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The Euphoria of Hope

‘Hope’ is a feeling often associated with fear, and fear may be the catalyst that forces us to hope that something negative will heal, improve, or disappear. ‘Hope’ is the inner belief, or inner knowing, that the fear will dissipate, and the feeling of dread will fade away.

However, hope is not necessarily a gift we always have, but something that must be developed. It can be difficult to trust that all will work out for a positive outcome, as we may have unconscious memories from times past when our trust was betrayed; so, when we ‘hope for the best’ these old memories can trigger our disbelief.

However, instead of allowing doubt to contaminate our inner belief, our inner knowing, we can instead place our awareness and memory on experiences when ‘hope’ was rewarded with success. When we listened to, and followed our intuition, we found that when we hoped for something to improve, and change for the better, it actually did!

When we ask for help, and understand that our spiritual helpers are always with us, and when we also acknowledge we have much more power than we realized, the ‘Euphoria of Hope’ will spread over us, and with this beautiful feeling comes the unshakable certainty that whenever we hope for the best, this is what we will create and receive.

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