obtainable with the higher vibrational energies now being created, and is laying within each of us, just waiting to be accepted and experienced.

An Infinite Energy Essence that can help us connect with this love is Noble Volute.

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