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The Value of Possessions

The message this week is about the value of possessions.

I’m not referring to the physical stuff we all collect and place so much value on, but the possession of our many gifts and abilities we often ignore or take for granted; our intelligence, our wisdom, our inner intuitive awareness, our ability to heal ourselves and assist others; also of course the family and friends we have ‘collected’ during our current years on this planet, and our ability to love and to care.

We have a long history of valuing wealth and physical stuff as an indication of our own importance, and often the importance we place on others centers around our perception of their physical possessions.

While we may often focus on what we feel is physically missing from our lives, we must pause, and allow our minds and our heart-based energy to focus instead on the gifts that lie within us. These are real and valuable possessions without which we would be only a shadow of our real selves; these are the possessions we should value and not just take for granted.

Remember it is where we place our love and attention that we experience growth. When we recognize and value our own gifts and abilities, we will then recognize and value the gifts and abilities of others.

Together we can share these possessions of inner growth, harmony and happiness to create a planet of peace and beauty.

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