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Our Personal Freedom

In the past we may have lived in many developing societies where personal freedom was very controlled, as we were still learning lessons of living together in harmony and peace, and needed to do this in a safe environment. However, we are now at a time when personal freedom is seen as our invariable right.

When our freedom is controlled and stifled by those in power, much anger, grief, depression and angst can result.

Spiritual growth and wisdom are not achieved by following traditions of creating rules and boundaries which are outdated, and belonged to previous times, but are still followed by habit and apathy.

Freedom of thought and expression are so necessary to create new growth of love, compassion, togetherness, and caring for all – including the value of Nature, Mother Earth, and other civilizations. Blindly following the way things have always been in western civilizations, we will never discover the way in which life could be much better.

We have arrived at a stage in our lives where the wisdom we have gained from our many lessons learned, is now waiting to be released, and the freedom to create new inventions based on harmony, oneness, and peace can then be experienced.

As I always say – ”when in doubt, ask your heart-based intuition, and follow this advice.”

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