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The Year 2020

How do I remember that 20’th year?

Am I filled with sadness, trepidation and fear?

We were presented with harsh situations world-wide

With bushfires and viruses, nowhere could we hide!

But instead we discovered within each of us

Care, love and compassion, instead of anger and fuss!

Yes, parts of our bushland were blackened and burnt

But as we watched nature recover, so we also learnt

That from every disaster, new life can evolve

As long as we don’t cling to the patterns of old.

While a war always brings anger, separation and blame,

the world-wide virus showed we’re all just the same.

What we thought to be differences don’t really matter;

We’re learning to release all that mindless chatter!

Instead we’re discovering that each of us share

A powerful source of compassion and care.

When I watched neighbours and friends show care and compassion,

Which in the past wasn’t a popular fashion,

I saw hearts were opened, we could all now discover

Value isn’t in stuff, but in love for each other.

Nancy L. Parker

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